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What We Did On Our Summer Vacation: TLAM Coaches and Experts

It’s back-to-school time, which means it’s also time to write everyone’s favorite “What I Did During My Summer Vacation” essay. Since we’ve graduated, though, no one has ever asked us to write about how we spent June, July, and August. For the next few days, coaches, experts, and BAMRs are going to tell us all about their favorite running memory from summer 2017. 

Today, the Train Like a Mother Club coaches and experts are doing their show-and-tell.

Lindsey and fam.

This summer I had a lot of fun at my favorite 5K of the year with my whole family. We have run this race three years in a row now and last year I was 6 months pregnant with my third. This year, I got to race in the "fast" race and then push one of my kids in the stroller in the open race while my husband pushed the other two in the double. I just love being in the race environment with my whole family. So refreshing to be able to work hard and push myself and then enjoy a cool down with the stroller. — Lindsey Hein

MK (and the littlest MK)

This was the first summer I haven't been able to run at all. I trained through my first two pregnancies, my third pregnancy I was able to do something resembling running until about week 20, well after the summer ended. This pregnancy has been a whole new ballgame; my hypermobility is worse now than in my third trimester last time and my PT has advised me to stop running altogether in order to preserve my feet and SI joint. I'm trying avoid bad choices that could cause this rather inert state to be my new normal. I am learning to love long, slow walks at dawn with friends. — MK Fleming

Stephanie and a mountain.

I started off this summer by running WS 100. Which was a painfully tough day for me. I finished, but many many hours after my goals. Post-race I licked my wounds, picked my self up, and moved over to Chamonix France for the 6 weeks. Here I've been running in Alps and eating lots of cheese and wine. Everyday is the best day ever! I'm racing UTMB in just over a week, a really tough 106- mile race around Mt. Blanc. No matter the result of this race, I'm having a blast over here! — Stephanie Howe Violett

Justin had his eyes on the prize.

As a sports psychologist and fellow runner, I know how meaningful chasing number goals can be. Our attachment to specific race related time goals, which we sometimes call a reference point, is both a beautiful thing and a potential for disappointment. I started the summer by pacing the 2:00 half marathon group at the Colfax Marathon in Denver, knowing that this is an important distinction for many runners. This was a lot of fun for me, as I was able to chat about a number of sports psychology related topics along the way. And we managed to help about 15 people break 2 hours for the first time! Pacing will definitely be something I do again! — Justin Ross

Jennifer enjoyed a couple of triathlons.

Had a great time this summer racing 5 weekends in a row — a mix of long course and short course Triathlons! — Jennifer Harrison

Ellie and her shoes!

I, Ellie Kempton, competed in my VERY first race in SHOES. Yep you heard me. As a competitive swimmer I’ve only ever raced in water barefoot. And let me just tell you — I had a BALL. I might just venture to say I’m HOOKED. Many more races in shoes to come. Bye bye gills…for now. — Ellie Kempton

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