Throwback Thursday: Today I Ran…

As we're finishing up our third mother runner book, we're going green this summer and recycling some of our blog posts. This post originally appeared on our site on October 21, 2010

What did you run today?

53 responses to “Throwback Thursday: Today I Ran…

  1. I am newer to your site, and just loved seeing this for the first time. I continue to run, as it has changed my life for the better-more so saved my life.

  2. I am loving this! Today I ran a little more than 1 mile but I’ve only been back running after a long break for 10 days now thanks to finding you! My goal is to run it wthout needing a little walk break in the middle, but still I RAN most of it!

  3. Beautiful, just beautiful! I ‘m a teary eyed mess after viewing this. Way to go to all the ladies who ran in the clip!!!! SBS & Dimity- loving the old posts. They are all new to me.

  4. I LOVED this!!! I was one of the Mother’s that ran in “Kick Ass Tutu’s!” What a fabulous idea. As Mother’s we all know how hard it is to find time for ourselves… Well ladies, today I couldn’t run because I have a home full of flu ridden children and a husband serving Our Great Nation in Afghanistan. Ugh. BUT, Today I looked at this video and felt joy (and a few tears). Thank you RLAM, for being the “Swag” in my day! 😉 Much love, Yolanda Rogers (Girlie Bird runner from Davis, CA.)

  5. Love love love this!!!
    made me cry!
    I cannot wait to be able to say : “Today I ran my first half marathon”! January 23rd I will say this….it will not matter the time at the end all I know is that I will be able to say this!!!
    thank you for this flick! and I love the song by the way!!!

  6. Watching this TOTALLY made me want to run the Nike Women’s Marathon!! What an awesome and inspiring video!! Thank you for this! 🙂

  7. I too, find tears. I love this!! I think because we’ve all run and felt those things!!

    Thank you, Thank you ladies for this blog. You all inspire me everyday! No kidding. You all keep me going. I read posts here and want to go running!! 🙂
    I know none of you, but love all of you!!
    Thank you!

  8. OMG — did that one lady say that she ran 8 weeks post stroke?!? I have to go back and replay the beginning. A-mazing!!

    And the woman running for her late husband on their wedding anniversary just did me in. Sobbing over here.

    I’m so proud of ALL those lovely ladies!

    Makes me so excited to run my first half at the Nation’s Half Marathon next March!! Wa-hoo!

  9. Even in the rain, every single woman had a smile on her face. So inspiring. If you’re not a runner already, this video should inspire you to become one.

  10. Love it. I wasn’t there — I didn’t cross that finish line. But I still got a lump in my throat just watching the ladies in the video. My rockin’ fast neighbor lady (also a mom of 2) did run in that race, and she sped her way to an amazing 3:33 finish. So proud of her, she is awesome.

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