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Wheeee! Trek Bike Grand Prize Winner

Is it just my husband, Jack, and me, or are other people utterly incapable of hearing the phrase, "circle of life," without  bursting into Disney song?

Well, I guess if you were able to, um, refrain before, you might not be able to now.

Why, you ask, am I mentioning all of this before announcing the winner of a Trek 7.2 FX WSD? Because unlike our other giveaways, in which winners are chosen at random, this time wannabe-winners had to write a haiku about bike riding. We had more than 500 entries, from which we culled our favorite 30 or so. We then had a panel, including folks at Trek, vote on them. The favorite poem is what made me start singing every time: As you'll see, it has a circle of life (cue the tribal drums) theme that we found so clever and creative. It was written by Karen:

Life cycles: Birth, death.
Pampers, Depends. Tricycles,
Triathlons. Wheels turn.

A big step up from a tricycle, Karen

The three runners-up had some pretty excellent themes and imagery as well:

Too much noise at home-
Crying, whining, bickering.
Ride away for peace.
--Carrie P.

Efficient mommy
Family fun and cross training
All rolled into one.

More time in bike shorts
than in dresses and high heels.
A modern lady

Karen, to claim your lovely new wheels, email us at runmother at gmail dot com and tell us your last name, mailing address, phone number, and your inseam. (If you know the size bike frame you ride, even better.) All you other poets: We loved reading your submission, and we are so grateful for your creativity and willingness to play along. We love these haiku contests, so look for more of them in the coming months. More poetry-penning-worthy prizes to give away! Hakuna Matata, everyone.

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