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Day in the Life of Another Mother Runner: Happy Fit Mama

Day in the Life of Another Mother Runner: Happy Fit Mama

Welcome to our second stab at #dayinthelifeofAMR: a day where we hand over our Instagram account to another mother runner and let her document her day. Angela from Happy Fit Mama stepped up, even though she’s not able to run right now (ugh, hate that, Angela…so sorry. Sending you healing vibes!). Angela is a running coach and is participating in Saucony’s 26 Strong Program, among other things. Here’s a recent Saturday in her life:

If you’re interested in taking over our account for a day, we’d love to have you. You can be training, injured, inspired, not so much, a beginner, a marathoner…

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If you're that kind of mother runner—or you want to be that kind of mother runner—then this, the beautiful and versatile Saucony Peregrine 4.

Hump Day Giveaway: Saucony Peregrine 4







My Saucony Peregrines have taken me up, down, and over many, many miles in the past year, and I’ve loved them since step one. (And I mean L.O.V.E.: ask Sarah. I rave about them all the time.) Their aggressive sole can tackle any rock, root, slope going up or down, scree field…you name it, you’re staying upright. Given the four-wheel-drive capabilities of the sole, you’d think the body of the Peregrines would have to be a little clunky. Not so. They fit as well and feel as light as a road running shoe; in fact, the women’s version clocks in at a feathery 8…

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What a 20 Mile Run Looks Like: 26 Strong

What a 20 Mile Run Looks Like: 26 Strong

The email came into my inbox on Friday morning. Kelly Pollock, my Saucony 26 Strong cadet—read: first-time marathoner—was gearing up for her longest run yet. 20 miles on Saturday morning.

“I’m psyching myself out about it,” she wrote, “I already feel like it is not going to go well, which I am sure is not a helpful outlook!”

I read it on my phone as I was headed into volunteer in a third-grade classroom, so I didn’t respond right away, but my gut roiled a bit as I thought about what to write back. As with any marathon training cycle, Kelly has had some high highs (a half-marathon PR) and some low lows (a 19+ miler where she was barfing, walking, cursing Ma Nature, and hating life)…

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10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Mother Runner…

10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Mother Runner…

10. Because you can’t control drivers who cut you off with nary a blinker, and deifnitely not a wave of thanks. Or the condescending reaction your boss has to a project on which you worked ridicidulously hard. Or the fact that there are no green grapes at the store and your four-year-old absolutely.must.have green grapes for circle project tomorrow at preschool. (You were told about it last week, but can’t always control your brain either, turns out.) The world spins, the highways are clogged, the boss is a jerk, the grapes aren’t in season. It’s that way, and you’ve got no say.
9. Because school reunions happen…

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Sarah (left, but you should know that by now!) and Molly

#133: Victory in Victoria

Sarah and Dimity welcome an extra-special guest on this episode: Sarah’s best running friend (BRF), Molly. She joins the mother runners to tell tales of the Victoria Marathon. Molly ran the half-marathon and, spoiler alert, Sarah re-qualified for Boston Marathon in time of 3:56:54! But the show is mainly Sarah recounting her strong race, her first-ever negative split in a marathon (her 11th 26.2-mile race). Sarah’s brimming with pride, and hopefully she imparts useful insight and advice for any runners looking to dig deep and finish strong in their next race, whatever the distance.

*If you’re digging our podcasts, we’d be super-grateful if you’d take a minute (because we *know* you have so many to spare!) to write a review on iTunes…

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