Who Should Win the NordicTrack C1750 Treadmill? Vote, Please!

This amazing machine--the NordicTrack C1750--will be won by one of six finalists.

Yesterday afternoon, after the tragic news out of my home state of Connecticut, I was in desperate need of some solace, humor, and a reminder that people are inherently good. So I turned to the 1,468 entries we received in our giveaway of a NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill. Short yet so powerful, these 6-word sentences proved time after time that there are so many clever, creative, and caring people in this world. Just as had happened the first time I read through them, tears sprung to my eyes--sometimes from laughing, but more often because I was moved.

Dimity and I combed through the entries with a fine-toothed comb, and we still couldn't decide on a single winner. And, no, sorry: giving away more than one treadmill isn't an option. Plan B: have the tribe decide. We chose our six favorites, and want you to vote on which 6-worder you like best. If one of the six 6ers is yours, feel free to virtually stuff the ballot box: Encourage your friends, family, running partners, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, ex-boyfriends from 9th grade, and more to vote for your entry.

Here are the entries, in order received. Cast your vote by Thursday, December 20th at noon MST, and we'll announce the winner on Friday, December 21st. (Promise!)

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22 responses to “Who Should Win the NordicTrack C1750 Treadmill? Vote, Please!

  1. Awesome! All of these entries are wonderful. I agree with everyone else and would love to see some T-shirts with these sayings. At the very least, one with the saying from the winner!

  2. “I am stronger than I thought”–so true how you can constantly surprise yourself when you commit to becoming fit. Thanks you Samantha–hope you win!

  3. I know you can’t give away six treadmills, but I’d also vote for creating six new T-shirts … seems like we all struggled, like you, to pick a favorite!

  4. AAUGH~ I’m so excited! Three kids, flu season, and midwest winters… I would find a way to literally run upside down on this treadmill if it found its way to my home. :)Thanks for including me!

  5. Samantha’s quote really hits home for me. Running keeps your whole body and mind strong so you can face all the other things in life.

  6. A month away from my second marathon, I like “I am stronger than I thought” a LOT!!
    Also love the first one, but official vote goes for # 6.

  7. These are so good. You need to make a t-shirt with the winner! I’ll run inside, outside, upside down could have some fun graphics.

  8. I voted for Allison’s, but may I also add I would proudly wear a tee-shirt that read, “Life’s chaos calmed by pounding feet” ALOT.

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