Team Another Mother Runner Is Growing! Meet the New Members

We're adding more pairs of shoes to our line-up.
We're adding more pairs of shoes to our line-up.

In the next phase of mother runner world domination (kidding! not really), we're proud to announce two new members of the Team Another Mother Runner. We're small, we're mighty, and we're gearing up for a non-stop 2016 with the help of our new managing editor and social media strategist. We'll let them introduce themselves:

Maureen I'm Maureen Dempsey, your new managing editor. I'm responsible for editing, organizing and sometimes writing blog posts. I work with our team to make sure everything that's happening out in the AMR world makes it onto the site, and I try to plan out a well-balanced mix of motivational articles with how-to tips, moves, advice, and your stories.

I began my career at women's magazines and web sites and was most recently digital director of, where I became well-versed in gym trends and tricks, marathon training, post-workout refueling tips, and more. I live in New York City with my husband, Kiffin, and our kids Clemens, 8, and Wes, 3. Bonus from my previous job: I've tried pretty every type of workout, but I keep coming back to running. I fit in mileage in the evenings and am trying (but not yet succeeding) in learning to love early morning runs.

MaggieI'm Maggie Palmer, your new social media strategist. It's my job to help new and existing mother runners discover and engage with this amazing community through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. I get the word out about the latest blog posts, giveaways (who doesn't love some swag?), podcasts, events, races, and Train Like a Mother Club--plus a lot of photos and posts from you. It's what makes our tribe so special.

I have a background in press and media relations, and I'm currently the principal/owner of MKP Creative. I work with clients in the health and wellness industry, tech start-ups, small businesses, non-profits and more. I live in southwest Portland with my husband, Ryan, and our three kids (Dylan, 7; Marion, 3; Finn, 17 months). Running claim to fame: I once held the 1600-meter record in middle school. These days, my runs are an excuse to escape the laundry or hearing “mommy” over and over again, but I still dream of my younger glory days as the best miler in the county. (Just to clarify, that's "county," not "country." I was good, but not that good.)

6 responses to “Team Another Mother Runner Is Growing! Meet the New Members

  1. welcome! It’s very exciting to see all the changes happening – just evidence of all the success of another mother runner!

  2. Welcome aboard!! I’m excited to see what you guys are going to bring along for the BAMERS. Kind of like finding some $$ on a run. Don’t expect it but “wow!” when you do. 🙂

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