Winners of the Best Running Friends Giveaways

Out of over 1,700 entries, we can only have 15 winners--or 30, including BRFs. Hopefully that isn't too annoying.

Thank you for your amazing responses to our five days of best running friends (BRF) giveaways. The responses were, as usual, fun to read--and a much needed break from a week of deadlines, head colds and other headaches.

Our 15 winners are below. Again, just to remind you: we'll be sending each winner 2 of each item; one for her, one for her BRF or a fellow runner in her life. I'll be honest: doubtful we'll get you the prizes in time for Christmas or Hanukkah, but they'll be a great way to kick off 2012.

If you are a winner below, please read these directions carefully:
Send us your name, address and phone, the prize you won and  the sizes you need to runmother at gmail dot com. We need sizes for the Recofit calf sleeves, the Ibex socks, and a choice on the Banana Blossom Press (pick either 10 cards--tell us which 10 you want; 5 cards (ditto) and 1 tee (size and style, please); or 2 tees (sizes and styles, please.)

Thanks again, all. May you have a great holiday season with lots of peace and quiet on your runs and love and laughs with your families.

Day 1
Question: Who is your BRF?
Prize: A pair of Ibex merino wool low-cut socks for you and your BRF.

Jill Hague: Met my BRF through a daily forum on I've been to Iowa twice, once to surprise her completely for her 40th birthday, and she's been to NJ once, and we each have two trips each planned for 2012, two for races we will run together! We ran a trail/mountain half that wasn't when she was here in November...we made it thru one loop of the 10k course and ran for HOME, laughing all the way!

Dana: Clare. I have to tell the story…she was directing a race I volunteered for. I was in complete AWE of her. When she friended me on FaceBook I felt like I’d received an invitation to the cool kids’ party!! A few months later she asked me if I wanted to run trails with her. I had just been injury-sidelined for 5 weeks so I was HEARTBROKEN. About 6 weeks later I ran with her for the first time and we’ve been going strong for a year and a half since then. She’s one of my best friends even outside of running, but certainly my BRF.

Dawn Brown: My BRF is also my BFF! We used to walk a lot together but once I started training for a half marathon I didn’t have as much time for walking so she thought, if ya can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!!! So she did…..join me I mean…we are planning on doing a 10k end of Jan! Whoop!!

Day 2
What is the best running advice a BRF has given you?
Prize: A four-pack of Nuun for you and your BRF.
Best advice I ever had was from a fellow blogger. She said when it gets tough ‘Embrace the suck’ – that has become my running motto!

Lindsey: Best running tip is to listen to my body for figuring out when I need new shoes. Oh, and I always remember a running buddy from years ago in MD that gave me a hill running tip, “Run like a truck. Slow and steady on the uphill and then let gravity rip on the downhill!” She was a hoot and a great running buddy!

Jennifer W.: It gets easier.

Day 3
Question: Running is my.... (fill in the blank)
Prize: A copy of The Complete Runner's Day-By-Day Log 2012 Calendar for you and your BRF.

Stella Aslibekyan: Running is my magical way of silencing self-doubt.

Anne P.: Running is my therapy.

Marivel: Running is my way to a beautiful heart. It keeps me kind and sane, and it isn’t too bad for the legs!


Day 4
Question: What side do you run or sleep on?
Prize: Either 5 cards or a tee from Banana Blossom Press for you and your BRF.

Kate Summers: Sleep on the left, run on the right!

Courtney: There are 3 of us so I’m just happy to have a piece of the sidewalk! If I had to choose, I’d say I favor the left.

Megan Maurer: left side!

Day 5
Question: Who inspired you to run?
Prize: For you and your BRF, a pair of compression calf sleeves from Recofit

Lisa Burbank: I used to run back in high school but stopped after I was in college. I decided to stop letting everyone else be more important then me and started to run around a block in our neighborhood that is 2 miles. After doing it for a couple weeks, a family member on my husbands side tried to talk me into running a half marathon with her. That next spring after taking the winter off and having major surgery I felt very week for the first time in my life. I knew I had to change and started to get serious about running. She convinced me to sign up for that half marathon. That was in March and the race was in October. With her fantastic advice and support I ramped up my training schedule did further distances than I would have come up on my own so quickly. I finished that half within my goal range. I now will never again not let myself have that time to run and take care of myself.

Tonia Fraser: My friend, Misty, invited me to go “run” with her. I would jog for a half mile, then walk… She wasn’t having any of that. Two miles later, I was dead… And now, six years later, I have completed my first marathon this past September.

Beth C: I introduced myself to running! I had gotten in shape after baby girl #2 doing Jillian Michael’s DVD’s and I wanted to change it up. I found the C25K program and made it my goal to run a 5k. Who knew how much I would love to run?

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  1. Wahhhooooo! So excited to try the nuun!

    Will email you shortly… this was such a fun giveaway. Thoroughly enjoyed read your posts and the comments they garnered.

    Have a wonderful Holiday Season… Merry Christmas to all.

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