Winners of Clean Bottle iPhone Holder

Sheila and I, sweaty and color-coordinated in 2010 (pre-Clean Bottle The Runner)

Somehow another week of summer has flown by, and it's time for another long weekend run. Typing this on Friday, I'm excited for 16 "easy" miles tomorrow (for the second time this year, I'm following the Marathon: Own It plan from Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line - and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity) with my pal Sheila. As readers of TLAM might recall, Sheila was my training partner for 2010 Portland Marathon. Since then, thanks in part to her having to run super-early to accommodate the schedule of her hubby who just opened one of Portland's tastiest new restaurants, Sheila and I have only run together two or three times in the nearly two years since that training cycle. Something tells me the miles will zip along, despite me reigning her in to 10:00-10:20 minutes/miles. (Got that, Sheila!?!!)

The Runner, ready to rock (or podcast)

Three lucky mother runners will soon be toting the latest cool accessory on their runs--The Runner, an innovative hybrid handheld water bottle/iPhone holder by Clean Bottle. It'll allow them to carry their smart phone in a nifty pocket on the back of the handheld bottle holder, along with a few GU packets or Chomps. Here are the winners, chosen by, and their responses to what they carry on longer runs:
Lisa: "On long runs I usually carry two water bottles in a waist pack, plus energy gels and one bar, my phone, keys, and some cash so I can grab extra fluids or fuel at a store.  If I'm in the mountains, I'll often stuff a jacket in the little elastic cord thingy between the water bottles.  Sometimes my iPod touch comes along for the ride too.  A friend jokes that I run like a pack animal. Yep, pretty much.

If it's a long run with the jogging stroller, then we have extra snacks, and a rain cover and jacket for the toddler if need be.  My wallet sometimes comes too if I think we'll combine the run with an errand or two.  I haven't run more than 11 miles with the jogger though, so it's not that long of a run when compared to marathon training long runs."

Tracey Smith: "I wear a Nathan water belt with two bottles.  I also have pepper spray hanging from the side of the belt.  I hold my iPhone in my hand and use it for music."

Stephanie: "I carry water bottle only. Got tired of wearing a pouch like a kangaroo, the more it holds the more you take with you!! But this new water bottle is interesting...."

Thanks to all for playing. To claim your prize, Lisa, Tracey, and Stephanie, please email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com your first and last name and mailing address. Have great weekend workouts (or races) everybody!


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