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#100: The Hundredth Episode Special!

Sarah and Dimity never dreamt they’d reach this milestone (that Dimity aptly likens to a 100-mile ultra-marathon) but here they are: episode number 100 of their running podcast! To mark the occasion, the gals revisit some of their favorite segments of past shows, then riff on them a bit. Highlights include: Runner’s World Bart Yasso reminding us all to, “never take a finish line for granted; pro runner (and new mom) Lauren Fleshman beautifully telling us to be open to success and to dwell on positivity; and Sarah instructing Dimity to own her athletic efforts. Laughter also abounds in this episode, from anecdotes old and new of “free balling” and Dimity’s “God Bless Central Park South!” exclamation from her first marathon…


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Sweat can be—and definitely is–sexy.

Winner of Soleus GPS Mini Watch

Hello, Daylight Savings Time: Tonight’s the night we spring forward. Great news for night owls, not-so-great for larks. Here in Portland, which is shockingly far north (same latitude as the tip of Maine), I really notice the shifts of the Earth axis. For the last week or two, the sky has been getting light by 6:30 a.m.; now, for the next few weeks, we’ll be back to runs done completely in the dark. Oh, well, I guess it’s a small price to pay for the kids being able to shoot baskets after dinner or ride bikes around the block until bedtime.

All this talk of time is fitting as here’s the winner of the Soleus GPS Mini watch, the time/pace/mileage keeper I sport around my wrist…

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Both literally and metaphorically, this is what my brain has dubbed the “fridge door” installment of Martini Friday.

Martini Fridays: The Fridge Door + More

Both literally and metaphorically, this is what my brain has dubbed the “fridge door” installment of Martini Fridays.Adrienne Martini continues to entertain and put in her miles as she ramps up for the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon. Catch up with her running here. 

This is my actual fridge door. It’s where a lot of life’s flotsam winds up, like the rough list of meals we’re having this week or the school’s monthly lunch menu, which is on the other door, along with some kid art. The golf ball magnets are my husband’s and are freakishly strong. (The magnets, that is, not my husband…

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Follow This Mother!

Follow This Mother!

Jill Conyers is an ultra BAMR who fuels her longer-than-marathon distances with a plant-based diet—a lifestyle/diet change that started with a 30-day clean eating challenge. “After about day 15, I felt amazing and my curiosity was piqued,” says Jill, 46, who lives with her husband and their two kids in Cincinnati. Jill is pondering her next race move, but says she’ll definitely be running the this June’s Hawthorn Half Day Relay, “a 12-hour relay that I have run with my husband for the past three years.”

Best recent run: A recent Saturday in February was one of the best runs I’ve had this year…

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Hump Day Giveaway: Saucony Spring (!) Outfit

Hump Day Giveaway: Saucony Spring (!) Outfit

With my brain full of random detritus (a sample from today: get frozen pancakes at the store, pick up dog piles in the yard before garbage man comes, remember how to ), I’m not certain about many things these days.
But there are two things I can say with certainty:
1. This winter, Mother Nature is definitely not a mother runner. She may run in other seasons, but something—an injured IT band?, a new baby?—has set her off. I cringe everytime I hear “6 to 8 inches of snow,” even if the flakes are falling nowhere near me.
2. Nothing I love better than a good blue technical hoody. Screams spring to me…

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