Winners Galore: NordicTrack 1750 Treadmill + Sweaty Bands + Action Wipes

Hanging with the Schweddy Belles—and their pearls—at a rockin' mother runner in Memphis on Thursday night.
Hanging with the Schweddy Belles—and their pearls—at a rockin' mother runner in Memphis on Thursday night.

It's been a whirlwind week(s) of travel for us mother runner in chiefs, and while it's been amazing, sometimes I don't give things the thought and focus they deserve. Case in point: my decision to turn our contest for the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill into  a popular vote. When I wrote the original post, I didn't indicate that we would turn the entries open to voting.

Fast forward 2+ weeks, and I'm sitting in a hotel room; the (swamped) expo, where Sarah is working, is miles away; and I can't make a decision because the finalists are all so creative and strong. I toggle through the pictures for at least an hour, hoping to magically make a decision, but no dice. (It doesn't help matters that I know the prize is so coveted and the entrants have put some serious time into their entries; I'm a Midwestern middle child to my core, and hate disappointing people.)

So I decide to not decide, and put up a poll instead. Bad choice. Not only did I not heed the directions I had originally set out, but I turned an individual effort into a dispaly of social media muscular power. Which is not the kind of muscular power we praise and covet on AMR, and goes against the we're-all-teammates community mentality that permeates all levels of AMR. Lesson learned.

My decision not to make one was deservedly noted by a few of you, and I apologize for throwing a curve ball. I promise to read all my own fine print on all contests going forward. —Dimity

I hope my mea culpa doesn't diminish the justified excitement of Bonnie Ingersoll, who is is planning to take her brand spankin' new NordicTrack 1750 Treadmill all the way to the Boston Marathon. Piles-of-(Treadmill)-Miles-Sized congrats, Bonnie! 

USE + Bonnie Ingersoll Treadmill
Plenty of opportunities to practice conquering Boston's Heartbreak Hill with the 12% incline on NordicTrack 1750.

Two more contests for which we're excited to announce winners:

A lot of Sweaty Bands to love.
A lot of Sweaty Bands to love.

Sweaty Bands: three random winners receive four bands each. Question: how do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your sweeties?

Gina: My sweetie is only 14 months old, but we celebrate Valentine’s Day by spending family time together. We got her a few gifts – a Valentine’s Day book and new bath toys. This week, she’s been wearing hearts/Valentine’s day themed outfits every day (and she looks adorable. Duh.)

With my older sweetie (aka my husband), we get each other cards and will be enjoying a rare date night out. I can’t wait!

Bea: My husband and I take the kids to an early dinner at our favorite restaurant. The name of the restaurant is Traditions and this has turned into our tradition!

AnnMarie: My kids are getting older and their classes don’t do parties. But my littlest still does. Last year we made heart shaped crayons for her class. This year we made rubber band bracelets on the Rainbow loom. Yesterday I spent the day making a special treat for them- chocolate covered pretzels!!! We don’t do a whole lot here other than that!

When there's no time for soap and water to wash away your sweat.
When there's no time for soap and water to wash away your sweat.

One random winner of 30-pack of Action Wipes and Harbringer Gym Equipment. Question: When was the last time you skipped a shower?

Tracee: Plenty of times! But the most memorable was the time I ran a 10K in Kansas City with a friend in the morning, ate breakfast and jumped in the car to drive 3.5 hours back home. Got there, loaded up the family and prepared myself for the company Christmas party (sans shower) in the truck on the 45-minute drive there. Can’t say it was my proudest moment, but I pulled it off!

Winners: Please email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com with your full name and mailing address, and we'll get your prizes in motion. Many happy miles to you all this weekend!

10 responses to “Winners Galore: NordicTrack 1750 Treadmill + Sweaty Bands + Action Wipes

  1. Thank you for your comments regarding the Treadmill contest and noting your feelings about how it unfolded. Thanks for offering such an amazing prize… I am glad it went to someone who needs it and will appreciate it. I was honored to be in the list of finalists! (What a creative group!) I am so glad to have this community of BAMR to come to and get that “fuel” I need to stay motivated. I don’t have that many running friends around me so thank you for providing a place to come to find encouragement, advice and understanding! Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks to Dimity and SBS for putting on this contest, NordicTrack too! And thanks to the lovely comments above – being a Mother Runner is a privilege and I was delighted to be in such good company in this contest. Happy miles 🙂

  3. I admit to being disappointed at how the contest ended up, and bummed to have missed out on a fabulous treadmill, but the more I thought about it, it made me realize how important this incredible community of mother runners is to my life, and how grateful I am to have found it. Your support and inspiration and the connection I feel with all of you is so much more meaningful to me than any prize I could ever win – so thank you for that : )

  4. Congratulations, Bonnie! It was so cool to see the creativity alive and well in this group of strong women. I thought it was awesome to be a finalist and have a chance at this great prize. Thanks so much Dimity, Sarah and NordicTrack, too!

  5. I agree with the above comments and yours. Social Media contests are always tough, but I know Bonnie personally and she IS a Mother Runner. Add to that her design was great and showed a lot of hard work. Grats my friend!!

    BUT! Everyone did such a great job and I want to commend you all! I really also liked the one Bear and Transformation treadmill designs.

  6. Congrats to Bonnie! Dimity, thank you for your comments regarding contests going forward. I was honored to be a finalist!

  7. i said i didn’t like showing the live results, so i’m glad you addressed it. that being said, bonnie doesn’t have a Facebook page or isn’t a professional, she’s a young mother and works full time. this still went to the best BAMR.

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