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Winners of New Nuun Flavors

Go bid or go home: I'm vowing to get something at tonight's auction--even if it's not a carb-rich dinner.
Go bid or go home: I'm vowing to get something at tonight's auction--even if it's not a carb-rich dinner.

Tonight I'm going to the fundraising auction for my kids' school. My date? My marathon training partner, Molly (leaving Jack to stay home with the kids and allowing me to spend saved babysitting money on some silent auction item!). Molly and I know each other through carpooling our kids to school--hers have since graduated and moved on to middle school, where Phoebe will follow next year (gulp!)--so it's not quite as random as it sounds.

No, what seems random is why I'm telling you this on a running blog, right? It's because I'm doing my weekly long run on Sunday morning instead of my usual Saturday a.m., leaving me to wonder how I'll fuel properly the night before. I've run long enough times to know hors d'oeuvres do not constitute carb-loading, no matter how many crackers I top with brie or how much bruschetta I snag from a waiter's tray. (And imbibing too many handcrafted ales ultimately works against me!) I've been left debating whether I should eat some pasta before I hop behind the wheel of the minivan to pick up Molly.

One thing is certain I'll be doing Saturday: sipping nuun-infused water throughout the day. As I always say in the pre-race talks Dimity and I give at race expos--chug-a-lugging a bottle of water before a race (or a long run) doesn't constitute being "well hydrated." You need to be make sure your cells are chockful of as much water as they can, and adding electrolyte-rich nuun to water--then imbibing it in in the 24 (or more) hours leading up to the big sweat-sesssion--helps you perform at your best. Regardless of how much glycogen my muscles have stored up, I'll know my electrolyte and fluid levels are good on St. Patty's Day morning.

Cherry Limeade
Cherry Limeade

Five mother runners will be tasting the newest flavors of nuun--succulent watermelon, slightly tart lemonade, and kick-of-caffeine cherry limeade--thanks to our recent giveaway. Here are the winners, plus their answers to what odd flavor combos they ate or eat (in response to Dim's admission to scarfing down A-1 and margarine sandwiches as a kid!):

Erin: "Peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches. You have to toast the bread, of course. I know it sounds gross, but I always tell people… try it and you’ll love it!"

Anna: "The oddest combo is something my entire family likes but I don’t. Cantaloupe with white gravy. Yuck!" [I agree: Blech!]


Sophia Duluk: "I love eating grilled cheese dipped in ketchup!! I have also been known to put mint chocolate gu on toast when I’m out of Nutella…" [Sounds oddly tasty; might have to try.]

Kristin S.: "As a kid, I would make peanut butter, miracle whip and dill pickle sandwiches. It was surprisingly good!"

Joanne: "Toast with margarine, Velveeta, and honey."

Erin, Anna, Sophia, Kristin, and Joanne: Please email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com to let us know your full name and mailing address. Everyone else: Join me in a few swigs of tasty nuun to rinse away the slightly yucky taste I have in my mouth after reading these answers...


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  1. Oh Sarah, I hope you were a better nibbler/fueler than I was last night! Applebee’s appetizers after 10 pm does not constitute proper fueling. However, a night at the opera with family, which preceded the bad fueling, was well worthy today’s crummy run.

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