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Zooming to ZOOMA: One Sad Little Piggy

For the third blog post, Bridget and Heidi, friends and business partners in the Hell Yeah Projects, interview each other about their soon-to-be-training and race experience. The two are training for ZOOMA Cape Cod. Check out their posts here!


Bridget Sprague, 41; mother of three, entrepreneur and Director of Marketing for Revision Energy. Future 10K finisher.

How did you week go? 

Soooo…. I broke my toe. And started a new job. So I can’t say training is going well.

Whaaaat happened?
Well, let's just say the dishwasher won the fight. 

Are you still having to do dishes? 

No, actually, my husband felt so bad he doesn’t want me near the dishwasher anymore.

So what does training look like with all of this? 

What training? Hahahaha. Truth is, I haven’t been running since I broke my toe. Before I broke my toe though, I went out for a run and took my kids and that felt awesome because I could spend time with my kids and get some training in at the same time. Since I’ve not been running, I’ve been biking and really liking it. I found a 10 mile loop around my house that is challenging but really fun.

Awesome! So when do you think might test the toe? 

Today! When I’m home from work, Billy and I are going to go out and give it a test drive.

Kudos to you for still working out even through an injury! How’d you keep you spirits up? 

Don’t be fooled, at first I was massively upset, thinking, “oh, here’s the end of it,” but I don’t want it to be the end. And I haven’t done that much but I have done a few rides.

How do you feel about moving forward with training now? 

Honestly, I’ve hit that place where I’ve hit a million times before where I could stop because it’s a lot easier for me to stop. I’m not going to because I know in the long run its going to be worth it. I’ve been visualizing what it’s going to feel like and look like when I finish this race and I don’t want to hate myself for not completing it. And, having the support group, knowing you all are behind me and support me it’s incredibly motivating.

Heidi enjoys the kiddie pool after her first six-mile run.

Heidi Bellamente, 39; mother of two, entrepreneur and leadership coach & consultant. Future ½ Marathon Finisher. 

Heidi, I know last week you said you were looking forward to getting intimate with your training plan. How’d it go? 

It’s not in bed with me yet, but I’d say we’re getting much closer☺  I really did spend some time with my training plan, figured out where I needed to make adjustments and have moved some things around to accommodate the exercise I need to do.

Heidi during a sweaty eight.

How are you feeling about the training now?

I feel awesome about it. Since the last blog, I’ve done two long runs, 7 and 8 milers, which is WAY more than I’ve run in the recent past and am super stoked at how good I feel overall. I think the cross training and SSSC (Super Short Strength Circuits) are really helping me keep in running shape and also preventing me from “over running,” if that is a thing.

Heidi’s girls help with her SSSC.

What are you looking forward to this week?

Believe it or not, my long run with a fast finish! I’ve met a couple ladies who are also running long distances and I feel like it makes the time go by so much quicker. I’m also making a goal to do a yoga class sometime in the next two weeks. Things feel like they need some stretching and TLC and I vowed to pay attention to my body through this training plan.

Well, I read in the training plan that massage is recommended. So, I’m hoping to schedule that. You with me? 

Count me in!

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