Winners of Like a Mother Tank + BAMR Sweaty Band

Do you think Lizzy Bennet suggested to big sis Jane that she sport a sleeveless wedding dress?

Dimity and I joke that we are SfAMR: Sisters from Another Mother Runner (a riff on the pop-culture adage, "brother from another mother"). Which means, as a sister, she sometimes gives me unsolicited advice. Like she's always trying to get me to wear my running skirt or capris lower on my hips. "Stop pulling it up to your waist!" she'll exclaim as we head out the hotel door to a race expo. (Maybe if I wasn't trying to cover my post-twins gut, I would.) She instructs me to read emails in my inbox from the bottom up, instead of starting with the newest ones. (Um, she has a point there.)

The most lasting comment she tossed at me,  however, came while we were shopping in Salt Lake City last spring as we wound up a trip to the Ogden Marathon. We were in the dressing room at Anthropologie (a store my SfAMR turned me on to--previously I could never get past the French Country decor and overwhelming aroma of sandalwood candles), and I was trying on tops. I'd admitted to Dimity that I've always hated my upper arms, feeling self-conscious about their bulky-not-sculpted appearance. After I'd modeled about the fifth short-sleeve tee, dear Dim blurted out, "Sarah, it looks better when you show off your arms, rather than try to hide them."

Somewhere, in the fashion region of my brain, a light bulb turned on.

Exercise your right to bear arms while exercising!

Ever since that May day, I've added more tanks to my wardrobe, both for socializing and for running. (Heck, I even wore one at a reading of Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line - and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity in front of nearly 200 folks, something I never would have done before.) Which brings me to one of the prizes two mother runners win this week: a Like a Mother tank. By telling us how they got celebrated on Mother's Day, these two ladies win one of these tanks plus one of our new Badass Mother Runner Sweaty Bands. And the winners (chosen by are...

Nicole Zelenak: "We go to church in the morning and when I get home, I go for my Mother’s Day run with friends. For dinner, we eat at my fave Mexican restaurant. The kids usually make me gifts but I did ask for an Endorphin Warrior Bracelet this year. Hope I get it! Love the new tanks. Great job ladies and Happy Mother’s Day!"

Beth: "Last year, I overheard my husband say to his mom, 'It’s the craziest thing: She wanted to clean, so we spent the day cleaning….' Not how I remember it, actually I started crying because I woke up on Mother’s Day and the house was a mess and I started cleaning and by the time I was at a decent stopping point the day was half gone. This year, the house WILL be spotless come Sunday morning so I don’t have to lift a finger. And, my husband knows that I will never be cleaning on Mother’s Day again."

Nicole, we hope you got your bracelet on May 13; Beth, we hope your domicile was clean that morning. To claim your belated Mother's Day gifts from us, please email us at runmother at gmail dot com and let us know: your first and last name, USPS mailing address, tank top size, and color preference for the Sweaty Band (and if you prefer G-rated Another Mother Runner version instead of BAMR one). To all you other mother runners: We hope you had a wonderful holiday. (If you didn't get what you want: Check out our newest running tank, which a bunch of you have been asking for. Yup, it's a Badass Mother Runner tank! Order now to be the first BAMR on your block to have one.)

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  1. Isn’t it funny how different your spouse’s memory can be than you own! Because SURELY you WANTED to spend the day cleaning!

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