Winners of the Disney Princess Half-Marathon Entries

Would you believe me if I said this is a photo of Dimity and me in costume?

When writing your comments to win one of two entries to the Disney Princess Half-Marathon, many of you compared choosing between Dimity and me to run with as, "like choosing a favorite child" or, as Susan wrote, "very 'Sophie's Choice.'" That's pretty  much how Dim and I felt as we sat in our San Antonio hotel room (we're here for the Rock 'n' Roll expo), trying to pick the two winners. We laughed out loud at many of the costume suggestions--like 5' 2" Paula's suggestion that Dimity be Pinocchio to her Jiminy Cricket--and I empathized with every twin mom. We debated long and hard (even though we longed to hit the hay after a full day of meeting so many great mother runners), but we finally came to a decision. With no further ado, the winners are:

Amy Bailey, who'll run with Sarah. She wrote:
"I’d love to run the Disney half marathon because running, generally speaking, makes me feel like a princess. Not in the ‘I look so pretty’ kind of way, but the ‘I can just be me for a few hours without doing something for someone else.’

Reading Amy's costume suggestion, I immediately thought of @according2kelly's incredible Tinkerbell.

I met Sarah and Dimity at the ZOOMA Great Lakes Half Marathon in Wisconsin in October, and it felt like I was meeting my Fairy Runmothers. I’ve known them — read their work — since their first mother runner story in Runner's World in 2008, when my son was born. They’ve help guide from someone totally new to running to someone who has managed to eek out five to six half marathons in each of the past three years.

I’ve come close, but I haven’t run a sub-2 hour half marathon since 2010 and I think running Disney with Sarah would help me get another one. Her attention to speed and ability to turn it on when it needs turning is something I could tap into to help push me through to the finish line in under two hours.

I have to admit, it may be a total and complete pipe dream, but I would love see another PR. That would mean running faster than 1:58:35, which I got in May 2010.

I am totally not a girlie girl, but I have to say: I’d love to do a race wearing Tinkerbell green wings. And of course a green sparkle skirt and those little green pom poms on my shoes. OK, so about that girlie girl thing …"

Krista will be trotting alongside Dimity. Her entry read:
"I would love to run this race and it is on my birthday! I hoped to run it last year with a high school friend to celebrate our 40th birthdays, but she bailed so I ended up running a local FULL marathon to celebrate my 40th.

1. Who would I like to run with? Dimity
2. Why This BAMR? Being almost 6 foot, I cried when I read your letter to your 16 year old self. I too was that gangly awkward adolescent girl – often referred to as Amazon Woman – and have empowered myself through running. When I run it’s just me and my awesomeness 🙂
3. I would love to run a half-marathon in around 2 hours, but since this is Disney and there are plenty of picture opportunities probably closer to 2:20.
4. Costumes? Of course how about a pair of 6 ft Tinkerkbells."

There you have it: Four mother runners cum Tinkerbells. Amy and Krista, you have until Tuesday evening (11/13) to email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com to work out the details, otherwise we'll have to choose other winners. Love to all from the land of the Alamo.



4 responses to “Winners of the Disney Princess Half-Marathon Entries

  1. I feel like a winner just because my Pinocchio/Jiminy Cricket costume suggestion got a laugh out of Dimity and SBS! Glad I could return the favor to a couple of ladies who make me laugh (in a good way) on a regular basis! I will seriously be on cloud nine for a while. Congratulations to Amy and Krista!

  2. Congrats to the winners! 🙂

    I’ll be running this race too and it has been my goal since before I could run even 3 miles. I am SO excited!

    Sarah & Dimity – will you be at the expo speaking or at a table? Would love the chance to meet you!

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