Three Winners of LÄRABAR Loot

Almost three weeks worth of flavors: LÄRABAR comes in 19 flavors.
Almost three weeks worth of flavors: LÄRABAR comes in 19 flavors.

For this giveaway of a treasure trove of LÄRABAR products, including the original bars plus ALT bars (boasting pea protein) and nutty über bars along with some fun accessories, we asked what good advice you gals have followed lately. Before getting to the winners, I'd like to share some suggestions I followed this week:

When you're feeling nutty, grab an über bar.
When you're feeling nutty, grab an über bar.

-Listen to your body. My hips have been complaining occasionally, especially when I sleep too long on one side, so I took an extra rest day this week and recommitted to rolling on a GRID.

-Listen to your friends. My book-loving buddy Ellison urged me to read Elizabeth Gilbert's latest novel--The Signature of All Things--and I'm so grateful she did. It's a captivating family saga based on actual historical figures.

-Listen to your children. The other evening, as I once again sidled up to my laptop after dinner, Daphne started to cry, saying I work too much. Instead of brushing aside her complaint and burrowing into another task, I turned off my Mac. My 8-year-old and I ended up just talking and laughing together. And those 30 minutes were the most delightful half-hour of my week.

Now for the LÄRABAR winners--and the advice they followed recently:

Jill: "I broke down and finally added more strength training to my routine. I had to cut back on my mileage but I love the feeling of getting stronger. When I am ready to train for my next race I know I will be stronger!"

ALT bars: packed with pea protein--and flavor
ALT bars: packed with pea protein--and flavor

Ellen: "For the last 2 years I have resisted the advice of cross-training to improve my running. I have grudgingly begun to embrace the concept and trying to add more strength and non-running activities."

(We're starting to sense a trend...)

Jessica: "I’m pretty late to the game on this, but I’ve finally decided not to text or talk on the cell phone while driving. For a long time, I thought this was important advice to everyone…but me, because, you see, I am an excellent driver who could not possibly be distracted by a little phone. Well, time to come to terms with my hypocrisy and put down the phone!"

Jill, Ellen, and Jessica: To claim your prize package, please email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com to tell us your full name and mailing address. All you other gals: Might we suggest you listen to your body, read a great book, take a moment to appreciate your kiddo(s), strength train, don't text and drive, and....



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