Victoria is in the Small Moments: Go Get It, SBS!

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It's a funny thing. Put together those little things in life—small gestures, momentary glances, brief moments—and you create hours, days, months, years.

I can say without any hesitation that the small moment that I met Dimity, helping test a product for USA Triathlon, has lead to a mosaic of moments that make me feel extremely blessed. Somehow over time (a lot of time!), Dimity trusted me enough to let me coach her for her first Ironman.

Small moment leading to a big moment.

A bit in disbelief, I gained the trust of her partner in crime Sarah during the process.

As the loyal and loving AMR community knows, Sarah is embarking on her "kind of a big deal" moment this year in aiming to hit a Boston Qualifying time. I remember the day well, sitting at my desk working away, and my phone buzzes with a tweet from Sarah...

Small moment - Buzz..."Very excited to hear back from @BriBoehmer, coach extraordinaire: I've asked her to coach me to another BQ #marathon time. @VictoriaMarathn"

Me (internally): No pressure!
Me (externally): @SBSOnTheRun how can one say no to you? 🙂 @VictoriaMarathn + a little bit o' hard work = BQ #marathon reality

Saucony outfit while training

Small moment leading to big moment creates small moment all over again. One little tweet..and the journey begins.

Sarah is admittedly much more vocal about her training then her counterpart. I think I can speak for us all when I say she has created many a laugh with her candor. That said, I want to again rally the AMR community behind Sarah as she embarks on this moment to see how far she can go.

Because Sarah is vocal, you know a lot about her training. What you do not know is how purely dedicated to every single task in this training she has been. Not only has she done her drills, stretching and crazy routines as dictated, she has done them when she wasn't required to.

Sarah: "Oh, and even though you didn't tell me to, I hope it's okay: I did lunge matrix pre-run, and flex drills post."

Small moment.

What you also don't know is that for every time Sarah told you about having to dig deep and overcome a rough patch, there were five more she wasn't telling you about. Sarah has a very rare ability to believe no matter what the circumstances. At Ragnar, in the final leg of the race, she was completely wiped, running one of the hilliest legs on the hottest day of the event. She had a small moment where she thought about stopping, crying and calling it a day.

But that is not Sarah. Instead she blazed the last 2.3 miles with her last mile being a stunning 8:55 pace uphill effort. This was all after over 26 miles of running in a brutal format of run, wait, run, repeat.

You see, one of Sarah's greatest strengths is not just turning a race/workout around. Sarah is able to find the positive and rationalize that temporary feelings are NOT reality. Tough patches are in fact temporary. Reality changes every second. Sarah can change her situation via sheer mental wherewithal.

One of Sarah and Molly's last runs together. Thanks to a bum knee, Molly is sitting her 26.2 out. (Dang it, but more cheers for the runners!)
One of Sarah and Molly's last runs together. Thanks to a bum knee, Molly is sitting her 26.2 out. (Dang it, but more cheers for the runners!)

Small moment.

Just like Dimity's Ironmother journey, there is so much Sarah has taught us via her drive for a Boston Qualifier. We are all better for having the opportunity to be with her on this journey.

Small heart; big goals. Go get it, SBS!
Small heart; big goals. Go get it, SBS!

As I did last time, I ask that you create the same "virtual aid station" Sarah and Dimity have for you on October 12th, and rally Sarah on for each mile of her BQ attempt. Give her a shout out via twitter @SBSOnTheRun or @TheMotherRunner or even better follow her LIVE at the Victoria Marathon live tracking site here: VC Live Athlete Tracking Look for #304 - Sarah Shea. And, just like Dimity, if you want to see the BEST part, stick around for the live camera at the finish:  Live Finish Line

Sarah, we will be with you for every small moment that makes up your marathon. Do what you do best, and believe that what you want is there for the taking. Because I am a sappy quote kinda gal, I'll end with a proverb that I believe you demonstrate so well:


Sarah, your strength is in your ability to become that butterfly when it matters most. Fly with grace on Sunday. Enjoy that small moment when you cross the line and realize it is one more beautiful addition to your life.

Coach Bri


20 responses to “Victoria is in the Small Moments: Go Get It, SBS!

  1. Go kick some bad a$$ on Sunday, SBS!! Remember to smile when it hurts because pain is temporary and don’t ever give up!

  2. SBS……go grab that BQ! Cheering you on BIG time from MD. Wow, what an awesome coach you have. That was beautiful. The quote got me teary. Zoom, zoom to your goal…you got this!!!

  3. That was beautiful and perfect. SBS is going to rock this. What an inspiration to all of us who have pre-conceived notions about how far or how fast we can go. I can’t wait to see her fly!

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