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Winner of 110% Juggler Knickers

Best-ever famous juggling scene: Steve Martin with [stuffed] kittens.
Best-ever famous juggling scene: Steve Martin with [stuffed] kittens.
My kids attend a non-traditional public school, where the arts are integrated into every aspect of the curriculum. Yesterday, as part of a lesson plan on balance and motion, our twins' class twisted and twirled in a performance complete with tumbling exercises and trapezes. The entire class our older daughter, Phoebe, is in is learning to play ukulele, which means she treats us to string-pluckings that are supposed to be, oh, Bruno Mars, "Count on Me." (I'm counting on her to not drop of out of school for a solo ukulele career anytime soon....) Here's a video of the arts in action in our living room (there's Phoebe strumming away as younger-sis Daphne dances, and be sure to note the wooden "Queen Elizabeth" doll that Daphne made me for Christmas). 

The newest skill Phoebe and her classmates are learning: juggling. Most evenings, the aqua blue uke sits idle in favor of three ersatz balls (balloons filled with sand). When the balls were first brought home about two weeks ago, they spent more time splat on the floor instead of in the air or in Phoebe's pre-teen hands. I'll admit: I didn't "l,ook, look, look! Mom," too often because in the nano-second it took to turn my head, the balls had already hit the ground. Then I went to Florida for the Disney Princess Half. In those four short days, Phoebe transformed into a juggler extraordinaire, able to keep the trio of balls aloft for a solid minute; her younger brother has even gotten into the act, tossing her a ball after she gets a pair going with one hand. It adds a festive, let's-eat-peanuts-and-cotton-candy air to our family life.

Ice, ice, baby: 110% Juggler Knickers are truly cool.
Ice, ice, baby: 110% Juggler Knickers are truly cool.

I'm talking all about the juggler in our house because you might have Jugglers in your house soon: a pair 110% Juggler Knickers, that is. As clever as my darling children, these compression capris squeeze your hard-working legs and bum while you're in motion; then, once your run is done, you can slip (the included-with-purchase) ice packs  into specially designed pockets over your hard-worked quads, hamstrings, hips, glutes, knees, and even low back. I give major props to the Jugglers, along with 110% Overdrive Compression Kit and Blitz Knee Sleeve, with getting me back to training for the Vancouver Marathon, with no knee or leg pain. (Cue the chorus of angels singing, "Hosanna"!)

The winner of the 110% Juggler Knickers--and what she'd stuff the pockets with--is:
Lindsay Mast: "Stroopwafels, my phone, some Nuun, and tissues."

Lindsay, email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com to let us know what size you wear in bottoms along with your mailing address. All you other mother runners, chill: You can also get a piece of the 110% action. The company 110% believes necessity is the, ahem, mother of invention. So when they saw all your smart, multitasking mother responses, they wanted to reward your creativity. Here goes:

From now through March 6, the "110AMR" coupon code is good for an additional 10% off, giving you 20% OFF and free shipping on your entire 110% order. (Offer valid for U.S Standard ground shipping. No product restrictions, no additional fine print.)

This deal is so sweet, it bears repeating: Now through March 6, get 20% off your entire order at, plus free ground shipping in U.S. 


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  1. I’m pretty sure Phoebe would rock our Zumba class. Your girls are lucky to have parents that let them embrace all the creativity.

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