Hump Day Giveaway: Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta

No rough road for Michele Yates, as she breaks the tape at the 2013 USA 50K Championships.

At our mother runner party in Denver last week, we were graced with the presence of Michele Yates, the 2013 Ultra Runner of the Year and an Ultimate Direction athlete. Yates is a quiet, confident champion—When I asked her if she was intimidated the running at the Olympic Trials, she replied, "I can't say I've ever been intimidated."—who beats the boys, wins National Championships, and has clearly found her groove in the ultra world. 

Early Roots: I started running in middle school after watching my older sister run in high school. She inspired me and helped me get into the cross-country program. I fell in love with the sport and continued to race road and cross country, as well as indoor and outdoor track. I ultimately ended up getting back to the cross country and trail scene a few years ago and pursued the ultra distances with a friend.

Olympic Marathon Qualifier x 2: In 2008, it was just a blessing and an accomplishment to even make it there. I enjoyed every minute of it and ended up with a personal best. If I had any nerves, I reminded myself that you have to earn your way there, and I did. In 2012, I was bit more serious, and I felt more pressure. I had really hoped to be a contender for the Olympic Marathon team, however I got a foot injury a few months prior to the race and could only bike for the majority of my training. I raced well, and once again, it was a mind-blowing experience: Fans line the course five people deep, American flags all along the way for inspiration, and a finish line unlike any other.

The Appeal of Going Longer: There is a point that a certain type of person gets to where they just constantly seek a new challenge. That is me. The definition of "ULTRA" is extreme: exceeding or going beyond all other of the same kind.

I did my first one with my best friend as a girl’s weekend to check off a bucket-list item. It happened to be the USA 50 mile trail champs. I did well, and fell in love with the ultra trail distance, the people, and the challenges associated with it immediately. From there I had to try 100K’s, 100 milers, and I'm still going.

I think the ultra distance suits me because it takes mental and physical strength as well as speed. I always did well in road races, but on the trail with ultra distances, I have found that my overall fitness [Yates is a former bodybuilder] has served me well.

Looking strong and confident.
Looking strong and confident—and pretty badass.

Favorite Race Distance: If I have to choose, I would probably say the 50 mile. The start is early enough to race with headlights, and then you get to watch the sun come up, but you get done early enough to enjoy the evening. The 100-miler can wipe you out for a few continuous days. Even if you finish at midnight, you can't sleep, your adrenal glands and eating are all messed up...not to mention you’re pretty sore.

Three Tips for Ultra Newbies:
1. Decide that you want to do it, then do it no matter what. Anything can happen—and will—happen in an ultra: blisters, stomach aches, soreness, you name it. You will never feel "good' through an entire ultra race. You have to decide whether or not you you are going to finish it.

2. Be as prepared as possible. Train for all potential situations, and remember that training isn’t just about the miles: It’s also about strength training—having strong, capable legs and core—and a solid nutrition plan. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

3. During the race, when you hit a low, play games with yourself (like 1 minute running, 1 minute walking), sing or turn on your iPod (if it's allowed), start up a conversation with someone, or even visualize you reaching your goal that day.

Front or  back, the Jenny Ultra Vesta is a sleek hydration machine.
Front or back, the Jenny Ultra Vesta is a sleek hydration machine.

Major Gear Crush On: My Jenny Ultra Vesta, part of a Ultimate Direction collection designed exclusively for females by females. I used to be a belt girl, and then I, with some other female runners, got to give input for the design on the Vesta. Jenny [Jurek] truly listened to us. I asked for a Velcro pouch to put garbage in, and she did it! There’s also room to put emergency items like a jacket and hat, as well things space for protein bars, salt tabs, a phone, and other small necessities. The vest fits all different types of women's bodies, thanks to the adjustable, stretchy straps and doesn’t chafe at all. The bottles (suprisingly!) ride comfortably up front and do.not.bounce (amazing!). And one of my favorite features is that it cleans up very easily. I get GU all over it during long runs and races; all I have to do afterwards is rinse it with cold water.

Despite my crush, I still feel strongly that you should always have some extra handhelds, a belt, plus a vest at a race. Like I said: Be as prepared as possible.

Welcome to the tribe, Michele...we'll catch up with, at the finish line.
Welcome to the tribe, Michele...we'll catch up with, at the finish line.

Ultra Badass Mother Runner Ahead: Our first baby is due December 5th-ish. The pregnancy immediately changed my running routine because I could hardly get out of bed the first month, let alone run. It has been a more of a fearful time for me because I was diagnosed with Thyroid Disease about 6.5 weeks into the pregnancy as well as some other deficiencies that can affect the baby. We are praying for a healthy, happy baby, and I've accepted that I can't do much about it except take my prescribed meds and pray.

After that first month, I was able to run more—of course still only a fraction of what I used to do and nothing even comparably as intense—and I'm still rolling a long now. Although I really only had 2 weeks of steady training, I was able to run a 50k on May 4th and plan on "running" races throughout my pregnancy as long as the doctor approves and I feel good.

Ultimate Direction--and the Ultra Vesta--has got your back, no matter how far you run.
Ultimate Direction--and the Ultra Vesta--has got your back, no matter how far you run.

We've got an Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta to give away to a random mother runner (no ultra-goals necessary). In order to enter, please answer this question in the comments below: Michele defines ULTRA as, "Exceeding or going beyond all other of the same kind." What aspect of your life is ULTRA right now? Your volunteer commitments? Camp forms that need filling out? The foam rolling you're doing to release your angry IT Band? Let us know in the Comments section below this post to be entered to win.

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of United States and Canada. It begins on 5/14/14 and ends on 5/20/14; the winner will be announced on 5/24/14. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $124.95. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

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  3. Wel I am training for my third ultra! 🙂 I also clean houses all week,raise two teenage girls.,and 3 dogs.Running long runs is my me time.This vest would be awesome. 🙂 Thanks for the great interview and the chance to win.

  4. Our family schedule is Ultra. 2 soccer games, 1 soccer practice, 3 baseball games a week for my son. 2 softball practices and 2 games a week for my daughter. 2 softball games a week for me and my husband. I work full-time and I’m training for a half marathon all while driving 150 miles every other weekend to take care of my elderly mother.

  5. Having two babies under the age of two and I just registered for my first full marathon in 4 years! Plus, I go back to work from maternity leave in two weeks, so balancing all of that requires ultra planning!

  6. Running a software business with my partner and balancing life with two four year olds and a six year old (ALL BOYS) at home, requires ultra planning to get out the door for runs.

  7. My life is pretty ultra right now as I work on finishing up my master’s in elementary education, wrapping up my second year of teaching kindergarten, planning an epic summer road trip before jumping into another school year, and looking forward to becoming a mother myself next year. I start each day in the pre-dawn hours to get a workout in before spending my day with rambunctious 5 and 6 year olds that make me excited about life, and I end each day as the sun goes down with a little me time and a good book. Life is good, life is ultra!

  8. My current “ultimate” is starting running again. Every step is a journey, an accomplishment. I destroyed my knee last November, rupturing the acl and shredding all the other ligaments and meniscus. Reconstructive surgery, physical therapy, and lots of at home strengthening…. I am slowly back jogging, but want to be back to running BQ’s again.

  9. Just being there for my 3 girls, helping them navigate life decisions, trying to steer them to make good choices, somedays it gets intense.

  10. Everyday feels like an ultra! Waking up pre-dawn to fit in at least one workout; driving kids everywhere; volunteer work at schools & community; walking the dog; making sure there’s food in the house & something for dinner. RE: the vest… I’ve always been intrigued by a running vest, but never found the right one… could this be it??

  11. Right now it’s balancing my work and personal life. I have three kids; 6, 4 and 6 months and working full time. At this point it takes juggling to a whole new level.

  12. We joke at work that a shift in our ER is like an ultra- 12 hours of nonstop running, few hydration breaks, bathroom breaks ( forget it ). Every night is like an endurance competition. As for running no ultras yet but planning out next fall’s half & full schedule and working on improving 5k time.

  13. Right now as a 1st grade teacher, I’m trying to make sure my students are staying focused these last few weeks of school! Running long seems easier right now than maintaining student focus. A new running vest would make my long runs much nicer!!

  14. I am ultra racing this weekend… Madison Twilight 10K Saturday night at 8:00pm, as an Angel for myTeam Triumph, part of a team pushing our 8 year old captain with spina bifida in a racing stroller, and the Madison Half Marathon 7:00am Sunday morning!

  15. Getting through this long winter has required ultra patience. First time I’ve ever experienced some serious mood changes without having the sun shining down on me. Weird feeling. Getting outside every day to be active was a challenge but I did it and my family is grateful for it (makes me a more patient and loving mother and wife). So glad the sun is starting to shine and be warm again. Emotions can be ultra challenging 🙂

  16. My ultra is finding balance for my first ultra 100 mile and the normal demands of family, work and life with Ménière’s disease.every day is an ultra adventure!

  17. 24 weeks pregnant @ 41 years old and this pregnancy is my “ultra” i am still running best i can every day, listening to my body, trying to fuel it well, get the rest i need and not beat myself up as my body changes and my limitations grow with my belly! I also have a 4 year old and i must admit when he kisses my belly, i am “ultra” happy beyond anything i have ever experience!

  18. Getting two little kids and I ready for a three week vacation – repeatedly unpacking the suitcase the three year old keeps filling with train tracks and gear, repacking my daughter’s suitcase who only packs the ‘pretty stuff’ , all while fending off the puppy who chews everything in site. This will be fun,

  19. Four days left until the kids are out of school and I’m crawling to the finish line. I’m both delighted about the lack of homework and panicked about losing some of my “free” time.

  20. My ULTRA is teenagers, work, injuries, aging/ailing parents, and more. Thankfully running keeps me sane. Every mom I know is in the middle of her own ultra.

  21. Work is my ultra right now – I have major (career-determining) deadlines coming up really soon, and with a four-year-old in a clingy phase, well, I feel like running 100 miles might be easier than all this!

  22. My ultra right now is end of school year activities with 3 kids in 3 different well as training for my first half and figuring out camp schedules that actually allow everyone to be picked up mainly on time!

  23. My life is about ultra commitments-balancing my work schedule with my husbands work schedule so we don’t need childcare, going back to school (me-tomorrow!!), my daughters figure skating classes, lessons, competitions, and 3 crazy sons including one I’m trying to prep for starting kindergarten in a few months. Oh and swim lessons start up for the boys this month too. All while following the AMR OWN IT 1/2 marathon plan with the crazy San Diego wildfires raging a mile from my house.

  24. My schedule is ultra…packed with work, my son’s sports/end of year school stuff, running, adventures, friends & family. Isn’t life ultra grand?

  25. My 7 month old is teething. That feels like one of the most “ultra” things I’ve dealt with. Ever. 🙂

  26. With 4 kids and a foreign exchange student and all of their activities, all aspects of my life are ‘ultra’ right now!

  27. Right now I am in ultra recovery mode! Did my first marathon 6 months ago and my second was 2 weeks ago. Going from doing a few halves to running 2 marathons in 6 months has taken its toll on my knees (and honestly, my motivation). Looking forward to some low mileage runs with friends just for fun!

  28. Right now I am in ULTRA nutrition mode – I’m really taking a hard look at what I put in my body and how it makes me feel. I’m trying to make the right choices every day.

  29. ULTRA emotional. I lost my sister & dad this spring. The wheels fell off my training plan for my first marathon in 10 years during this dark time. Once the dust settled, my legs took off with my ailing heart and continue pushing me toward the race. With much different goals than I started with, I’ll be toeing the start line under trained, but determined…and two angels flying along side me.

  30. My *Ultra* right now…trying to stick to the Whole30 challenge (with a family that won’t even attempt), while training for a 1/2, and work hours that aren’t consistant.

  31. Can I just say ‘life’? Two beautiful, young kiddos, working full time, hubby working full time AND in school full time, painting the outside of our home (by ourselves), part of out local city band, and training for my first marathon. Add in normal stuff like laundry and yard work, and all I can say is ‘phew!!’ But, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world…I love my crazy life and the people who join it with me!

  32. My current “ultra” is moving forward after miscarriage…emotionally, mentally, and physically. I miscarried at 9 weeks just before Mother’s Day. I’m striving to choose hope over sadness.

  33. My ultra is planning my vacation. We go on a big trip once every two years and I am the one who coordinates all of the activities and reservations. It’s a great thing to plan for but takes some time and effort…plus getting everyone on the same page can be tricky. 🙂

  34. My ultra right now is reading. After eight crazy-busy months in school, I’m now enjoying having the time to read, read, and read some more.

  35. My ULTRA is my current attempt at maintaining sanity. :). It’s a daily battle that starts when my alarm goes off at 4:00 AM (why did I sign up for this half Ironman again?). But 3 more weeks and then I’ll get to settle down for some more quiet time with my two kiddos.

  36. End of year activites including school, summer programs, dance, softball………… stressful fitting it all in along with my job!!!

  37. My career is ULTRA – I’m a Family Practice resident in my final year of training, complete with days of seeing patients in clinic, nights catching up on documentation, and weekends studying for the boards. The finish line is sweet, a sports medicine fellowship where I can finally focus on the type of medicine and motivated patients (like mother runners!) I love.

  38. What does ULTRA mean to me right now? I guess it would be succeeding at getting my daily run in. The bulk of my marathon training has occurred while my husband is away for training leaving me to care for two young kids solo. So just making my weekly runs is a challenge and when I actually do my runs is what I consider to be ultra these days. 🙂

  39. Trying to keep my 3 children’s schedules right whilst working and generally being everything to everyone whilst my husband completes his own ultra….. Walking across the UK! 200 miles In 2 wks. Today is his last day of walking. He will have been away for 3 wks by the time he comes home. Am ready for him to return! Very proud of him, but,need him home now!

  40. My SCHEDULE seems ULTRA right now. Balancing being a full-time MOM and general head chef-dishwasher-laundry maid, a volunteer Girl Scout Leader heading into the busy Camp season, a part-time Fitness Instructor, a sales rep heading into a wonderful but busy race-expo season, and a runner training for my first 26.2 … it seems like I spend my life commuting to/from commitments-classes-kids’ extra curricular activities (or in the kitchen), never sleep, and can’t actually remember the last time I had a full not-schedule-related conversation with my husband (much less a date night with him).

  41. Forcing myself to rest and not run on my stress fractured foot so that I can continue to be a runner when it heals. It’s really tough to just sit around, but I’m being a good little girl and obeying the Drs orders. I drink a lot of water running and usually have a handheld and one stored on my lower back. This best would make it much easier!!!

  42. My ultra would be getting through this pregnancy (my 2nd) healthy and sane! It’s a high risk pregnancy and although baby and I are fine and healthy now it’s a day by thing!

  43. My life is an ultra-balancing act-juggling ultrarunning (finished my first 100 in February), two boys and their activities, a running husband, my full-time job, and trying not to chew my fingernails away while waiting to find out if I got into nursing school–it’s a wonderful life!

  44. After finishing my first 27 mile unofficial marathon/ultra marathon (lol), I am continuing to train for an official marathon, which is how I am continuing my Ultra streak!

  45. Right now ultra running is the ultra part of my life right now. Somehow, everything else seems balanced. Then again, so does running 30-40 miles on a Saturday – and I’d love a vesta for those adventures. :o)

  46. Life is always ultra for me with 5 kids who I homeschool, 3 pets, a husband who works a lot (especially in the spring), and my OCD personality! I wouldn’t trade it for the world, though.

  47. OMGosh, my life is so Ultra right now that it has taken me two days to even online to respond! I am an ESOL teacher in an elementary school with a week left in school, so I have end-of-the-year paperwork to complete for students in my program, the regular teacher end-of-the-year paperwork (evaluation type stuff), complete summer school applications, mail out letters for summer screening of new students, and pack to move classrooms! As far as running goes, I am training (with the help of my awesome BRF) for a sub-hour 10K with the TLAM Own It Plan (which isn’t easy since I have to run in the mornings and be home BEFORE 6AM, so I have regular 4AM wake-ups). All of this on top of just typical wife and mother duties! Whew, makes me tired just typing it out!

  48. “Exceeding or going beyond all other of the same kind.” I’ve been running a fever (and that’s all that’s been running) for 21 days, plus some other lovely symptoms. It’s an ULTRA illness that’s leaving me ULTRA wiped. Looking forward to feeling better.

  49. My “Ultra” is helping my 9-year old daughter be brave enough to go to school every day! I am a single mother and my daughter has just developed a touch (OK, an “ultra” touch!) of separation anxiety! I make sure I get my workout done before she wakes every morning, just so I can be ready for the real “ultra” in my life – reassuring my daughter that she is strong enough, smart enough, and down-right tough enough to face the challenges she fears at school! Together we will cross the finish line of this “ultra”!

  50. The aspect of my life that is Ultra right now is making time to train for my second ultra and several marathons and still being the best mother to 4 kids and a good wife to one. My youngest is 8 months old and finding my balance has been interesting. I run 4o miles a week and more if I can get it in . Its interesting because this makes me eat healthier and I have to go to bed early in order to be able to do what I love. Two of my kids are on swim team so they need to be fed well and then theres homework too. The whole taxi mom situation is also a-lot of driving around. My ultra is finding a way that works for everyone in my house that allows me to train to run Ultras. Running helps me be a better mom wife and me.

  51. Lately I have been going ULTRA on my brand new Elliptigo! Had surgery on my ankle in February and have not yet been cleared to run. (Have not actually been able to run since September UGH!) But, I got my elliptigo just in time to start their Every day in May Challenge. Riding a minimum of 20 miles a day but closer to 25 or even 30 most days. I just love being out on the roads again and man does it work my core! After just two weeks, I have a visbly flatter stomach! Feels great to be getting back in shape!

  52. My ULTRA right now is finishing up homeschooling with my 5 kiddos (4 boys and 1 baby girl), husband starting a new job (laid off of last one) and starting to train for my next marathon and then Boston in April. (qualified, and hoping to get in) EVERYDAY is a new challenge, but although mentally taxing and stressful, trying to keep it all together. Awesome giveaway!

  53. My ULTRA is being a full-time working mom of 2 youngins & training for my first full Marathon (next weekend -eeek!). Figuring out how to fit 26 hours of activities into a 24 hour period all while keeping the kids, husband & boss happy has been a Herculean feat, to say the least. I must love living ULTRA, because I’m celebrating my 40th birthday by running my first Ultra race!

  54. My ULTRA is being a Mama and training for my 2nd half marathon, hood to coast, and on the way to my 1st marathon in November. Training for races is not easy but I love running so I make it work 🙂

  55. Coping with my partner’s mental health challenges is my ULTRA challenge at the moment. Running helps, it’s even better when we can run together!

  56. I’m getting ready for my first marathon (June 1-San Diego!), and even though I’m not training for an ULTRA, it feels like it at times. I’m waking up at the crack of dawn to do training runs so I can get home in time for breakfast with my two-year-old and husband. I’m lying down for naps when my daughter does, and heading to bed not long after she does, so that I’m getting enough rest. Foam rolling during storytime is now a regular occurrence. It’s not easy, but when my daughter smiles and says, “Go Mommy go!” I know it’s all worth it. 🙂

  57. My going beyond is simply allowing myself the time to heal in order to be up and running soon. The work, kid, and life duties can be overwhelming but you still have to remember to take care of yourself in order to take care of everyone else.

  58. Life in general. Working, volunteering at school, driving kids to activities, cooking, cleaning, end of school year events, hosting in-laws, and then it starts over again the next day. It’s life- being a wife, mom, friend, volunteer, working woman… And I am thankful. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Hey, that vest just speaks motherhood. We’re ALWAYS running, right?

  59. Going beyond or exceeding of the same kind…I’m in an every day competition with myself. Work my self hard, but not be hard on my self. Okay, picture this: after a great early morning run and still on a high after a semi-hectic launch of older kids to school, I settled in to Legos with my afternoon kindergartner. Legos. Semi-bane of motherhood. Do you feel like a wizard after following the step-by-step instruction booklets and having it actually turn out? All the while utilizing 5 year old fingers as precision instruments? Here’s where I exceeded myself. Once the mid-evil-era-ghost-stage-coach-contraption was ready to roll, my sweet son points out a small piece at the bottom was blue and should be red, like the diagram. Would have been soooo easy to shrug it off, leave the room to go do some “mom work”, or convince him it didn’t really matter. Instead I went beyond my gut reaction and well, dismantled the darn thing with him. It turned out to be a lovely morning and all it took was a willingness to go a little ultra on myself and take value in what he valued.
    p.s. I’m a huge hiker and trail runner…would LOVE this pack.

  60. My ULTRA is balancing my son’s all-of-the-sudden busy calendar with my own, and making it all work without loosing my job, my fitness, or killing my husband.

  61. Baseball is ULTRA in my life right now. Two boys active in two leagues amidst the usual day to day of school, work, church, errands and training. Gotta say though I’m lovin’ it though!

  62. Currently, I am an ULTRA volunteer. And that’s putting it lightly. This year I decided raising 4 kids, watching 2 spare 2-year olds, and running a marathon just weren’t enough. So I volunteered a little at the high school & a whole lot at the elementary school. I am the Box Top Lady, collecting from all the classrooms whilst pulling 2-year olds in a wagon. I am the Snack Bar Lady, the Popcorn Day Lady, the Teacher Appreciation Lady. I take pictures for the yearbook. I make bulletin boards & newsletters for out Title I school. I coached the cross country team. Oh, and I’m on the Site Council. I love a challenge!!!

  63. My ULTRA is managing motherhood, wife, work, daughter and running. It can get CRAZY. But nothing beats the great FEELING a get every time I RUN. It give me the TOOL a need to tackle every day. One day at a time. One mile at a time. And YES I WILL RUN 100mi someday. For now a 13.1mi

  64. I am training for my first half ironman and everything about that including the training, working and taking care of 2 kiddos feels ULTRA to me!

  65. Adding to our family is my ULTRA right now. With 5 kids (4 of them adopted) we are in the process of adopting 2 more. I’m not looking forward to the ULTRA amounts of laundry. But I CANNOT wait for the ULTRA amounts of love and blessings I going to be able to give to and get from them. Thank God for His ULTRA plans!!!!

  66. My career is pretty Ultra right now. In the middle of wrapping up another school year of teaching and trying to kick start a writing career. I’m feeling like I’m working most of the time! But my training keeps me sane and gives me some me time.

  67. I guess it’s a tie between dealing with my first running injury and getting the kids through the end of the school year, when all of us just don’t care anymore

  68. Ultra for me right now is starting the full juggling act again. In the fall I embark on my journey towards my Masters to become a nurse practitioner. This has been a dream of mine for years. So ultra is being a mom, wife, full-time Rehistered Nurse, runner, and Grad Student. I will need that pack to carry along and stay hydrated over these upcoming miles.:)

  69. My ULTRA is my calendar; with three kids (8,5, and 2), homeschooling, work, exercise, school year stuff winding down, and summer stuff gearing up I have trouble keeping up and I check my calendar each night before I go to bed to see what is in store for the next day.

  70. My ultra is trying my best to make it to the end of our homeschool year while entering the 3rd trimester with my 4th. I totally relate to Michelle’s running struggles!

  71. My Ultra in life right now is focusing on my next race, Blackfoot Baby Ultra 25km Trail run in 9 days! Have never done this before and trying to keep up my focus and my runs in the rest of my crazy BAMR life! EEEKKK! I run with a Fuel Belt and was thinking of moving to a hydration system just like this! Thanks for the info!

  72. What I’ve learned over the last 4 months…if you’re a mom, EVERYTHING is ‘ultra’. Having had my first baby in January (at age 41) I learned quickly that finding time to keep on my running/spinning schedule was going to take some serious work. Training for my second marathon starts later this year (Rock n Roll Raleigh 2015) and I’ve got my jogging stroller ready to go so my little man can log some training miles with me!

  73. This year my oldest son was diagnosed with 3 neurological disorders (dyspraxia, dysgraphia, and sensory processing disorder) along with a few associated physical issues. While thankfully not life threatening, appart from the judgement problems that come with dyspraxia, it’s been a lot to handle. So everyday with him and every accomplishment he completes are “ultra” to me.

  74. Working full time with three kids (4.5, 2.5, 5 months) and still getting runs in most days…feeling pretty Ultra lately!

  75. New job. I have been mostly staying at home for eight years. I have no idea how eight years went by. I am already weepy thinking about the first day of kinder: preschool hasn’t ended yet. Summer hasn’t started. It’s still snowing for goodness sake. I love the new job but am having an ultra hard time wrapping my head around a work schedule (and it’s still only 24 hours, I know I am ridiculous). Now I need a plan and schedule and had better hydrate … I wept on the trail today. Running and crying is super dehydrating and pretty challenging.

  76. No ultras here yet…just the day to day of raising a family well trying to fit running in. I wouldn’t chance it for the world…well maybe I would throw an ultra or two in there 😉

  77. The life of any mother is ULTRA. As I read through the comments I see so many examples of Mother Runners who are getting it done on every level – as mothers, significant others, sisters, daughters, friends, and professionals. You are all juggling the demands placed upon you coming from so many directions, and yet you all are getting out and running those miles and supporting each other all the way across the finish line. Amazing! We women are powerful that way, and this tribe is a fierce force to be reckoned with!

  78. My ultra? Yes, mine. Is their a mother who doesn’t have an ultra? I coach a fitness group, in addition to being a mom of 2 and a wife. I also make time to be part of two running groups. One at 5:30am Saturdays and another at 5:15 am Mondays. Yes, additionally, I do strength training at least 5 days a week. So what’s my ultra, my fitness and my commitment to my family. I just keep going. I don’t stop.

  79. Managing all of my daughters sports! Holy Moly…sometimes I wonder if we allow her to do too much. Year round swim team, soccer, and now rock wall climbing team. Sometimes I secretly wish that she wouldn’t excel at everything she tries!! And now little bother (oh, I mean brother) is beginning to get into sports….his passion is soccer…and wouldn’t you know it….he’s even better than she is!

    Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE that they both LOVE sports as opposed to video games….but boy….it is ULTRA exhausting for mom to manage this schedule!

  80. my ultra goal is signing up for a 12 week physical challenge that starts the 27th scary as heck it consists of 3 times a week workouts at a gym that are never the same, weigh ins, body measurement (OMG) and worst of all a balanced nutritional diet to stick to. But I think in the long run it will make me stronger and help my cardio so that I can actually run better.

  81. Not sure what IS ultra, but everything FEELS ultra. The end of a school has a way of doing that. If i have to pick one thing, I will say coaching U6 soccer is ultra. Eight boys who have no intention of listening to the coach or performing the proscribed drills IS ultra.

  82. Right now, “ultra” is the pace of life! Four weeks left of kiddos at school! Crazy busy at work! Grandparents coming to visit in less than a month! OMGoodness!!! Just trying to step through each day to make it to the finish line.

  83. My ultra is working full time in a job that is ever changing (special needs kids with emotional and behavioral disabilities), managing a household of 5, taking care of the finances because my husband owns his own business which has it’s ups and downs, trying to overhaul our eating to whole food with a vegetarian twist to help develop good habits for kids, and being a mom who is “present” with my kids. Oh. And then trying to keep myself fit and energetic to do exactly what I just described day in and day out.

  84. My ultra is getting my son’s entire Cub Scout pack, parents and siblings included, registered for summer camp in addition to work and managing day to day life responsibilities as a single parent this year while my husband serves overseas. I just turned 49 today! I’ve been looking for a challenge for next year and this lovely pack would look great on me as I run the 50 mile midnight madness run in Tulsa, OK!

  85. Right now what is “ultra” in my life is the combination of training for ultras and working more than enough hours. Thank goodness for the running to keep me sane

  86. My ultra is just trying to be supermom and taking care of work, family and home while still finding time to take care of me

  87. My Ultra was last weekend, May 10th, when I finished my very first 50k, the Mcdonald Forest 50k. I am planning on running another marathon in a couple months. It is the first time I have ran long distance races that close togetether. All, while balancing the schedules of 4 kids and a full time job. 🙂

  88. My Ultra right now is not entering the St. George lottery because I don’t want to train for a marathon all summer again, but hey a 50k the same weekend might be cool! What am I thinking?

  89. My ULTRA is running with a cardiac problem. I have mentally learned to overcome pain associated with running in a way that was unimaginable to me. Don’t let anything get between you and what you love doing!

  90. My ultra is trying to survive the spring schedule madness. School, field trips, soccer, ballet, marathon training, student recitals make for a calendar so full it makes me cringe.

  91. My 2.5 year old twins speech therapy schedules…we are constantly on the go, getting very hard to get my runs in but I’m doing everything I can to help them 🙂

  92. My Ultra is being an architect on the new Minnesota Vikings Stadium. It’s the most expensive construction project ever done in our state. I signed up for my first marathon because it somehow feels like a small piece of my life I control!

  93. Trying to figure out summer camps versus weeks with the grandparents is pushing me over the edge right now. I’m glad hey want to spend time with the little guy, just tell me what you want. Thank goodness for running and Bootcamp to keep me sane. Did I just say that? I am nuts.

  94. My ultra is my first marathon just 11 days away. Any free time seems to be filled with obsessing about how that day will go. My fuel belt is riding up to my bra line now that I have shed a few winter layers.No one likes to have to worry about belt chafe.

  95. Ultra right now is being the wife of a medical resident and the mother of a special needs child…and…a marathon runner!

  96. My ultra right now is going all out with my counseling practice, while trying to maintain a balance with my family. I attempt to maintain that balance and minimize the stress by trail running. Just signed up for a trail marathon and sure could use this amazing vest!

  97. My life right now is in ultra teacher mode after coming back to teaching after a different job I find myself ultra committed to enjoying my role again!c

  98. We are trying to get our house ready to sell, looking for a new house, I’m looking for a new job, trying to get rid of ankle/knee pain and hoping to be able to train for several half marathons this summer! Possibly my first marathon at the end of this year or the early part of 2015!

  99. For our seasonal landscaping business, it’s go-time, which means being ultra busy, ultra organized, ultra personable, ultra persuasive, ultra creative, and, of course, ultra exhausted. Good night!

  100. ULTRA–for me…I never enjoyed running. I needed a challenge for myself after baby #2. Went from zero running to my first half. Three years later and close to 12 halfs….I ran through all 40 weeks of pregnancy with baby #3. Met my sub zero half goal and I’m ready for my first ultra race next February! I’d love to try a vest 🙂

  101. Our ULTRA right now is preparing for our move to New Zealand! Packing up the house in preparation for our jump in June.

  102. I’m experiencing some Ultra nerves leading up to my half marathon this weekend. Not sure why I’m so nervous, but it has me waking up in the middle of the night, and my stomach is in knots all day.

  103. I am ultra right now in training for my first half marathon while raising money to give children born with clubfoot in underdeveloped countries the medical treatment they need so that they can walk (and hopefully run) for the rest of their lives!

  104. Hills! I’m starting to train for my first trail half marathon and am really trying to learn to love the hills….maybe:) definitely taking my running farther than before!

  105. My ultra right now is trying to deal with terrible twos and terrible almost fours who thinks he’s going on thirteen. If mama is not up running before the tribe gets up we are all going to have a terrible day!

  106. I am Ultra right now because I am interviewing for my dream job and that means a huge change for me and my family if I get it. Big change but good stuff. I just had to decide that I was going to go for and go all in, just like my first half marathon.

  107. I am ultra right now for listening to my body and letting my injury heal before going further in my training. I have decided to take this time and volunteer for everything I can. I am volunteering as a coordinator for a marathon, for a local run once a month, for a mud run, and for a breast cancer awareness event.

  108. My ultra morning… waking up before 5am to run/workout 6 days a week, eat a healthy breakfast, and get myself and daughter ready and out the door 5 of those days.. and it’s about to get crazy when my husband starts traveling every week for work. Good thing I just got a treadmill.

  109. Today, the only thing ultra in my life is the chest cold and associated breathing/coughing drama that is keeping me from running and doing everything else I want to do 🙁

  110. My ultra is knowing that my daughter influenced my life to make changes and to always believe in myself. It’s not about winning the race, as in first place, but merely going out and performing to the best of your ability. Be proud of who are and what you accomplish.

    Almost two years ago, I was building up the courage to go out and start running…to have another common bond with my daughter. After all, my 9 year old daughter, ran track and field (she started at the age of 7) and could go out and run 3-5 miles like it was no big deal. Then it came…..She approached me one day and asked if mommy could join her on a 5k race. I said yes, knowing I was going to go out there and start/finish that race all by myself. To my surprise, without much training under my belt, I ran that entire 5k and when I approached that finish line, my very first 5k finish line, there cheering me on was my daughter. Still, till this day I thank my daughter for those words to finish strong and hear her voice each time I approach a finish line. Now I prefer running nothing less than a half marathon for a race….all because my daughter encouraged me to spend time doing something she loved. I’m proud to say, she will be running her first official half marathon in June…….of course with mommy by her side. We work well together….she’s a strong starter and I’m the stronger finisher when it comes to longer distance. As with every 5k I have ran with her and always crossing the finish line after her…I will allow her to continue that streak of crossing the finish line before me in that half marathon.

  111. Getting through the school year….25 or so days left but we have some crazy field trips one has us leaving the country

  112. The ultra thing in my life is being the full time art teacher for grades K-5, one school is K-2 where I am 2 1/2 days and the other school is 3-5 where I am the other 2 1/2 days. They act as one school and are down the street from each other. I do lesson planning, prep work, organizing, and cleaning.

    I am also trying to buy a house with my husband and our 7 year old.

  113. The Ultra part of my life currently involves the running I’m doing with my BRFs through Moms Run This Town (Vienna & Fairfax VA). Not only am I about to run my 3rd half marathon in 3 months to earn my Half Fanatics entry, but a group of us are training to run the Richmond Marathon in November. It will be my first marathon and I am already looking for another marathon to run with 16 days of Richmond so I can qualify for Marathon Maniacs!! I’m loving it!!

  114. What is ultra about my life??? I’m training for my first trail half in the Smokies where I have to carry all of my own fluids as an agreement to running the race. I’m also juggling a 3, 6, & 8 year olds, being a Cub Scout leader, being in charge of our day camp group, a thousand other scout activities, teaching childbirth ed classes, working as a labor doula, working on our family farm, and chasing after the super mom-mother runner dream we all chase after! My life is crazy busy; I never stop to drink enough. But I love the life I’m living and not just existing in!

  115. I have heard some say “life is a marathon, not a sprint….pace yourself!” I beg to differ. It is a. ULTRA!!! And my “ultra” is to keep BALANCE. Managing a family/home with three young teenagers, a full-time (demanding!) career, keeping up the miles to finish–better yet ENJOY–the halfs I signed up for six months ago when everything seemed possible, finding the time to squeeze in a little strength/cross training, stay healthy, and not to be so darned hard on myself when I feel like I have faltered somewhere while juggling the aforementioned . That’s my ultra 🙂

  116. What’s ultra in my life? All the ancillary work & strategizing races/training to get me in good shape for Boston 2015 – planning Oct/Nov/Dec races, just decided to run RW Heartbreak Hill Half next month for a taste of the hills, started a hill module, weekly chiro visits, strength exercises 4 days a week, flexibility work daily, adding elliptical at lunch on days I’m in the office, trying to get yoga in at least once a week.

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  118. My Ultra is traveling for work 2-3 weeks per month while training for a marathon and squeezing in yoga classes.

  119. My ultra is dealing with life changes while trying to strengthen my body and train more than I ever have. So much happening these days, but my family is heading in the right direction. Running halfs and training for full marathons helps me remain sane! I’d LOVE this vest!

  120. I had a stroke a year ago and am still trying to get my running back. My stride changed and I lost what little confidence I had. Most days, “ultra” is just getting out the door!

  121. My ultra right now is recovering from high hamstring tendinopathy (stemming from a round off- yes you heard me right- the day before thanksgiving!). Learning I am not 5 and should not be doing cartwheels or round-offs! Physical therapy twice a week (in my fifth week) and I finally got to walk 5, run 10 x 2. Slow but steady…..

  122. I have twenty-five fifth graders, a grade level team, a husband, an 8 year old, a 5 year old, 2 cats, 3 fish, and now 2 new puppies all counting on me each day. I get pulled in many directions, yet I make time to run. Thankfully my teaching certification class just ended! Ultimate stress for ultimate juggling responsibilities each day. I drink my coffee from a Super Girl cup. Going Goofy in 2015: 39.3 miles in 2 days.

  123. Ultra in my life? Fitting in running while being the mom to 3 kids, two of them on the autism spectrum, and planning to begin homeschooling in the fall! I have yet to find a comfortable way to carry water/stuff on long runs/races and this looks PERFECT!

  124. Actually, this seems to be the year of the ultra for me. I ran my first ultra (40+ in a 12-hr event) in ’12 and followed that with my first 50k and first 24-hour event in ’13. This year, I’ve already run a 50k (on a whim…I had registered for the 25k but felt so good at the “finish” that I bumped up to the 50 and ran the course again), I’m tackling another 24-hour this weekend, and I have one more of each on the calendar…so far! Loving it! So obviously I would LOVE a new race vest.

  125. My Ultra is training for a marathon while working, and trying to maintain “normal” family life for my husband and two kids under the age of 6.

  126. My ULTRA is getting through my last 10 days of school as a high school biology teacher with tests, labs, and 51 research papers yet to grade! I just signed up for an AUGUST half marathon (am I crazy or what?) and this vest would be AWESOME!

  127. My ultra is taking care of my family plus helping take care of me parents. As weeks go by they seem to need more and more of my time.

  128. Ultra for me right now is keeping all of the balls in the air – kids, work, training, making sure people in the house eat!!!

  129. My Ultra coming up is summer break! I love my kids, but 24/7 with my husband traveling for work a lot tests my patience.

  130. My life is ULTRA chaotic between after school activities for my almost six year old son, caring for my 10 month old son, helping my husband start a new company, loving my fur friends, attempting to eat raw, and getting back into the groove of running after an 18 month hiatus!

  131. My ultra is balancing life! A full time job, being a mom, taking care of our fur kids, being a wife of an over the road truck driver, and trying to get ready for marathon number 4!

  132. My hubby is out of town leaving me to two almost three year old boys. They are very active and being a single parent can be very draining.

  133. My ULTRA is the balancing act of working, mothering 3 children plus a husband, and the idea of running an ultra next year!! YIKeS!

  134. I am an ultra doggie mommy right now. My 10-year-old dog was diagnosed with a faulty heart valve out of the blue a week or so ago. Since then, I have been spending almost every moment giving her meds, monitoring her breathing and taking her to and from the vet. I have no idea how much more time I have with my first “child,” but I am doing everything I can to make that time the longest it can be (as long as her quality of life is still there).

  135. ULTRA is my life as an allergy mom. I have celiac and food allergies, as do all 3 of my kids but my 7 year old daughter has celiac plus 23 food allergies (including the biggies like dairy, soy, wheat, corn, palm, coconut, peanuts, etc) to which she is airborne and contact reactive for all of them, half being anaphylactic. My ultra is making ALL of our own food, laundry products, shampoos, cleaning products, etc. Even things like food colors for frosting, baking powder, powdered sugar, toothpaste, ketchup, pickles, etc. Running is my stress relief.

  136. Kids’ end-of-the-year rehearsals, shows, parties, teachers gifts, etc are my ULTRA right now. Only a few more weeks!

  137. Ultra right now in my life is my ability to get up before the sun to go run. I am so not a morning person and value my sleep, but I will do whatever is necessary to get a run in. Even if it means not getting to sleep in on the weekends.

  138. Probably volunteering. I am going to be training for my first full and need to better schedule my time. When I see someone needs help I raise my hand. I will need to allow others to step up this summer/fall.

  139. My ULTRA is: I had gotten up to running 8 miles, the longest I had ever run in my life, when my precious 9 year old son jumped on me one day. His knee rammed into my own knee and the horrible pain. It hurt to walk the stairs. I went from 8 miles to none. It thankfully turned out to be a bruised bone. I’m now starting from scratch and will begin training for my first ever 1/2 marathon in October. I’m praying the bruise heals in time.

  140. After running 4 marathons in 45 days earlier this year, I completed my first 50k on a tough trail course. My biggest challenge came 2 weeks later when I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. My Ultra now is treatment and recovery.

  141. Ultra describes me right now in many ways-divorce final on 5/5, working full time, 8 year old son and I just started running/working out again. 1/2 marathon scheduled in October! I can do this!!

  142. What aspect of your life is ULTRA right now? My Ultra is training for my first marathon and starting a new company.

  143. My “ultra” is to try to keep moving forward as my husband faces major surgery this summer. One step, one day, keep.moving.forward.

  144. My ultra is raising a 5yr old son, working full time, and learning to find myself again after going through a divorce after 15 years of marriage. I’m working really hard on trying to get back on the running band wagon, I fell off while going through my divorce and really need those running endorphins again!!

  145. Right now, “ultra” means getting in my workouts while I can. Sometimes before my husband goes to work, more often pushing a jogging stroller and sometimes even during short breaks like when my kid is in Sunday school. It’s all about being proactive, flexible and determined.

  146. “Ultra” probably describes my summer running plans: the Colfax Marathon this weekend, a half marathon in Winter Park at the end of June, an ultra relay (190 miles, 6 people) from Canon City to Crested Butte, CO in mid-July, and my first Olympic-distance triathlon in Grand Lake, CO this August. This is a bit ambitious even for me (I often have a race a month in the summer months, with some races ranking more highly in terms of goals than others), so my goal is to figure out a training plan that keeps my running mileage up (at least 30 miles a week), gets me adequately prepared for the swim and bike portions of the triathlon (that I’m completing, not racing), and doesn’t end up in me being completely burned out. (Yes, a personalized training plan would be ideal, but I haven’t seen anything under $300 and that’s not in the budget.)

    And in the meantime, there’s the reality of finding some kind of freelance work because the adjunct teaching job I’ve held for 12 years was canceled last fall, dealing with the kids, and continuing to be very involved with my children’s school, whether it means volunteering there, writing our school board to stop them from tearing apart the district or attending meetings and otherwise being vocal and involved.

  147. My ultra right now is being ultra patient with plantar fasciitis, trying everything to get it to heal, and hoping I will be able to hike this summer! I am riding my exercycle and bike a lot more in the meantime, hoping to keep my fitness level up.

  148. My “ULTRA” right now is busy-ness. May is CRAZY! Birthdays, parties, end-of-school-year stuff, etc. It never ends! I just ran a 5K race on Mother’s Day and have decided to take 2 weeks off of running so I can get my act together (I’ve only ever done that when injured – and I am kinda nursing a really sore back of stupidness origin).

  149. Ultra for me right now is still training for races with my 2.5 year old son and 4 month old twins, plus full time job and life in general. I might be tired, but you’ll still see me out there running.

  150. I like a challenge. In 2012 I ran my first half marathon. In 2013 I ran my first full marathon. In 2014? I’m having twins! Because of complications related to getting pregnant I had to stop running back in February. As soon as my babies are born and I fully recover, I plan to start back up again. My next running goal: a half marathon in 2015.

  151. My life is ultra chaotic. Raising a 2 and 4 year old, being a (good) wife, having a full time job in law enforcement and dealing with a thyroid that is crapping out. Running is my saving grace. Sometimes even saving me from me.

  152. What’s ultra for me right now is a 3 yo, a 5 yo, a full-time job, and fitting in exercise/running and taking care of myself. Oh yeah, and I’m also going through a separation/divorce. So, life is ultra!

  153. Ultra is getting up each day and doing what needs to be done, especially if it isn’t always easy or fun. As I tell my kids “you just have to get up and try”.

  154. My ultra is raising two kiddos, 3 and 2, loving my husband, and taking care of myself! Running takes time so balancing can be tough, but always doable!

  155. My current “ultra” is raising my 3-year old triplets at the same time taking care of myself. Prior to having kids, I was physically active… Working out almost daily, running marathons and half marathons, and trying out new things. After I gave birth, I got sidelined for a while to heal and take care of the three babies. As a stay at home mom, I am busy all the time. I realized that for me to become a better mother to my kids and wife to my husband, I needed to take care of myself also. So, I decided to go back to working out, to running, and to just giving time for myself. A few weeks ago, I got introduced to trail running and have done my first ever trail race. I have enjoyed the experience and plan to do more of it in the future. Perhaps even train for an ultramarathon one day.

  156. My Ultra is my relationship with my husband, as the kids grow older we have found we are not the same people we fell in love with and are struggling to love not only ourselves as the people we have become but also each other. It’s almost like being forced to fall in love with someone, all over again.

  157. My ULTRA is getting through the end of the school year in one piece! Enough with the parties & forms & parties & forms & parties…

  158. These past few months, my mom-life has been ULTRA! My husband is overseas-he’s been gone since September and I really don’t have much family around so I just feel like I’ve been trying to get it all done and it’s never enough! Luckily school is out now and I have more time to breathe (and get my sweat on!)

  159. My ultra is training for a 70.3 while my husband is away and troubleshooting treadmill issues so I can get my test run done without a jogging stroller. I learned a lot about volts, amps and watts and that the kitchen circuit can handle a greater load than regular circuits in the house.

  160. What’s so ULTRA about life right now? Well, I am a full time mother, wife, employee and student – that’s pretty rad right? Add training for three marathons this year and a 50 miler in the Fall and I think I am kicking some ULTRA ass! Though, I must admit the most ULTRA thing about life is the support my husband, son, family and BRF’s show me, all day and every day. I am ULTRA-ly blessed!!

  161. My current “Ultra” is trying to work full time and balance all the end of the school year activities along with getting my son enrolled in dual credit classes between his jr and sr year of high school and getting ready for 2 new grand babies (doing the bedding for one of them) and still getting in training time for my next 1/2 marathon!! No 50 milers for me though!

  162. My ultra is more understated. I look for ways to do kindness for others in all things. I’m also an ultra in my commitment to running. I’m training for a marathon and run every day.

  163. I feel like most of my life is “ultra-like” these days. Moving into a new home, studying to become a Group Fitness instructor and starting my own business on top of all the normal “Runner Mother” stuff.
    Michele’s story is so inspiring. Someday I will attempt an ultramarathon.

  164. My ultra is working on the mind-body connection in my running. Quietening my inner critic and race anxiety and letting my legs just run happy. It’s given me a whole new perspective on running but it’s something that takes a lot of mindfulness, focus, and intention.

  165. My ultra right now is finishing teaching the school year, and maintaining my sanity on hot afternoons in my classroom, then having the energy to keep up with my toddler at home.

  166. My ultra is working on my work-life balance right now. Trying to have a successful career, spend quality time with my kiddos and husband, and train for a marathon is my ultra balancing act, some days are more ultra than others. 🙂

  167. As well as being a mom, I help my husband run his business, work full time and have recently started a career in real estate. As if that wasn’t enough, I have started eating through the Whole30 program of only fresh, whole foods to try and bring my colitis under control. My life is very full at the moment and seems to be going full speed ahead, but I always make time to get my run in.

  168. My life feels like an ULTRA right now. I’m 38 weeks pregnant (ran up until 35 weeks when the recovery was outweighing the benefit). I’m also still learning how to deal with my MS diagnosis and “new normal” from about 14 months ago.

  169. You know I think I stay away from Ultra races for the same reason I stay away from any ultra in my life: it’s too extreme for me. I’m a gal of moderation and simplicity. I like change and am flexible enough to deal with it. Going too hard and too long just doesn’t fit my personality. I would still love this vest though as I’m often along for the ride of my BRF, Katie as crew in all her ultra adventures.

  170. I am actually training for my first Ultra marathon (50k)! I am so nervous and excited and realizing how I need to be better prepared. I have been looking at vests for hydration and a place to pack some essentials I might need while out on the trails.

  171. My ULTRA right now is getting through my 4th pregnancy and taking care of 3 older kids under 5 years old. I am 33 weeks pregnant and looking forward to running again!

  172. My ULTRA is working my way through very dull technical documentation in preparation to take a certification exam next week.

  173. I have finally, finally, FINALLY decided to focus on strengthening my CORE! I know that is the only way I will be able to get faster AND avoid injury! My current ULTRA is committing to the Barre3 Spring Challenge, taking 4 in-studio Barre3 classes and 2 online classes PER WEEK for 4 weeks!! It’s been two weeks and already my posture during my runs has improved and it feels so much easier to maintain proper running form. Plus I am hyper focused on my core and posture even while sitting at my work desk all day!

    I LOVE Ultimate Direction and can’t wait to see the new Jenny vest!!

  174. My ultra is finding the time to run, train, eat, sleep and manage to keep my kids alive. It’s hard work and I may be letting some stuff go, need a more ultra attitude lately.

  175. I think it is just my personality, but planning for preschool is definitely an ULTRA task right now. Kiddo wants to “do school”- badly- but we need him to be in full time daycare, not part time preschool. Planning curriculum for evening preschool work is stressful!

  176. I am filled with ULTRA gratitude for my husband, 4 kids, and a body that is running injury-free at 15 weeks into marathon training… Even though my thighs are bigger than I would like, my post pregnancy stomach is poochy…I am grateful.

  177. My ultra is just dealing with the daily grind – going to work with annoying co-workers and coming home to annoying (j/k) kids. It’s an ultra good day when I’ve survived work and prepared something besides cereal for dinner!

  178. My ultra right now is dealing with the man leaving. It’s something you see other people go through, but you can never imagine just how hard it is until you yourself are going through it.

  179. The entire month of May feels like one long ultra marathon…too many hats and not enough hours in the day!

  180. Great question this week. Ultra…as a noun it means extremist so it really made me think about what is extreme in my life. I have my first half-marathon at the end of the month (the Virginia wine country half marathon-perfect way to end a race right? a medal and a glass of wine) but I have to say it’s not the race that is extreme to me but it’s making sure everything else (kids, husband, work, house) is in place so I can race/run that takes it to the extreme!!

  181. I just started a new job–a promotion with a BIG learning curve! While I am excited, I am also terrified and so I am putting in a lot of hours and reading. I am committed to be the best new employee and supervisor I can possibly be!

  182. End of school year push. So much crammed into the last 6 weeks! Of course I have I hard time saying no to requests for help.

  183. Love this vest. Much more compact than my Camel Bak but has so much more room.

    Thanks for the great giveaway and here is to a healthy pregnancy for Michele.

  184. My ultra currently is just life…9, 7 and 6 year old, end of the school year stuff, marriage, owning our own business and keeping up with that, family wedding on July 5th, wedding showers, bachelorette party, bachelor party, picnics, birthday parties…and of course finding time for my sanity-running. Ultra enough for me!

  185. My ultra right now is working on getting faster with running. I met my goal of completing my first half marathon a couple weeks ago and it has motivated me more than I could imagine to work hard and really dive into my workouts.

  186. My ultra is figuring out how to love my body and eat well and not use food as comfort. It’s a long journey, for sure. Running helps!

  187. I define ULTRA as living the fullest life I can in all things. I volunteer, run, workout, have a career, support friends, and take care of a family (which includes a hubby, 17 year old son, and two pugs.) Being able to meet the demands I have in all areas of my life, and working to improve my self in all areas is what it is all about to me! I will be running the North Face Endurance Challenge 26.2 in October, and it’s my first trail race and marathon. I reach for the stars, regroup if I don’t catch one, and keep moving forward!

  188. My ultra is being able to tackle life with great balance and minimal stress. This to me means a great balance between work, motherhood and personal success. I have only been a run/walker for the last year and a “runner” (if we can call me that) for about a month or so. I long for answers on balancing my training so I can achieve my ultra.

  189. My ultra right now is being 32 weeks pregnant with my third baby while balancing parenting my 3 and 6 yr old and work. I think this ultra is going to transition from a 50 miler to a 100 miler in about 8 weeks. 😉

  190. Due to extensive yard projects, including shoveling 7 cubic yards of rock into our flower beds, my bulging L4/L5/S1 discs are rebelling after being in healthy the past 3 years. My ULTRA right now is focusing on core work and getting my back happy again. It’s really hard to run when my entire back is knotted and inflamed.

  191. Surviving Spring is my Ultra. It is always so busy with baseball and all the end of school year stuff. An evening home is a treat!

  192. ULTRA – Unusually Long Task Requiring Attention (all of it). Every April/May is an Ultra for me at work (at a small college in Northern Vermont) – I’m responsible for planning the details of Commencement. It’s incredibly detailed and time-consuming! But it’s for a good cause, that’s for sure…(263 satisfied customers and their families). Running keep me SANE.

  193. My ultra right nois injury recovery. I injured my piriformis during my 20 mile training run for my first marathon. That marathon has come and gone without me. I am at week 8 of phsyical therapy with a couple more weeks until I can reunite with my Brooks. I never expected such a long recovery and just want to run so badly!

  194. My Ultra right now is trying to get my family back in order from a several month separation. I want to provide the best living situation and atmosphere for my daughter.

  195. Right now, managing my daughter’s Epilepsy is my Ultra. Meds have failed and we are considering other options. But thru it all, I am determined to be STRONG for my daughter (only cry and throw things in private) and marathon to the ends of the earth to make my her better. As a side note: This is why I run…to keep my sanity intact!

  196. Trying to get my house ready for Memorial Day weekend company, while working full-time, secretly looking for a new job, getting two kids through end-of-school-year performances/parties/soccer, making arrangements for said kids when they both got sick last week, celebrating my husband & son’s birthdays, and not completely losing my fitness. Oh, I REALLY want to win this one — I just committed to my first 50K, and training in the heat of Florida summer is going to take a whole lot of water!

  197. I’m training for my first Half Ironman coming up on June 8th and that is feeling really ULTRA right now as I juggle that with running my business, raising two teens and carving out time for my awesome, supportive husband!!

  198. My Ultra is being a mommy for my two littles! I am home with them while my husband is at work during the day and then at school during the evenings. Although I have support, I am mostly going at everything solo. I am doing it all from waking up at 5 am to run, to being a mom and homemaker the rest of the day and into the night. I work part time as a RN on nightshift, so when I COULD get a chance to rest…I’m up all night making sure my patients are safe!

  199. My Ultra is my job. This is my first year teaching in a school for at risk kids. I love it (and them), but hearing so many heartbreaking stories every day has definitely pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were!

  200. work and motherhood right now is my Ultra. LOL. May has been a month that there has been some type of “extra” activity daily on top of the regular requirements.

  201. Right now I think it’s trying to get everything done for the last few weeks of school (forms signed, end of the year presents made, doctor appointments scheduled) and planning for the summer activities (VBS, running camp, vacations, outings, etc.). Add to that the current obsession to finish my almost 5 year old’s baby scrapbook and get in some me time (running!!), and I feel exhausted the majority of the time.

  202. Right now I feel keeping up with the minutia of family life is my Ultra. Making sure the field trip slips are signed, baking for the bake sale, balancing the checkbook, keeping the pantry stocked… if I can’t win a vest I would like a personal assistant 🙂

  203. I homeschool 3 kids while my husband travels 90% of the week. It’s exhausting and I feel like a champ any week we get it all done!

  204. I’m 4 months and a bit pregnant…the first 2 1/2 months were so brutal, I could barely get out of bed. Now that the extreme nausea has passed, I’m exhausted the majority of the time…so ultra for me is most daily activities – making meals, getting groceries, doing laundry or walking to the post office…all while chasing a very active 3 year old.

  205. I was let go from my job last Friday so finding a new one is the ultra part of my life. However, I run ultras as well and am entered into the VT100. I’ll take advantage of this unexpected free time for training! I new vest would be awesome!

  206. Right now I definitely feel I am Ultra at doing the laundry. As I am sure is the case with all BAMR, there seems to be a continuous, never ending mountain of it! The laundry is this mornings todo. I power through the monotony, scrubbing the grass stains out of my sons white baseball pants once again, knowing that once I am done I can go for a run. 🙂

  207. My Ultra life right now is trying to train for my first TRI and possibly Ironman if the 1/2 IM goes well anf the Full Ironman is one month after the 1/2…..UGH!! ALso trying to fundraise and run Chicago Marathon and Marine Corp Marathon!!!!!!!!

  208. My ULTRA is helping my daughter heal as she recovers from cancer. At 4, she’s scrappy and funny but has had a rough 7 months. We finished chemo in March, got her line out in April and now we’re trying to put weight on her and get her energy levels back to normal. I’m trying to fuel her, encourage her and get her ready for the big kindergarten year! Plus, I’m training for my next trail 10K and half marathon!

  209. I am a teacher and so this time of the year is always a push! Right now this feels like the ULTRA time of my life. I am also taking full time master’s classes. It is a crazy time:)

  210. My Ultra is trying to become a competent horse jumper at age 50. The fitness and balance I get from running, strength training and yoga definitely carry over into this sport. Mental strength is most important – horses can sense your emotional state, so I need to be brave for me and the horse!

  211. I’m training for my first Ironman in Chattanooga in September and my first Century ride in 2 1/2 weeks. Every week is Ultra around our house. All while managing the schedules of two boys under 5!

  212. Sadly, work is ultra right now. I could do with a nice, long run. Fingers crossed that everything settles down by Memorial Day.

  213. Ultra is training right now. I have 2 firsts coming up, Ironman Coeur d’Alene in June and a 50k in September. I’ve never done those distances or this amount of training. I could use the Vesta!

  214. Ultra for me right now would be getting up and running 3-5 miles everyday before my kids get out of bed. On the dresses treadmill.

  215. Ultra would be being patient, waiting and listening to my body. I’m at almost 5 months of an un-relentless stress fracture.

  216. THIS week is ultra for me! My hubby is away on business this week and it seems like all extra curricular activities are happening at the same time! Four baseball teams with games and practices, 5th grade parent orientation, Market Day pickup, 3rd grade school program, working full time, not running because of PF (therefore mama’s crabby), podiatrist appointment for PF, school field trip, registering for summer camp, registering for next school year, signing up for 13.FUN – at least I’m not PMSing (thank you God!). Can’t wait for Friday! MAJOR kudos to all the single parents out there!

  217. My ULTRA isn’t doing one thing to excess, but trying to figure out different big life stuff – moving, new job, putting down roots – all at once.

  218. My Ultra is getting healthy. Plantar, other mysterious foot pains, low back issues……
    Foam rolling, ice, roller balls, foot exercises, yoga, core strength and PATIENCE!

  219. My ULTRA right now is juggling multiple sports activities / schedules that overlap in May – tball, baseball, and swim team, as well as training for my husband and myself. Every night the bags change and the laundry is overflowing, but we wouldn’t change it for anything. The challenge of getting us all to the right place, on time, with the right gear is a wonderful puzzle to figure out!

  220. Volunteering to coach the Junior High Track Team at our school/church. I had no idea the time commitment would be so big!

  221. My ULTRA is literally my first Ultra! First time 50K is 10 days away. Of course, I am using taper to be a little more ultra at home as kid taxi, at work with an unusual number of extra meetings and lectures, and obsessing about what’s next in my race planning!

  222. With my three girls now ages 12, 9 and 5, life is getting easier in some ways — the oldest can babysit when I head out for a short run — and far more “ultra” in others. This year the challenges of managing school activities, homework, and extracurricular schedules has tested my limits — so much so that when I packed for my half marathon this past weekend, I, um, forgot to pack running shorts and a running shirt! Who does that?! Especially after 21 other races? But it all worked out and I got a PR. 🙂

  223. Not unlike most moms, my stress level is ULTRA right now! Work is picking up, we’re in the process of moving, buying a still-being-renovated house, etc…on top of the mounds of laundry and whining from a hungry/tired/bored child!
    Plus I am all signed up for my first 50 miler this fall! EEEK!

  224. My commitment to strengthening my core through Pilates and Yoga is ULTRA right now. I am doing 2 yoga classes/ week and just started the Summer Series Pilates Challenge.

  225. My ultra is our pursuit of adopting twins from Haiti amidst the hurdles of working with a developing country. This ultra also includes being present for my two daughters that I already have as well.

  226. Right now my ULTRA is life in general…last weeks of school, softball games, gymnastics, and dance recitals. Along with a bathroom remodel that has all four of us sharing one at the moment. But, I’m thankful I GET to do every one!

  227. My Ultra right now is recovery from a tummy bug, continued recovery from tendonitis in my ankle, last week of homeschool and planning to drive 19 kids from NC to TN next Monday, all while hubby is out of town.

  228. My ultra is all about a LOT of life change. I went from being unemployed to juggling 3 jobs. Now I have a full time job, but it is high stress and event orientated. And since it is only for 8 months, I have to in the next 4 months start job hunting to ensure some job security in December. I feel pulled in a lot of directions…an running helps…And of course I feel ultra pressure to PERFORM on a run. Trying to LET GO of time expectations on the marathon and ENJOY the run. and destress. 🙂

  229. My life is one big ultra. I am training for ultra’s while staying at home with my 2 little girls. Trying to do all things necessary for my family. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  230. I do massage therapy out of my house and lately my business has been exploding! I truly feel like an ultra massage therapist 😉

  231. My excitement level about going to Hawaii with my husband in 3 1/2 weeks! We haven’t taken a vacation together in 8 years (our last one was before our first daughter was born). This trip is a combo 10 year anniversary-40th birthday-we’ve made it through a huge decade-let’s celebrate!-kind of trip. I can’t wait. 🙂

  232. My ULTRA right now is getting back into a routine after having been on a business trip for 2 weeks… so much laundry!

  233. My ultra is dealing with a major life change. My husband and I, and our 3 children live in VA. My son is moving to Cape Cod, MA this weekend (like in 3 days!!), and my daughter is graduating from high school on June 7, then also moving to Cape Cod, MA on June 21. My son is working in MA for the summer, then returning to Va to go to nursing school approximately 1 1/2 hrs from our home. My daughter is staying in MA to go to college there. I have an ULTRA sort of empty nest syndrome trying to take hold of me. Believe me when I say, I am currently running many, many miles to get those negative vibes out of my head, and embrace the pride that I have when I look at the adults they have become.

  234. I decided to sign up for my first tri so I feel like everything I am doing right now is ultra … Swimming and biking are pretty new to me and I plan to take the plunge and get clipless pedals this weekend. Yikes!!!

  235. Just trying to raise my kids feels Ultra most days — trying not to lose my temper, wanting to encourage hard work and success while at the same time wanting them to value kindness and compassion and creativity. If they can be well-adjusted adults who love God and think their childhood had some good moments, I’ll have successfully reached the finish line in this ultra called life!

  236. I would love love love to win this as I am trying to get to an ultra distance (would love to do a 50k this fall). I feel like I am having to rework my body first – as it won’t allow me to run more than 10 miles due to soreness, knots, weaknesses, etc. All I really want to do is run, but I need to focus first on areas of weakness – so that is my ultra right now!

  237. I am ULTRA tired, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon! I used to think my life was busy and stressful before I had kids (I have three), but life also included naps and Lifetime movie marathons. I do love that I can be too tired to lift a finger around the house and still know I need to go for a run to get some energy.

  238. What is ultra in my life right now, is my work! I’m in the middle of the 7 busiest weeks of my year, which two kids 4 and under at home, and oh yes, I’m 26 weeks pregnant with #3! So my body is doing ultra overtime every single day but I love it, and wouldn’t change it, even if I’m counting down the days to 6 weeks post-baby so I can start running again.

  239. My ultra right now is getting my four elementary school kids to all their activities by myself while working full time. My husband is a high school coach so he is unable to help in the spring. They are only in one sport each but multiply that by four games, four practices, four times the homework to complete, blah, blah. Very overwhelming right now. The end is in sight!

  240. My ultra right now is figuring out how to manage our cow/ranch during this CA drought, get what hay did grow out of the fields before any late (needed but unlikely) rains hit all while trying to run my 2 middle school boys to and fro. I would love this vest as I wi start training for my first marathon in a month and am working on hydration methods.

  241. What part of my life is ultra right now? Everything, it seems! I am a single mom of a dozen children (10 still at home), so it all can seem “ultra” now. Swimming, biking and running are my “go to” as I try to stay on top of things emotionally. Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource here. You are much appreciated!

  242. The most ultra thing I’m doing right now is commuting 2 hours (1 hour round trip twice a day) from one suburb to another so my kids can stay at the same school while we build a new house. Blech.


  243. My husband and six children have to be out of our home and hand over keys on the 31st of this month. We haven’t found another home yet….My husband is my strength, my ULTRA, in all of this stress that I am carrying and struggling to let go. I have to say that I do look forward to my morning runs on these days. 🙂

  244. We are creeping up on the end of the school year and with that comes loads of added busy-ness. Getting ready for the final ballet recital, preschool graduation, high school graduation parties to attend, my half marathon this weekend and we’re about 2 weeks from starting pea harvest. But right now the most ultra thing I do is remember to sign my daughter’s reading page every day 😉

  245. My ultra right now is fine-tuning my insulin requirements during my marathon (first!) training. Trying not to let my blood sugars drop too low…yet too high is also not a good thing…It can be ULTRA annoying at times but I’m grateful for the ability TO run with diabetes!!

  246. Surviving having several generations in my house….definitely is taking ultra-patience. Running is my saving grace:-)

  247. End of the school year is ultra mayhem for me now – book reports, field days, teacher gifts, concerts, bake sales, field trips, etc!

  248. My life always feels like an Ultra! I run in the morning and then wake the kids, take them to school and me to work for a 8 hour day and then the commute home and the pick up. The biggest Ultra part these days is preparing for relocation. We are in the process of buying a new house and I am trying to be ready. So, this means every night after the kids go to bed I take on a new purging and packing project. I cannot wait until we move!

  249. With a challenging full time job, family and triathlon training, my life is pretty “ultra” compared to most of my friends; however, I know from experience that I’m much happier with all 3 of these than I was at points in my life that weren’t quite as busy but only had 1 or 2 of these. It seems like a lot, but I’m in balance. (And from skimming the other AMR posts, in comparison, my schedule isn’t ultra at all — I’m one of many!)

  250. My “ultra” right now is just LIFE in general. My oldest is 5 and graduating pre-K (she starts kindergarten this fall – insert sad face). My youngest is 2.5 and refuses to do #1 in the potty, although she’s got #2 down! My husband and I both work full-time and he’s getting ready to travel for 3 weeks. I’m already tired just thinking about all I will have to do while he’s gone! Running is my escape from life, and I won’t be able to do it much while he’s gone those three weeks.

  251. My life overall is ultra happy right now – finished up my master’s last month, daughter is graduating from high school with honors in a few weeks, work is going great, and husband and son are happy as clams.
    I’m soaking it all up!

  252. Strength training is my ultra right now. I am really good at fitting it in once a week, but am working on getting a second session in, and it’s really hard to find the time some weeks!!

  253. My ultra is a 5k – I am the race director. Between getting sponsors, permits, food, shirts, runners and all the PR done is a lot to manage right now. Unless of course someone wants to watch my kids for a few days… 🙂

  254. End of the year tank you notes to teachers, aides, bus drivers, lunchroom workers, etc. I really like to thank everyone who helps my 5 kids every day all school year long. Oh, and I encourage/make my kids do the same. 🙂

  255. My entire life is in ultra-mode right now. My oldest is graduating from High School next week. Between my three kids, I’ve had enough end-of-school-year activities this month to span a lifetime. I’m also literally in ultra-training mode as I am running LT100 in August.

  256. For me, keeping frustration in check throughout the day is my biggest challenge with my 3 kids ages 5, 3, & 15 mos! I tell myself, Keep calm, love them today because I’m going to miss this tomorrow.

  257. Like all of you BAMRS, every day is an ultra experience. Between the early morning alarm and my pillow at the end of the day seems more like a 16 hour multi-tasking sprint.

  258. Life with nine kids, 33wks pregnant with #10, and a husband who works out of state every week.
    But next year it should actually BE ultras!! (Our little #10 made the planned first ultra last fall a no go for me)

  259. The aspect in my life that is ultra right now is going to be training for my first marathon while living life. I am a single mom with a 4 year old, on her way to being 5. Its always a balance with all of my daughter’s activities – swimming, t-ball and of course kids runs. Now putting marathon training into that mix… is an ulta moment that I’m looking forward to conquering.

  260. Getting myself healthy is ULTRA for me right now. I have a herniated disc in my back and while it’s feeling better, I’m not 100% yet and it’s so frustrating not being able to marathon train. The waiting game until this disc is fixed is the most frustrating injury ever!

  261. I feel like it’s been an ultra getting the summer plans (camps, vacations, work) all scheduled and will continue as we try to be everywhere we are supposed to be and be appropriately packed!

  262. What’s my ULTRA aspect – managing “everything” and still finding me time. Chauffeur, confidant, mom, planner/organizer, baker, manager, launderer, cleaner, cheerleader, trainer, study buddy, etc……..

  263. This one is an easy answer. My teaching has hit ultra mode as we approach the end of the school year trying to help my students stay strong to the finish!

  264. My fitness (life) is ultra right now. Keeping motivated and powering through to keep my fitness and nutrition goals!

  265. My ultra has been re-doing mothering! I’m helping to raise one of my grandchildren. She is 12 now and I have thoroughly enjoyed this ultra mothering journey. Seeing her graduate high school and then onto college will feel like a beautiful finish! The best run I’ve ever had was helping her finish her first 5K!

  266. Preparing for my son’s high school graduation and then on to college. It’s been an ultra journey, for sure!

  267. I would say building a generation of happy, healthy girls! As a working mom with 2 jobs and 2 littles under 6 I am committed to showing them what a happy, healthy woman looks like! That is ultra for me!

  268. My youngest is graduating from high school in a month and everything about getting her off to college seems ULTRA right now. She’s utra-excited about leaving high school, I’m ultra-excited about her starting a new program and finding new friends in college.

  269. My life is an ultra. I work 5 part-time jobs, homeschool, volunteer, and just finished my training for a 50 miler this Saturday. Some days (most) are exhausting.

  270. My Ultra is finishing up the last month of my PTA presidency, it has taken over all aspects of my life, leaving me drained and time constricted. It has effected my running (although it doesn’t take much to do that) but it kept me from training for the one half marathon I’ve become accustomed to doing each year. I am ULTRA done!

  271. End of school and kids’ sports is my ultra right now. Keeping track of three sets of activities, homework, and coming up with teacher appreciation ideas! Ultra!

  272. Ultra for me right now is balancing full time work with the demands of a family and large vegetable garden…combined with laying out a training plan for a marathon while staying sane and not killing a family member.

  273. The weather is my ultra right now. It’s been raining nearly every day for the last few weeks. We have spotted ducks in our backyard. One of our local playgrounds even has a momma duck who made a best full of 9 eggs under a slide. Too. Much. Rain.

  274. My ultra is trying to be a bring your child to work Mom.
    Being self employed has its perks but with a deadline coming up and only 12 hours of childcare
    A week…

    Side note: I’ve been wanting to try something from this design series. Being designed by women is huge!

  275. oddly, I’m training for my first ultra marathon at the end of June! So ultra to me is going farther and longer than I have ever gone before. It’s challenging but I’m excited!!

  276. I’d love a Jenny Vesta to continue my ultra adventures. I’m in training for a fall 50-miler, and my current ultra is hot yoga…I’ve taken a class 16 days in a row so far!

  277. Trying to complete some work projects while also attempting to get my unwieldy yard into shape, all by myself.

  278. Work is currently my ultra. We have clients in Australia, and yesterday I worked a 13 hour day to be able to conduct an AU training 7-9pm (their 9-11am).

  279. I’m still homeschooling my daughter, who had to be out of school for about 6 months due to illness. I have the end of school year blahs for a parent AND a teacher all wrapped into one.
    And I am looking at signing up for my first ultra for this fall… I would looooove this!

  280. On May 4 I had a PR at the half-marathon distance (my version of Ultra) and my mental state got me there. Recently diagnosed with a bone marrow disorder, I asked my Oncologist to let me delay starting the oral chemo med until after the race. Now I am taking it, worrying about side effects but will continue to mentally focus on my blessings and try even harder to be an optimist! Seems like all things in life can be compared to a long run, there will be highs and lows but no regrets!

  281. My ultra is being a mother of a child with Leukemia. Whether you are tired, or just plain done, you have to push through. I am so thankful for running. I had to step away from running for 4 months, and just completed my first half since diagnosis, with a full scheduled in October to support LLS.

  282. Juggling two jobs and the end of our homeschool year while hubby works nights is an ultra pain-in-the-ass 🙂

  283. As both a teacher and a mom, end-of-school activities are my ultra. How many more celebrations can there be? How many more cookies can I make?

  284. I am attempting to be ok with not being ultra, yet. It is difficult to redefine ultra but to me right now it means ultra balanced in work, home, social, fitness, and fun spheres. Ultra balanced would be a massive compliment for me right now!

  285. My ultra in life right now is balancing life. Working full-time, being a single parent and finding the time to train. It’s tough but I manage.

  286. My ultra right now is training for 100 miles and dealing with all the extras that come up near the end of a school year.

  287. Right now it’s work but honestly, that’s OK. I love my job, am grateful to have it, and feel as though I’m making a difference!

  288. My ultra right now is training for a 100 miler and dealing with all the extra happenings at the end of the school year.

  289. I am being ULTRA patient coming back from Achilles tendinitis. After maintaining my cardio fitness with biking and swimming, I feel like I can run forever but I’m holding back in hopes of coming back stronger than before the injury. Cutting off a run after 20 minutes when you feel great is no simple task!

  290. Motherhood is feeling pretty ‘ultra’ these days. Raising a spirited, strong-willed 3 year old with BOUNDLESS energy. Trying to make sure that he grows up with a strong foundation and good character. Trying not to stifle or squash his spirit and energy – and always, always needing another cup of coffee. Could I put coffee in this hydration vest? Just kidding … sort of. 🙂

  291. My ultra right now has to do with managing the different expected and unexpected things going on in the life of me and my family. Knowing there are things you can change and some things you can not change.

  292. Right now its juggling 4 kids’ various activities with my own work and volunteer commitments. Some days the daily schedule is so crazy I wonder how I’m m going to do it, but somehow it all works out. Im thankful for that morning run that keeps me sane.

  293. I think taking care of a toddler is pretty ultra! It requires an endless amount of energy and patience!

  294. My ultra right now has to do with self-acceptance. My life doesn’t look anything like what I thought it would. Not better or worse, just different and I’m having a hard time believing that what I’m doing is enough. I’m blessed to be a sahm with 2 gorgeous children. I cook, clean, teach, play, and run. Our worries are few and happiness abounds but feel like a failure because I’m not doing MORE. In the competition of who is doing more than whom I fail miserably and it’s making me insane. My challenge for myself is to learn to accept my life in all it’s simplicity and believe that I am enough.

  295. Right now my volunteer committments are pretty ultra, plus I’m working out with a new program so that also feels very ultra to me!

  296. I’m training for my first ironman!! Juggling being a wife and mom, having a Tull time job and getting my workouts in is feeling pretty ultra :).love the inspiration I get from other mother runners here.

  297. I am less than two weeks out from a half marathon, and just now injured my glute. MY current ultra is trying to tame this blasted injury by icing, stretching, foam rolling, and rehabbing it until it is GONE!

  298. My ultra is a good thing! Commitment to my running mamas! Organizing, planning, cheering, supporting theseamazing women I get to log miles with!

  299. My ultra is working 10.5 hr days as a clinician with a 40 min commute each way, finishing up my doctorate this summer and still being the mom and wife I need to be. (Notice I didn’t mention anything about house cleaning) I’m contemplating a 50K, was looking at one in Nov, but training would start in the next month and I’m trying to decide if I can handle the time commitment required to train for such a distance right now. May focus on strength, do another 13.1 this fall and look at a 50K in the spring…I’m ultra, but I don’t want to be ultra crazy!

  300. My schedule! I’m a FT SAHM with an additional FT job and PT job on top of that. I’m also trying to train for a 10k in the fall. Sleep is not my friend these days ;).

  301. My ultra right now is my job. As a flight attendant I fly almost double the hours in Jun, July, and August. It’s a hard balance with the kids and their summer activities so I’m working on getting them taken care of before the crazy begins. Running provides me a much needed stress reliever, and I love being able to run all over the world!!

  302. My current ultra is the stress of aging parents, that are out of state or just out of reach. Knowing all I can currently do for them is pray and knowing I need to balance that sadness out with the joy of my children and the ability to run out the anger.

  303. I would say that at the moment my life is ULTRA. We’re doing some major home improvements, I’m heavily job hunting in the hopes of having a new job before the summer is up, school is winding down for my kids which means a ton of activities and parties, I’m working full time, helping coach their running club twice a week, and this weekend my kids run their first race (a 3k). Oh yes, and we’re going on vacation in a week and a half. Through all of that I’m still making time to run the 10k Own It training plan to help my BRF reach her goal of a sub-hour 10k in this year’s Peachtree. I’d say that qualifies as ULTRA right now. 😉

  304. My Ultra right now is puppy training. Getting up @ 4:45 am to go out, and walk her before work. Hoping she will be a running partner someday-she has the energy!

  305. My husband calls the 1st year of a baby’s life a mother’s deployment. I am 8 months into my 2nd daughter’s first year. My life is my ULTRA at the moment. The girls are with me 24 hours a day as my husband settles into a new career. When I run, it is behind a double jogging stroller. The thing that makes life do-able is knowing that there are thousands of women doing this ULTRA right now beside me.

  306. My Ultra is learning to be a long distance Grammie to 2 of my grandchild that recently moved to Florida, and training for my 50 mile ultra race. I would love to swap out my fuel belt for this vest for my training 🙂

  307. My ultra is the end of school activities. Every evening we have something and every day off is some other activity. One day my time will be my own again.

  308. My ultra is trying to work out our summer schedule. Between jobs, swim camps, appointments and travel plans I few like an air traffic controller!

  309. My ultra is my everyday life currently I’ve been working 7am until 9pm to come home try to run a few miles, check my sons homework, wrapping up end of school life., running an over 30 women’s soccer league, coaching a U 17 boys basketball team all well keeping a smile on my face and a positive attitude

  310. My kids sports are my ultra right now!! Juggling baseball and football between 2 boys, tennis and soccer for my daughter it is crazy. My husband and I manage to work and we usually do our running while our kids are at their sports events doing loops around their fields so we can catch some of the game as well

  311. My ultra right now is marathon training. I’m still questioning if I’m going to be able to complete this daunting task but I keep chugging along.

  312. Just the daily schedule has been my Ultra all year! Between two kids and their school and extracurricular schedules and the things I need to do each day for me and our home, I can go crazy. I have to make sure to carve out time to sit down with their weekly school schedules and color code a calendar so we all stay on track.

  313. My Ultra is work/life balance at the moment… I started a new job six months ago which I love but is super busy… And my mother is battling terminal cancer. Add to it balancing my rioles as employee, wife, mother, daughter, sister, soccer coach, friend… And not forgetting myself in the mix…Well, you get the picture.

  314. My Ultra is balancing all the end of the year school activities with my son while working and the start of training for my 2nd full marathon!

  315. I’m moving from teaching 3rd grade to 1st grade next year and need to learn a whole new curriculum and routines by September. This takes a lot of time and dedication over the summer when all I want to do is play with my three girls!

  316. I’ll spare everyone the details, but I have a work project that is a bit too ultra in terms of volume. So huge that all I can do is just keep chugging along.

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