Surprise Running Giveaway: a Saucony Runbox (Shoes Included!)

Shop less. Run more. That's Saucony's message to every single runner out there, and to prove it they've come up with genius new bundle of goodies that is simultaneously time-saving and gratifying (because there's nothing like the pleasure of opening up a gift box). May we introduce you to the Saucony Runbox. Here's a sneak peek:


We won't spoil the surprise, but we can let you know that the box (with a retail value of $200) includes a pair of the brand new Triumph ISO 3s in the new Marle edition and a complete running outfit. The Runbox launches tomorrow on, and you'll be one of the first to receive one. Sweet, right?

It would be a fabulous head-to-toe look to complete Stride Through the Holidays, our brand-spanking-new five-week challenge that both new and seasoned runners can sail through to the end of the year. (Nudge, nudge: It begins today, so sign up and download your plan right after entering the giveaway below.)

One lucky #motherrunner will have a delicious Runbox delivered to her doorstep. Here's how to enter: In the Comments section below this post on our website, tell us: What would be your dream items included in the box? Tights, top, socks, hat? (Babysitter not an answer!) One lucky lady will win.

The details: This running giveaway sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. Part of a series of weekly running giveaways, it begins on 11/14/16 and ends on 11/20/16. We will announce one random winner on our Facebook page on 11/21/16, as well as notifying the winners by email. One entry per person. The value of the prize is $200. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

1,128 responses to “Surprise Running Giveaway: a Saucony Runbox (Shoes Included!)

  1. I have a friend who wants to start running together after work, so safety gear would be good – lights and reflective vest. That, and a pair of tights that go all the way to my ankles on my long legs.

  2. I run early in the morning before my family wakes up, so I would be estatic to see some warm things in that box (Hat, gloves,socks,base layer)

  3. My dream running items would be a watch that always finds a signal immediately, and something that kept my shoes dry during wet rainy and snowy runs.

  4. Bullet capris, I love them so much! Also any soft shirt, maybe a vest that is reflective and/or water resistant would be my dream.

  5. Tights, a vest that is both warm and reflective, long sleeve shirt, gloves, cushioned socks, and warm hat. Training for a marathon through the winter is going to be a cold endeavor. Brrr…

  6. A top and bottom that are co-ordinated! I would like to have one running outfit that looks nice as well as being comfortable.

  7. Winter is coming to Minnesota. I would have wool socks, a long sleeve warm soft top and fleecy warm bottoms to peek my rear from freezing!

  8. Some great running skivs that help avoid chafe! And, maybe some great sunglasses and a pair of wool socks. I would actually hope for more, because running in skivs, socks and sunglasses alone would just be weird.

  9. I have been running in Saucony Guide shoes for 5 yaers now and am addicted. I would love to try their clothes. I live in Florida so I dont need stuff for super cold days but some mornings definately call for layers!

  10. The one thing I really want for winter running is the perfect waterproof jacket. I would happily try any Saucony gear after hearing so much about it. I just got my first pair of Saucony shoes after five years of Asics and like them.

  11. I would love windproof pants & jacket , some good reflective gear, maybe some fancy pants, definately wool socks and base layers!

  12. I would love to see some cold weather running gear – gloves, hat, jacket. In the past I have only run on a treadmill in the winter but would love to start running outside, especially if I had some cool new gear!!!

  13. Tights that flatter and are comfy. (Bonus if it hides my, errrr post-kids bladder issues if you know what I’m sayin!) Long sleeve tops that are lightweight and keep me warm and don’t accentuate my muffin top. Bullet capris that fit a 5’1″ person. And GLOVES! My cheapo Old Navy ones don’t do me any favors. (Sorry Old Navy. I still love you, but I heart Saucony more! Loyal Guides wearer for over a decade over here!)

  14. Winter running mittens! My hands are always cold in the winter and with my RBF’s & my plan to continue running at o’dark thirty 2-3 days a week, anything to cover my cold little fingers would be fantastic!

  15. A warm pair of cold weather running tights, a pair of great socks to keep my feet warm and dry and a neck warmer of some sort that doesn’t itch! Can you tell I’m getting ready for the Wisconsin winter?

  16. A thin, breathable running long sleeve running shirt and a great half zip!! And good socks with the right amount of cushion. And warm running tights that Inwont have to tug up every block!!!

  17. Oh gosh, too many to name! New capris, socks, GPS watch, shoes… I’ve been pregnant due this winter and truthfully haven’t kept up with running so much this time, but after every birth (when the doctor give the OK), I get back to it religiously. Can’t wait! Thank you. πŸ™‚

  18. My perfect box would have to include BULLET CAPRI’S, because I’ve never loved anything more! Size small (just in case I win ). If there’s more room, I’d love a vest and running tights too πŸ™‚ I just started smiling because if it I don’t win, I already have my list for hanukkah!

  19. Well, it gets pretty cold where I live and I still run outside in spite of the weather. My dream box would include running mittens and a hat and some insulated capris.

  20. Technical long sleeve (but light) running top for the So Cal “winter” runs. πŸ™‚ And a headband to hold back my bangs. YAY!

  21. Would love to try out a really nice pair of wool running socks! And a headlamp that lights up more than a tiny spot in front of me!

  22. I would love to get a surprise Run box filled with new capris, a great running top, a new GPS watch (my is ready for retirement) and a great pair of socks.

  23. I want to resuscitate a dormant running practice, so … SHOES, socks, capris, short-sleeve shirt, long-sleeve shirt, a SUPER sports bra, and one of those cute lightweight wind/rain jackets. but mostly – shoes!

  24. Besides a box full of motivation to get the heck BACK OUT THERE, a pair of Yaktrax that I still haven’t gotten around to purchase (because falling on ice is ok when no one sees you) and some laundry soap that actually gets to stink out!

  25. Tights and a new bra. I need both desperately, but there’s nothing like gaining weight that makes you want to skip shopping altogether. πŸ™

  26. Saucony Bullet Shorts and Capri – Colorful socks (maybe Christmas theme??) – ONe of those awesome colorful DayBreak t’s!!!!

  27. I would love some running capris that I didn’t need to yank up and fidget with until my sweat could finally hold them in place. I would also love a long sleeve layer to wear when it’s raining and of course some awesome shoes

  28. I would love to see my RunBox filled with a sports bra, some compression tights, compression calf sleeves, shoes (of course) and undies! I must have underwear under my tights, capris, etc… otherwise I just feel naked…hahaha…

  29. Those Bullet capris I hear so many good things about…gloves, ear warmer, a vest (can you tell I’m in full winter running mode) and a new sports bra. πŸ™‚

  30. New hat with the ponytail hole in it, new jog bra, midcalf length capris and 3 layers for the top. And gloves, it’s gotten cold here, too.

  31. Sword recovery drink mix, anything chocolate, compression sleeves, and iTunes gift card so I can rock out those 20 degree runs this winter.

  32. A pair of great fitting, awesome looking tights that will help get me out the front door. As you say don’t think, just go.

  33. Would love a new pair of Saucony waterproof shoes to keep my feet nice and dry! I live near Seattle and it’s super wet nowadays:-)

  34. I would love anything to help me get through my first midwest winter & anything for running at night since most of my gear is currently in a really big box on the Atlantic & I can’t run until the hubby gets home from work around 1700 … I spend my days home with a 5 year old, no car & no where to work out … 5 o’clock really is my happy hour!

  35. Saucony Bullet tights (I love, love. love my one pair) and a long sleeve top with thumbholes and a hood. Also, something that covers my ears well… I love running in the cold as long as my ears are warm!

  36. Clear skies, cool temps, arm warmers and a dog that doesn’t plop down on the sidewalk mid-run because he doesn’t want to head home!

  37. I would love another pair of Siberius pants… my current pair have kept me toasty through many winter runs! And if Saucony makes a magic “pain-be-gone” wand, I’d love to see one in the box…

  38. definitely tights!! It’s getting so chilly in the mornings, and I have no good cold weather gear that isn’t too big on my suddenly!

  39. Triumph ISO 3’s since my ISO 2’s have have too many holes to keep for much longer along with earwarmers, bullet tights, and more warm long sleeves which I am in dire need of for this winter!

  40. I’ve heard so much about the bullet capris, so I’d love a pair of those. Maybe some more of the awesome Saucony socks that we got in the Stride into the School year Challenge too!

  41. As a new Saucony gear and apparel convert (Thanks to AMR), I would love to see a swift long sleeve shirt (soft & cute), bullet tights, hat and gloves…. after all, Winter is Coming!

  42. Great pair of running shoes, new running capris/tights, a comfortable running shirt and my husband who is deployed running with me!

  43. Ooh, my dream box would have gloves, lots and lots of socks, and a great pair of running tights. But really, a box full of running stuff would be very, very exciting, no matter what!!!

  44. I would love winter running clothes! I run in the early morning of cold, dark NYC mornings and need to replace some super old winter running gear (we are talking close to 10 years old)!

  45. Anything reflective. This time of year I can’t get enough clothing that keeps me safe on runs as the light starts to fade early

  46. I’m running my first half marathon ever this saturday and I’m obsessing over what to wear that will be comfortable on race day. I would definitely love to get an outfit that would be perfect for it so I don’t have ti second guess myself.

  47. High-waisted running tights and a long-sleeved tee with thumbholes that can be used as a base layer – long enough to cover my rear and won’t slide up while I run!

  48. Wings for my feet to fly to the end of a marathon…also compression capris and compression socks for my sprained calf. Also anything to keep me warm for the cold months ahead!

  49. I am most excited about the Marle ISO 3s that are in the box! Those are amazing! I would also love to see socks, long sleeve warm shirt for winter running and a nice sports bra!

  50. Running gives me so much peace…so I’d love an item that makes me feel comfortable and warm…a new pair of tights and an awesome hat, maybe?

  51. Oooo some magical running gloves that were paper thin but kept my digits warm when it dips below 20˚ in the Cincinnati winters!!

  52. I just started running last week and fun tights and shirts are part of what keeps me inspired. But headphones that stay in/on would be awesome! And of course, awesome shoes!

  53. Running tights for cold winter temps, winter gloves that are good for running in cold temps, a hat or ear band that would actually keep the cold/wind out on cold runs, a winter running vest – basically ANY winter running gear! I’m a southerner who has been in the Midwest for 3 yrs now, but this will be my winter of running outdoors – can you tell?!!

  54. Running capris because they keep you warm enough on cool days but leave enough leg exposed to keep you cool once you warm up. Also, a nice pair of running gloves that wouldn’t make my hands all sweaty like the typical mittens/gloves.

  55. Mittens!! I have circulation issues with a couple of my fingers so I wear mittens for winter running. My trusty pair that I’ve had forever have definitely seen better days and should probably be replaced.

  56. I would include awesome running pants that don’t fall off during my runs. Plus nice warm plush socks to keep my toes nice comfy and warm!

  57. I would include arm sleeves/warmers in my dream box. My arms and hands are always cold at first in the winter but after a few minutes I get hot and they would be so easy to take off and keep on a run πŸ™‚

  58. In addition to the Saucony Triumphs (because that is my shoe), the perfect top would be awesome…a drapey one that hides the sports bra back bulge but fits in the shoulders!

  59. Honestly, I’d be so over-the-moon happy if I got a box with just the shoes! Throw in some socks, and I’d be positively ecstatic!

  60. My dream box would include shoes that don’t get heavy in the rain or snow and gloves to keep my fingertips warm on the coldest winter mornings

  61. My dream runbox would include a long sleeve shirt, a pair of ignite tights, & a pair of running gloves…. oh, and the shoes of course!

  62. The absolute number one item has to be a pair of bullet capris – the only ones I wear! I’d also like a pair of shoes, because I’ve never tried Sauconys. A real bonus would be a wind/rain jacket!

  63. My dream box would include shoes, a head band, capris, tank top and a matching running jacket. I go from really cold to really hot during my winter runs.

  64. My dream box is for wintry running: warm tights, something to cover my ears, gloves, wool socks and a base layer that will let me get really sweater. Bonus points if the shoes can keep my feet dry in slush.

  65. Long running socks, shorts, a long sleeve sweater and thick headband is what I need to keep me warmer in these cooler months.

  66. In addition to shoes, my dream box would include new thermal tights and quarter-zip and windproof gloves to get me through winter.

  67. My dream box would include gloves, a wicking long sleeve medium weight shirt, and a vest that fits tall people- with some reflective but not neon yellow details!!

  68. Of course the dream would be a winter outfit to help keep you dry and warm. I would love accessories, hat, mitts, socks and anything that would help make a runner visible with the winter weather and times.

  69. My dream box would be bright colored shoes, headband, capris , matching shirt and a good affirmation on a bracelet or hat. Of course this is a dream box so a post workout jacket or sweatshirt.

  70. My dream box would include the Swift Long Sleeve in black/heather grey, Bullet Capris in black, and a hat. I am also really loving the Speedy Chic Hoodie! So Cute!

  71. A warm pair of running tights and a jacket to block wind. Once the harvest happens, the wind just blows across those empty fields that I run by!

  72. Tights (that don’t stop 3 inches above my ankle #tallgirlproblems), socks (almost as important as shoes), long sleeve, hat & gloves. #winteriscoming. Total wish would be a running vest, I’ve always wanted to try one!!!

  73. Ohhhh – love the Triumph IOS shoes…they make it feel like you are running in clouds. Any leggings or capris with side pockets (for easy iPhone storage) are a dream come true.

  74. A zip long sleeved shirt, thin socks and tights with ankle zippers. Maybe a muted, but coordinating print for all the pieces. So much of my running wardrobe is race shirts and mismatched, tired (but fuctional) pieces and I never look put together. I love tights with side pockets and high waists…they seem to stay on better and give me space for my gels and other small gear. Oh, and a hat with a brim–I need the brim to keep my headlamp from bouncing around since I run in the pre-dawn hours. Thanks AMR and Saucony!

  75. New sports bra for larger chests that controls the bounce but doesn’t chafe!! Even with glide my girls become raw!! Good compression socks too!

  76. Nothing beats new socks AND new shoes. I could wear new socks every day for the remainder of my days very happily! A shirts that’s long enough and doesn’t ride up when you run is also a win! Thank you!

  77. I really covet a pair of bullet capris with all those pockets. But, in my dream box, Saucony would also add a bag of speed.

  78. Tights would be awesome. I am sad to say that some of my tights are twenty years old :0 A waterproof jacket would be great too. My old jacket is a decade old and leaks

  79. Definitely tights. Since we are dreaming, a running jacket. Good moisture wicking socks and gloves. All reflective or bright for running in the dark. Maybe even some kind of clip on light or reflective band.

  80. I need cold weather motivation in my running box! It could be just one item- something absolutely fabulous that will make me put on my big girl panties and run in the cold! Tights, super warm under layer, super warm outer layer, hat, shoot I’d even take a full face mask!

  81. I’m super excited to try out the newest Triumphs, as I’ve been running in only Triumphs for about 10 years. Anything else will be a bonus.

  82. I would love some capri’s, a tank top and some some socks. I love the saucony socks we got in our stride into the school year goodie bags.

  83. I would love some good compression tights with a decent pocket, warm gloves, and a jacket or long sleeve shirt with a little key pocket. Oh, and shoes that make me run like the wind!

  84. I would loooove some fleece-lined running tights for the winter! And some gloves that you can wipe your nose on, haha. Prepping for winter!!

  85. My box would include some fun accessories and a top. Something I don’t typically buy for myself, but if it’s in a box, it makes everything cooler! πŸ™‚

  86. I would love to see Nuun or another type of energy electrolyte tablet, some fuel, moisture wicking socks, compression sleeves, running capris, log sleeve shirt with thumb holes and a fun running beanie for the colder winter runs ahead!

  87. My box would include new toys to play with for running or at least some awesome sock, capris in a funky color and an awesome headband

  88. What a great idea! My perfect box would include warm, long layers and coat for my favorite running buddy, my lab-mix dog! He encourages me to run on days that I would rather stay inside, so he should look good too!

  89. I would love to win the Saucony Funbox. Part of the fun of running is getting new gear. The Saucony gear would help to keep me getting out there on those cold mornings.

  90. I live in the frozen tundra called Minnesota! Coldweather tights, long sleeve top with reflection, gloves and hat. This would be amazing as I have only ever run in my Saucony Triumphs and now ISOs since I began back in 2012.

  91. The Saucony sneaks sound amazing! Have found running again and so happy and less stessed because of it. My dream box would include compression socks, a hat and some reflective gear. πŸ™‚

  92. Mostly excited about new ISOs cause they’re my favorite! But I also need some warm tights and reflective gear now that it’s dark so often when i want to get my run in!

  93. I would love to be surprised with everything running, shoes, compression socks, sports bra, water bottle, sports bra, leggings, headset, headlight, sport gels, all of that makes me smile

  94. It would be a dream for shoes in my hard to find size to show up on my doorstep as soon as the old pair wears out! And I wouldn’t say no to reflective tights and a headband that doesn’t slip!

  95. My dream box would include a pair of the bullet capris – I’ve been wanting a pair ever since you told us about the big pockets – some great socks and a nice top.

  96. There are some things I don’t spoil myself with. I’m the get out of the door runner that considers it a success to be out even if I’m if wearing my 20 year old tights and my 5 year old boys socks because that’s all I can find. A box on my doorstep with compression socks or sleeves, a new headband, or a new cap alongside my new shoes would make me feel pretty fancy added to my old gear. Now if I were really dreaming, add in that new outfit as well to complete the look!

  97. My box would include shoes with a nice wide toe box, a lighted vest with a light aiming at the ground in front, a cute light vest with pockets, a skirt and hat with fun patterns.

  98. My dream box would contain a good sports bra, compression socks, a headlamp, GPS watch, new running shoes, wireless earbuds, RoadID

  99. …as my son would say, I want a superhero outfit – something to give me super powers and fight the bad guys. (And all I need for that is a pair of shoes and maybe a cape or a shield!)

  100. My dream box would have a waterproof running jacket, thermal tights, and socks (cute, comfy, compression, oh my!). Perfect gear for the rainy PNW winter.

  101. My box would have perfect fit shoes, a light weight jacket, gloves (I’m the person you see in shorts, short sleeves and gloves, cold hands), and a head lamp for early mornings.

  102. Wishful thinking but I would give anything for some maternity Bullet Capris!! I’m too big and uncomfortable for my old ones! New shoes and a Ridge Runner Hoodie would be amazing!

  103. A running vest would be great. Not one that is too warm but just enough to add some extra core warmth. And some running sleeves!

  104. A nursing bra that actually has support for running. Someone needs to put an end to the painful, awkward, high exposure under band access/sqush when trying to make baby (& momma) happy & comfortable before a run/race. And/or after. Thanks!

  105. I’d love a new pair of shoes and cozy socks to wear with them. Perhaps a new pair of capris and an AMR shirt to go with? Thank you ladies!

  106. I would love new shoes more than anything but I wouldn’t say no to some socks, tights, and a heart rate monitor! πŸ™‚

  107. Ohhhhh dream items!! I’m a sucker for soft socks with no toe seam, a sports bra that has a firm hold on for my nursing boobs, a singlet (I feel faster when I run in singlets…is it just me?) and tights! If saucony makes run-undies Id love a pair or two of those as well as I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair! Oh how I love my Saucony Kinvara’s – I would LOVE the runbox!!!

  108. I would love a new pair of running tights. My favorite ones are getting too old. Also great running socks are super important to me some would also love to see a pair of those. Of course, some bright colored saucony shoes would be the best part. Saucony shoes got me through my very first 5k after I had my first baby 6 years ago.

  109. Winter running gloves and hat, a super supportive new running bra preferably in fun colors even though I’m the only one seeing it, and an iTunes gift card for some new music to listen to on the run.

  110. I would love some gloves for the cold weather with the fold over mitten option and Bluetooth head phone to free me from the cord.

  111. Entry to the Newport Marathon, water bottle, calf length capris and top from Ink n Burn, headlamp and winter/ rain jacket (for those wet PNW night runs!), and gloves with the fingertips for phones and iPods.

  112. I would love a good hat or ear warmer/headband. One that I can wear earplugs or sunglasses with and not create air pockets for my ears to get frostbite.

  113. I would love a new pair of running shoes (mine are starting to get holes) also some warm running tights, top, socks, and something for my ears!!

  114. New tights, light up visibility vest, watermelon Nuun, endless supply of Run Goo, bra that would be supportive but not a uni-boob!

  115. The Saucony Ignite tights look promising- and chafe free! A tech tee for layering and a headband world be enough for the TX winters. Thank you!!

  116. In my Dream RunBox, I would LOVE to find reflective and warm fancy-pants bottoms with pockets and a jacket. A long sleeve base layer top, socks, shoes and a hat and glove set would make the package complete.

  117. I really have all that I need right now for winter running. I would like to donate the box to my niece, a single mom of tow beautiful girls (8 and 10) and a full-time student, who lives in Boulder. She qualified for the Trials marathon in 2008, then had her kids, followed by a tough divorce, and is finally getting back into running. She could use any gear to keep her warm through a Colorado winter.

  118. Definitely cold weather gear! Tights, gloves, and a jacket that will pull the sweat away quickly so I don’t get cold when the winds shift!

  119. My dream box would contain clothing for chilly mornings — anything to keep that cold wet feeling at bay and my throat warm!

  120. Capris since mine just bit the dust or a reflective vest/shirt due to having to run at night and it is getting darker earlier πŸ™‚ But if I am completely honest….anything running is AWESOME!!

  121. Runderpants — they’re awesome! Great socks and gloves would be high on my list, along with tights that stay up at the waist and cover my ankles (challenging for a tall lass like me).

  122. I bought a pair of fleece lined tights last year and absolutely love them. I’d love another pair and a lightweight reflective vest!

  123. I would love a pair of tights, gloves, and a magical leash that makes my dogs stop trying to chase the cats in the middle of our run!

  124. Awesome tights, in a color other than my go-to black, gloves, and a cute hat! Winter in Wisconsin is just around the corner!

  125. I would have a winter running jacket, new socks and new winter gloves and hat so I would not have any excuse for not running outside this winter.

  126. Cold weather gear for the winter temps ahead! Compression tights, smart wool socks, hat, gloves, jacket, and my fav saucony shoes of course!

  127. Colourful tights and stylish reflective jacket for running in the dark! I’m so paranoid I’m going to get hit by a car this time of year haha

  128. A really great sports bra! And some tights with a long sleeve shirt. I can think of a lot because I have gotten new running gear in a long time!

  129. I would love tights, a bra with a seamless bottom band (been rubbed raw too too many times by stitched bands), and a hat.

  130. a hat with a ponytail hole, a neck gaitor to keep exercise induced asthma at bay, and warm running pants (tight at the top, but loose at the bottom).

  131. Shoes. Socks. I live in Texas so Capris for my “cold” weather runs. Sleeves. Hand held water bottle. Some type of program that will let me record my thoughts as I run so I don’t forget the Aha-moment I had at mile 3 by the time I get to mile 10…

  132. A windbreaker. It’s been so warm here in MN that I haven’t needed my winter running stuff yet but I get a little chilly in shorts and a t.

  133. I would love to see capris in my growing preggo size that feel like they fit and a long sleeve top that will go over this growing tummy!

  134. In my box along with shoes i would love a new sports bra, a retro run tank, and wireless headphones to better listen to amr podcasts. Just recently figured out this podcast thing and i am hooked. You guys are getting me through many miles.

  135. Warm duds are needed for these cold Minnesota winters! Tights, long sleeve tops, and (breathable!) face mask would be totes awesome!

  136. Marathon training starts this week …in need of tights, gloves, hat and windproof coat. Oh yeah – and a box full of motivation πŸ™‚

  137. My dream box… new shoes, outdoor running gear including really warm gloves because my hand always freeze. Hopefully a nice zip up and tights.

  138. My run box would include gloves, hat, neck gaiter (buff ) all having reflective areas for early dark morning runs. Compression socks for recovery, so I can keep the momentum going! A fun water bottle would be great to ensure I remember to keep hydrated even though it’s cold.

  139. I would love some gear to help me comfortably stride through the winter – some tights and a long sleeved shirt. A cozy ear warmer would be icing on the cake for my ears.

  140. I would love a hat and gloves combo! It’s getting colder out and I struggle with being cold and I’ve yet to find a good hat and glove combo that I love for running outdoors in the winter time.

  141. Some cool shoes for my wife and some nice leggings.I love seeing her happy and that showing up would make her day πŸ™‚

  142. My running box would include an entry to the New York City Marathon 2017! But if not….a neck gaiter, crazy tights and a vest for the winter!

  143. In my own personal box gloves that let me use my phone while they are on and a cute hat. But it would be even more fun (and meaningful this time of year) to give a box to a mother runner who doesn’t have much or the means to get much

  144. My running box for winter would include comfy warm tights, long sleeve shirt, something to go around my neck that I could pull up as needed, and of course some gloves! Most importantly this year,- new leash and harness for my up and coming new running pup buddy!

  145. Winter gear! This is my first winter pushing through the cold and running outside but I’m a little overwhelmed with the clothes and gear options…

  146. I would be thrilled with just shoes, but would also love a portable roller, some motivational quotes, a training journal, or some socks!

  147. A new pair if shoes would be a dream!! Any warm winter gear to keep me outdoors in the long Northern NH winters would be welcome as well!

  148. My dream box would have an extra hour a day for the next year in it, an Athleta GC, and as an extra added bonus a weeeknd away in NYC with my husband. Fingers and toes crossed!!!

  149. I would love new capris and socks! Mine are all getting old, stinky, and the elastic is wearing out! No fun hitchin’ up my pants for my entire run! πŸ™‚

  150. It’s dark and rainy here in the PNW so all things bright and reflective! Maybe a nice breathable waterproof jacket too. πŸ™‚

  151. My dream box: reflective tights with a zip pocket for early morning (and dark!) winter runs, running gloves with finger pad for smart phone use, new running tunes, and coffee!! β€β™€οΈβ„οΈβ˜•οΈ

  152. My running box includes winter running tights, a stocking cap and a new running leash for my running dog partner Maggie.

  153. Do they make antibacterial running gear? After missing the last two weeks of runs (supposed to be weeks 9 and 10 of the TLAM 10K Own It plan), anything new would be a great pick me up to make up for a race plan gone bad. Or a pair of Bullet capris since Ive been hearing SBS talk about them for years.

  154. My dream box would include crazy tights or capris with a matching long sleeves, compression socks, inspirational quotes and shoes of course.

  155. My dream box would include new shoes (I’ve been wearing the same model for over 10 years–time to try something new), higher waisted running tights and the perfect lightweight outerwear for winter runs.

  156. My dream box includes running things for winter: hat, gloves, a running jacket or sweatshirt, and pants with a pocket for my phone.

  157. a race entry, 3 months of run coaching, a compete journal to chronicle the journey, new socks (I’m down to singles) , shorts (weather’s nice here in FL) and some motivation, marathon training is long and hard and every bit helps.

  158. Shoes, some reflective gear since it’s getting dark sooner, and a headlamp. I have a vision impairment with compromised night vision. I would love a little light in the dark.

  159. My dream box would have a running skirt, compression socks (my newfound love!!!), and a great new pair of sneakers, of course! πŸ™‚

  160. #fancypants for the holiday stride, a new heads headsweats visor, compression socks, inspirational shoe tags, new knuckle lights!

  161. My dream box includes shoes that make me feel like I’m sprinting and pockets on every garment. Shirts with pockets, shorts with pockets. My favorite thing on any garment, pockets.

  162. A pair of those awesome bullet capris that I have been eyeing and a fun running top that makes me want to run in the freezing cold of NY winters!

  163. My dream box would include socks (the one thing I always forget to buy and then end up wearing hubby’s…gross), good tights or shorts, and a fun accessory like a hat, gloves or arm sleeves. A staple, a splurge and then something extra fun!

  164. I would want tights, a runn8ng bra with a seamless bottom band (I get terrible raw spots from stitched bands), and a hat.

  165. Tights that don’t fall down when running because your jiggle makes them wiggle, a medium weight 1/4 zip long sleeve shirt and Feetures socks, because socks know which foot they belong on

  166. Crop tights, a sleeveless top, socks and a headband! That’s definitely my go to runners outfit – although some reflective gear would be icing on the cake!!

  167. Winter worthy running gear! It’s going to snow eventually. I want to continue running outside as much as possible all winter long.

  168. Desperate for a new pair of compression socks and a new long sleeved top (the move from SoCal to Ohio has been rough on my running wardrobe). And throw in a hat and gloves too because it’s getting pretty darn cold out here!

  169. I would definitely put a pair of bullet tights in the box! The Bullet line is the PERFECT running short, capri or tight! I would add a Daybreak Tee so I could layer it under a Run Strong Sport Top. This combination is perfect for late fall and spring in Oklahoma. My dream box would round-out with the Freedom ISO accompanied pair of superlite socks. I would be Saucony from head to toe!! Not only would I look good but I would have everything I needed to feel strong, stay warm and have a great run.

  170. Bullet tights to help steady my legs for the miles ahead. Triumph ISOs to carry me forward. A warm coat to act like an arm around my shoulders. And gloves and a hat to be my friends as the miles pass.

  171. I can always use more socks, another sports bra, and a hat. A gift certificate for a good massage wouldn’t hurt either.

  172. I would really love a super cute pair of running shorts and the perfect running shoes. Being pregnant with #4 and due in January, I’ll be skipping tights season and the latter has eluded me despite dozens of tries. A bright yellow rain jacket would be awesome too!

  173. I want a new pair of bullet capris or tights, a new long sleeve running top and a water proof running jacket. Merry Christmas to me!!!!

  174. I would love a pair of winter running pants that have pockets like the bullet capris – those are the best! Plus a new running coat would be fabulous.

  175. Tights! Bullet capris or the tight version. And a running jacket, that glows by night and passes for cool by day. And socks, though I really think I’ve leaped over the retail value already!

  176. I would love some colorful capris or pants and a tank or shirt in a pattern or something. I love getting stuff in boxes that are in colors I wouldn’t normally buy but end up loving.

  177. New running socks that my feet love. After a very rainy, wet 1/2 marathon last weekend, I’m on the hunt for a new running sock that can keep up with me and the weather.

  178. In addition to a pair of running shoes from my favorite brand, a perfect gift would include a complimentary pair for my husband because he just started running with me last year. His gift to me was becoming my running partner, so a his & her gift would be a nice thank you to him (especially for a guy who used to say the only running he would do is to dinner–haha!).

  179. Tights and a jacket for this winter, preferably windbreaking ones, there was a podcast not too long ago, that had a commercial about them. Also, some type of light to clip to your running clothes for those early morning runs.

  180. My favorite Saucony item is the bullet capris, so I would include those. After that, I would add the Rocket Bra top or similar, the Swift skull cap or the omni neckwarmer, and the cadence sleeveless top.

  181. I would LOVE a rain jacket that can keep me dry without causing overheating, AND that doesn’t clash with the other things I wear on rainy days.

  182. I would love a box filled with a great pair of running gloves, a great pair of tights and a windbreaker of sorts (water resistant)! Awesome!

  183. Definitely tights and a reflective, windbreaking jacket to keep me warm and visible on the cold, short winter days ahead. (And a babysitter would really be a dream come true πŸ˜‰ )

  184. Maybe tights and a jacket that are highly reflective. (Mornings are getting darker). Also, socks and a good bra are always a godsend

  185. Dream items: Headphones and music player, sweaty band for hair, moisturizer (dry, skin, cold dry weather), sports bras, spandex leggings, running shoes and cute sports socks (short)

  186. An awesome running box would include new socks, a head lamp, reflective capris, and a fun long sleeved shirt (complete with thumb holes).

  187. Oh I’d love a long sleeved top with thumb holes, capris and a hat (that’s easy to stash when I inevitably get too hot).

  188. Dream, dreams, dreams… some legging that keep my tush (and thighs) warm in Chicago winters would be ideal, maybe some that also block the wind. Nothing like getting back from a run and your skin is the color of Santa’s suit! And beyond that a nice light, merino wool base layer or a lightweight, warm, and reflective jacket and a new sports bra as mine have seen their birthday already.

  189. Wishing for tights. I had a wardrobe malfunction’ in mine on Saturday and they are no longer family friendly to wear in public!

  190. Warm running tights, a long sleeve top (got to have thumb holes!), socks, and something to keep my ears warm on those early morning runs!

  191. Dream items: capri leggings, a running tank top that is long enough for tall me, super great socks, and some nuun!! And since it’s a dream, some excellent wireless Bluetooth earbuds. (Plus the new kicks to put a spring in my step!!)

  192. Since winter is coming – some running tights with a cool design on them would be awesome. As would a shirt with extra-long sleeves! (I have long arms, and usually thumb holes are on my forearm!) Or, a cool new winter stocking hat with some reflective fabric on it.

  193. A couple of pairs of Kinvara 5s – my all time fav running shoe but it is like a scavenger hunt trying to find them in my size!

  194. New socks since mine always run away on their own. New capris or tights that fit my still-haven’t-lost-the-baby-weight body. Anything reflective for these winter months!

  195. Long sleeve running shirt with thumb holes, reflective hat or gloves for running in the cold, dark mornings, and some Saucony Bullet leggings. I’ve always wanted some but as a newly divorced, single mom, new running gear has taken a back seat.

  196. I’ve heard so much about Saucony through the podcast and unfortunately don’t have a single piece of Saucony gear! I’d love to try anything that came in the box!

  197. Definitely Bullet Capris and a sports bra. I’d also love a cute tank top as I tend to wear tanks and sleeves year round more often than not. Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  198. I would like a sports bra that FITS, socks that keep my toesies warm, and a reflective vest or jacket for all the jackweeds out there who nearly hit me since I always run in the dark!

  199. I have been totally lusting after the Ridge Runner Hoodie. That hoodie + some compression capris would make me a very happy camper!

  200. Bullet Tights and Shorts, I got my first pair of capris this past summer and love them. Also a high-visibility vest or jacket as we hit the winter months and I enjoy early morning workouts but want to survive them.

  201. Bullet tights with a wool blend long sleeve top, wicking wool socks, and a running hat that would fit my large head and ponytail (might not exist ;))!!

  202. Tights, vest, and gloves. Just moved from the Southeast to the Pacific NW, and I’m quickly discovering some holes in my running wardrobe…

  203. I would love a pair of full length Bullet running tights. I have two of the Bullet Capris, but haven’t pulled the plug on buying the full length ones that I will need now that the weather is getting colder. Fingers crossed! 😎