Winner Chariot Cougar 2

Before moving on the announce the winner of a lightweight, easy-to-handle Chariot Cougar 2, I’m happy to tell you that I finally got some snaps of all three of my kids in front of their school. And, for good measure, I got one in our minivan en route to school as, to me, the standout morning memories take place in there. (For better or worse.) Here they are: Image (6)

And now for the real winner today, and what photo(s) she wish she'd gotten more of:
Stephanie H.: "I wish I had more pictures of me with my kids. I’m a photographer so it’s only natural for me to be the one taking all the pictures (and no pressure to look good…ever!). This past Mother’s Day was the first time I’ve had a picture with both of my kids (now 3 and 15 months) and just me since we brought our youngest home from the hospital. Not even a photobomb pic. Sad."

Chariot Cougar 2: built to devour all the miles you can feed it. (Shown in its tamer stroller mode)
Chariot Cougar 2: built to devour all the miles you can feed it. (Shown in its tamer stroller mode)

Stephanie H., to claim your Chariot Cougar 2--with a conversion kit to turn it from a running-for-exercise to a running-errands stroller, just one of several conversion kits a versatile, durable Chariot Carrier comes with--please email us your full name and mailing address at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com. The rest of you ladies still get at least one more chance to win a Chariot Cougar 2: We'll be giving away at least one more of these phenom kid-carriers this year on our site. Stay tuned, and keep those cameras at the ready.





8 responses to “Winner Chariot Cougar 2

  1. Congratulations!!!!!! Happy running with your kids. SBS…..cute pictures of your gang. Love the mini van ones. That’s where it gets nutty in our house. 🙂

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! No way!! Happy happy happy happy dance!!!

    I read the response and said “wow…lucky gal, she sounds EXACTLY like me”. Duh. Next time, coffee first, reading second.

    Thank you!

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