Winner of the Saucony Spring Outfit—and a Little Complaining

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A blue instagrammed sky, a pair of Saucony Virratas, and burning abs. Perfect way to end a long week.

I know bitching about daylight saving time and the pseudo-jetlag it causes is about as overdone as complaining about the Polar Vortex and this never-ending winter, but just let me for a setenence or three. Because I'm pretty sure when we sprung forward, some super-natural force jumped in and added another day to the week.This has been an interminably, crazy long week and I feel like Sleeping Beauty. Getting up to run—let along getting out of bed before 7 a.m.—has hardly happened.

I have a lot to report—I fractured my hand in two places on a trail run about 10 days ago, I'm into the Pikes Peak Ascent, I'm training for Boulder 70.3 and my legs aren't super happy about that fact—and I'll write more about all that on Tuesday. But today, Friday, I am happy to report bookended this ridiculously hard week with a good workout. I'm back under the command of my excellent Ironmother triathlon coach Brianna Boehmer, and today called for a 20-minute run, 30 minutes of strength, then another 20-minute run. The directives for the runs: Just go. No dictated paces, no pick-ups, no need to glance at my Soleus. Got it.

Because it was, ahem, 11:30 a.m., I set off on my usual 20-minute route and realized what a lovely day it was. So I decided to run to a local park and do my strength circuit there. I squatted, planked, one-leg squatted, did some ab thing (see pic above), and hopped on each foot for 10 hops, barely getting more than an inch clearance with each hop, I'm sure. Did that circuit three times through, and then headed home.

Was it phenomenal? No. But was I grateful for the fresh air, the blue sky, the sun and wind, the fact that I get to run at 11:30 on a Friday morning? Absolutely. And take that long, sucky week: I'm taking that for the Win. So there.

Hoods up, Maya: you won!
Hoods up, Maya: you won!

Somebody else's hopefully-not- long, hopefully not-sucky week will be bookended with a sweet Saucony spring outfit. The random winner—and her response to the sentence: When it comes to running gear, nothing I love better than a _______________.

The Saucony Hydralite Short Sleeve: emphasis on lite, thank you very much.
The Saucony Hydralite Short Sleeve: emphasis on lite, thank you very much.

Maya Eats: A bit of florescent or high-visibility material to proclaim to the world ‘yes I am a runner, and I get my miles in at dark o’clock when most people are tucked in bed’!

Scoot along in the Scoot Capris.
Scoot along in the Scoot Capris.

Congrats, Maya! Send us an email at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com, and we'll set you up with your Saucony gear.

Many happy miles—and maybe a nap or two?—to you all this weekend.

6 responses to “Winner of the Saucony Spring Outfit—and a Little Complaining

  1. I was so hoping to be the winner … 🙂 Excited to read you’re doing Boulder 70.3 I’m doing it too! Pretty excited for it and pretty excited to ride my bike outside today and enjoy the sun!

  2. I feel that same about this week…add in an extra 6inches of snow and job stress. But I am long running today so it is all GOOD!

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