Winners of Champion USA Sports Bras (and Garmin 210)

Three of the, oh, six colors of this Champion bra I own

I used to dither and tarry about my favorite sports bra, until I found the Champion Double Dry Spot Comfort Max-Support Sports Bra. It's a mouthful of a name for this barely 36B gal (I wear a Large in it), but it is pure perfection for me. Keeps the ladies locked down and riding in comfort, especially when I finish my run and I stand around in my running clothes, emptying the dishwasher and making school lunches, because the bra's lining wicks sweat better than any fabric I've ever met. In addition, my broad back (and tight shoulders) love that it has a hook-and-eye back clasp, so I don't have to wrestle the bra to get out of it. (Or ask Jack or one of the kids for a hand, as I have resorted to in the past when I sported other bras.) Now the only sports bra debate this fastinista has: Which color one to wear?

Okay, let's get down to biz and announce the five ladies (chosen by who win their choice of a Champion sports bra, along with their answers to their recollections of their first sports bra.

Allison Ballard:"My first was the jogbra…complete with uniboob. As a 36D cup, the trick was using 2 Jogbras to achieve support…but also required me having some Gumby qualities to get on them on and off!"

Red hot: Champion's new Double Dry Sweetheart Compression Sports Bra

Gigi: "I had very small boobs most of my life then a few years ago I gained a lot of weight and went from a small B to a DD! So when I decided to try running I almost gave myself black eyes and it felt like someone was yanking on my boobs I wanted to DIE! So I headed out to the store to get a sports bra and was not thrilled to find out that most made me look like a uni-boob and that you can’t wax that like my unibrow (LOL). For awhile I had to wear 2 sport bras just to survive but now that I found some better made ones I can survive with just one. YAY!"

Jamie B.: "I did not wear a sports bra for years because I am pretty flat chested to begin with and it just exacerbates it. So I remember the first time I wore one on a run, it was within the last five years. I felt so much more comfortable instantly. What was I thinking? I can’t imagine not wearing one now."

Chandy: "Mine was long before sweat wicking materials were invented… 100% cotton…yuck!"

Megan Mauer: "I remember having sports bras for track and basketball in middle school. They were simple, cotton type and so hard to get on and off!"

Winners, please peruse the sports bra section of the Champion USA website to find the bra in the size you want. Then email us at runmother at gmail dot com your full name, physical mailing address and phone number (needed for shipping), along with the style number, color preference, and size of the bra you want. Sorry we can't hook all you mother runners up with a new Champion sports bra, but take heart: There's a $10 discount being offered on the site right now, and we will be having several other Champion giveaways throughout the year. (And at the expos of ZOOMA races.) Stay supported, gals!

Also, the original winner we picked for the Garmin 210 last week never claimed her prize, so we've drawn another winner: Nicole MacDougall, who told us, "I would like my Garmin to sense when the kids (oldest is babysitting) start fighting and send helpful problem solving ideas. 'Talk out your problem…Take a timeout…Say your sorry.'" Nicole, please email us your snail-mail address at runmother at gmail dot com.


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