Three Winners: Giddy-Up in a New Get-Up

Who's the random winner of *this* cute contest?

It seems Dimity and I debate new ideas as often as my 6-year-old twins argue over who gets to play with their new robot pencil sharpener. SBS to Dim: "Hey, let's have a pre-Thanksgiving sale in our online store!" Dimity to Sarah: "We should do more 'Why I Run' profiles over the holidays." (Details on how you could be the mom profiled to follow in a week or two.) Yesterday's debate du jour: "What hashtag should we encourage our tribe to use on Twitter?" (If this is meaningless to you as football stats are to me, skip the following paragraph.)

tweet, tweet

For trademark reasons, we can't use #RunLikeaMother or #RLAM. Plus, we wanted something that immediately said, "mother" and "runner." So, hey, just like my arguing 1st-grade twins, we decided to practice some basic addition, and go with #MotherRunner. Spread the word, uh, I mean, meme, and start using this hashtag when you share with the Twitter-verse your morning run, a motivational quote,  a race result, or just a clever quip. (And if you're not already following Dimity or me, we'd love it if you did.)

Now onto the good stuff: The three winners of the FreeMotion capris and winners' choice of tank top. They told us what puts a spring in their step on a run.


Oooh TIME! It is such a luxury on the rare day when I don’t have somewhere to be immediately after my run. I can relax and enjoy the journey! Definitely lightens the load and I bounce a bit higher. (Fly new duds never hurt though..)


New ANYTHING! I love getting out to try out new shoes/skirt/tights/bra, fill in the blank! Even a new route or trail will do the trick.


What puts the most pep in my step is running against, I mean with, my girlfriends from my hometown. We have all come into running at different points in our lives, so when whenever we cross paths(since we all live in different states), we try and fit in a run together. Catching up over a run is a great way to get the competitive juices flowing again and gives me a little extra motivation for our next “run in”- whenever that may be!

To claim your spring-inducing new outfits, please email us at runmother at gmail dot com, and tell us your mailing address (no P.O. Boxes allowed) as well as your phone number, as FreeMotion requires it for shipping. Also tell us what size top and bottom you wear in workout clothes as well as whether you prefer a crewneck tank (one on left) or keyhole one (one on right).

Until next week, we'll see you on Twitter, #MotherRunner!

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  1. I really enjoyed the Why I Run series and look forward to reading more inspirational profiles. Will you do a follow up story about the anonymous writer/rape survivor who was running her first marathon? I’ve been wondering about her.

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