Giveaway Winner: Bontrager Cycling Outfit

How I get high: the Portland Bridge Pedal.

I love the freedom and sense of adventure of being on a bike. When I was a single-again gal living in San Francisco, I often took part in Critical Mass. For this non-thrillseeker, the "thrill" of riding en masse down city streets was just rush enough.

Here in Portland, I can't wait to take part in my favorite mass ride in town: the Bridge Pedal on August 12. This year, riders can opt to do the 10-Bridge route that crosses all, you guessed it, 10 bridges here in aptly nicknamed Bridgetown. Unless you count biking to boot camp or the post office, I haven't really trained for the 36-mile ride, but I figure my marathon-training legs can handle the cruising pace. (Even though the ride is the day after my second 20-mile run in the build-up to my early October marathon.) It's mainly my derriere I worry about. Then I remind myself I'll give my butt a break by hopping off my Trek 7.5 FX to enjoy the views of the river and the city from up high. It's going to be just the freewheeling fun this marathon momma needs in her life.

This versatile topper might *convert* you to a year-round cyclist.

While I'm on the topic of biking (hey, look at that!), I want to announce the winner of trio of Bontrager cycling gear: a pair of Race WSD Shorts, a Race WSD Short Sleeve Jersey, and a spankin' WSD Convertible Windshell. A sweet kit, for sure! The winner had to tell us what task she could get accomplished in 15 minutes or less. (And doing your partner didn't count as a "task"!). And she is...

Jamie: "In fifteen minutes I can scoop the kitty litter, run the recycling to the garage, sweep the kitchen and front porch and fold up the blanket on the couches that ALWAYS end up in a jumble. Give me fifteen MORE minutes and I could probably conquer the world!"

Jamie, to claim your prize, email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com  your last name, mailing address, phone number (needed for shipping), and the size top and bottoms you wear. Thanks to everyone else who entered the contest--you motivated us to make better use of those quarter-hours in our lives.

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