BAMRbassadors: Another Mother Runner Ambassadors

As much as BAMRs*-in-Chief Sarah and Dimity wish they could travel non-stop, spreading the AMR word and connecting with other mother runners, their families might miss them.

So in 2018, the duo began anointing BAMRbassadors: As the mashup name implies, these now-almost-100 gals are badass mother runner ambassadors who introduce female runners to the power and assets of the Another Mother Runner Tribe.

The duties of BAMRbassadors vary from staffing an AMR expo booth to testing gear but one thing is for sure: BAMRbassadors are passionate about helping as many women as possible enjoy many happy miles.

*badass mother runners

Meet our BAMRbassadors:

Abigail Mangum

Abigail Mangum: Grand Junction, CO

3 Kids (4, 4, 3)

"Your podcast is my favorite one and my go-to during nighttime feedings (I also have a 10-month old). I often listened to the podcast during my last difficult pregnancy and was inspired so many times to not lose hope that I would run again and even better than before!"

Addie Bird

Addie Bird: Newmanstown, PA

2 kids (11 + 8)

"AMR has helped me figure out how to balance work, family, and running, and taught me a ton about fitness and getting stronger."

Aimee Bouchard

Aimee Bouchard: Springfield, MA

3 kids (7, 5, + 3)

"In April 2013, after I had my second kid and the Boston bombing had happened, I searched the web for connection and community, and discovered the AMR website because of a T-shirt you offered as a fundraiser. I was moved, then I was hooked!"

Alana Siebnaler-Ranson

Alana Siebnaler-Ranson: Minneapolis, MN

2 kids (14, 10)

"I love this community. I am awestruck by the way we come together as women, as runners, as mothers and give unfettered support to each other. Every person on the planet should be this supported, and I want to be part of creating that for others.”

Alicia Cline

Alicia Cline: Cincinnati, OH

2 kids (8 + 6)

"I fell in love with running 30 years ago. It has been my constant in life and keeps me grounded. Other women need to know about and be part of this amazing group."

Annaliese Dolph

Annaliese Dolph: Portland, OR

3 kids (14, 11, + 7)

"I pulled out a Train Like a Mother marathon plan this year and ran my own personal marathon last week: 26.2 unstaffed miles through the city. I could not fit a race into the family schedule but wanted to prove to myself I can go the distance. If only the AMR '80s RockMyRun playlist was out then!"

Ashley Wynne

Ashley Wynne: Greenville, SC

1 kid (1)

“I believe there is nothing more powerful than women encouraging women. As a chemical engineer in a male-dominated field, one of my favorite things is networking with and mentoring younger female engineers (and receiving mentorship from others as well!).”

Angela Affinito

Angela Affinito; Portland, OR

3 Kids (10, 8, 5)

"Positivity is a rare commodity right now. People are isolated, scared, and upset, and this AMR pocket can be an exception to that. Running is my place to feel free and strong."

Anne Mejeur

Anne Mejeur; Pendelton, IN

4 kids (9, 7o twins and 3 months)

"Coming back from baby number 4, I know I will need as much support as possible and would love to give support and encouragement back to the community of mother runners."

Brandi Dockett

Brandi Dockett, Mount Royal, NJ

2 kids (15 + 11)

"Thank you for continuing to be a voice for us "MotherRunners who kick ass and take names and still get dinner on the table."

Carla Lake

Carla Lake: Yellow Springs, OH

3 kids (20, 8, 5)

“Because of AMR, I’m no longer just a mother runner, I’m an athlete.”

Carrie Becker

Carrie Becker: North Hampton, NH

2 kids (8 + 4)

"The women in the AMR community do not put another woman down at all; instead, they become a friend who's there no matter what."

Cassandra DuBrule

Cassandra DuBrule

2 Kids (5 + 3)

"I think many people run because they feel an obligation, whereas I run because I truly love it. I would love to be an ambassador for a group that strives to encourage others to find that same love, that helps them find a supportive, inclusive community."

Carrie Meconis

Carrie Macon's: Middle Village, NY

4 kids (9, 5, +3-year-old twins)

"Crossing the 2107 NYC Marathon finish line was so powerful after all I have gone through the past couple of years (four kids; preemies and 6 weeks of NICU time; sickness and injury). But I made it. I hope to inspire other mamas who feel the struggle and pain of this journey."

Casii Dodd

Casii Dodd: Walkersville, MD

3 kids (29, 27, 22)

"Since picking up a well-loved copy of RLAM, I have run many 5Ks, not-a-few 10Ks, a load of halfs, and even a few crazy marathons. All because you made it seem possible: With the training groups and online community support, you help people accomplish hard, wonderful, challenging things."

Cathy Engstrom

Cathy Engstrom: Colorado Springs, CO

3 kids (20, 17, 15)

"I am a RUNNER and I can do hard things! Not only in running but in life.”

Christina Latta

Christina Latta; Moody Air Force Base, UK

2 Kids (6 + 3)

"I'm chasing Marathon Maniac status and aiming to become an ultrarunner: None of this would be possible without the support from all of the women I run with and inspiration from AMR!"

Christine Duran-Garcia

Christine Duran-Garcia; Sioux Falls, SD

2 kids (8 + 4)

"Utilizing the heart-rate TLAM plans since 2017, I have grown immensely as a runner. I have ran more miles than I ever would have imagined. I have gotten stronger, faster, more consistent, and have had a lot of fun while doing it!"

Christy Scott

Christy Scott: Huntsville, AL

2 Kids (24, 18)

“As a mother runner of two, in my mid-40s, I feel like the BAMR family is where I belong. I love the sense of community this group has created and how these strong women support each other.”

Cleary Jankowski

Cleary Jankowski: Granger, IN

3 Kids (19, 17, 15)

“I’d been a runner for 20 years before I found AMR, but it was always a solo venture. In AMR, I have found a community of runners, encouragers, and friends with whom I now get to share my love and joy in the sport and not bore the pants off my family with all my running talk!”

Colleen Herczak

Colleen Herczak: Hundsonville, MI

2 Kids (7, 3)

“As an occasional runner who has fallen off the wagon and gotten back on SO many times in the past six years, I downloaded Run Like a Mother in July 2017 in another desperate attempt to get back out there. If not for AMR, I wouldn't know #foundchange or peeing in your capris was a THING.”

Cortney Sloan

Cortney Sloan: Silver Spring, MD

1 Kid (6)

“I would love to be able to share AMR more broadly with other mothers because it is so important to know there are other people out there trying to be a mom, wife, employee, boss, friend, and runner. And we get it. This community has been part of my motherhood journey since pretty much the day I left the hospital.”

Courtney Ebel

Courtney Ebel; Olathe, KS

3 Kids (15, 9, 8)

"AMR is a great resource for female athletes, for life and sport. I would love to share all that running and AMR has done for me and what a great community AMR is."

Crystal Bayawa

Crystal Bayawa; Cherry Hills, NJ

2 Kids (6 +3)

"I absolutely love the AMR tribe and everything it stands for. I believe the community has helped me improve my running over the past decade, and I would love to be able to share more about the great opportunities it offers and the amazing community it brings."

Crystal Pierre

Crystal Pierre: Albuquerque, NM

2 Kids (10, 7)

“I’m passionate about the mother runner community and inspiring other moms to keep running and keep setting bigger running goals. We have to lift each other up. With all that life throws at us and all we do, running is so important to keep as something that's just for us."

Cynthia Vissers

Cynthia Vissers: Laurel, MD

3 Kids (14, 12, 8)

“This has been my tribe for years, through thick and thin. There's few things I enjoy more than encouraging women to be the best version of themselves through running! AMR has shown me it’s okay to be where you are, we'll meet you there and love you.”

Diane Smith

Diane Smith; Ironwood, MI

5 Kids (14 yo twins and 12 yo triplets!)

"I have been following AMR since I began running! It has always been an awesome source of information and support and therefore I would like to return the favor and be a cheerleader for someone else."

Deanna Tysdal

Deanna Tysdal; Omaha, NE

2 Kids

"The women I've interacted with from the AMR community are inspiring, funny, and honest. It has taught me that with planning, all things are possible."

Elizabeth Choi

Elizabeth Choi: Winter Garden, FL

2 Kids (9, 7)

"I was in a tragic accident 11 years ago: I was in a coma for five weeks, and I suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. I could not walk at first. I took it day by day and never gave up. I gradually started walking and, soon enough, I was able to run. Running became a huge part of my recovery."

Emily Opacich

Emily Opacich; Duluth, MN

3 Kids (6, 3, 3)

"AMR has brought me support, friendship, motivation, and encouragement. I've learned about all things running, strength (physical and emotional), and badass-ery."

Elizabeth Marnik

Elizabeth Marnik: Franklin, ME

Kids: 1 on the way!

“I found AMR when I was looking for running podcasts to keep me company on my long runs, but what I found was so much more. Not only did AMR help me on my running journey, but it gave me the confidence that I can still be a great mom, good at my job, and a runner. It will take work and periods where running is less important, but it is still doable.”

Erin McConnell

Erin McConnell: Erlanger, KY

2 Kids (7, 3)

“AMR has meant a lot to me over the past five years, as I have experienced both great running accomplishments and periods of not running for almost a year post-baby. Through both the highs and lows, AMR kept me connected to running and realizing it's about more than the great accomplishments.”

Erin Wright

Erin Wright: Prior Lake, MN

2 Kids (11, 9)

“I started engaging with the AMR online community via Facebook, where I realized this group ran deeper than running and realized how much I had in common with all of these women. It is a place for me to learn, celebrate, share, empathize, and get advice with an amazing group of people. I've learned a lot more about running, too. :)”

Gina Ebbeling

Gina Ebbeling: Bellingham, WA

1 kid (7)

"This inspiring and inclusive community has shown up for me in huge ways. Two years after losing my husband suddenly running continues to be my therapy. I have gained friendships, pushed myself to new running challenges and felt the encouragement of mother runners near and far. "

Heather Reed

Heather Reed: Sioux Falls, SD

3 Kids (10, 7, 3)

[AMR] has allowed my running journey to continue beyond just blindly running race after race with botched running plans. I have grown stronger, built my endurance base, but more importantly, I have grown emotionally in ways I would never have imagined.”

Jaclyn Carnahan

Jaclyn Carnahan; Cedar Rapids, IA

2 Kids (7 + 12)

"I love what AMR stands for and the support of it. Running has changed my life for the better, and I love sharing the joy of it with others."

Jaime Taylor

Jaime Taylor: Edmond, OK

2 kids (17 + 13)

"Run Like a Mother completely changed my life. I was a wannabe runner on my journey to my first half-marathon, and picked up the book before going on vacation for my anniversary (sorry, husband!). I spent the entire time laughing, reading, feeling an instant connection and validation that I never expected."

Jennifer Halliez

Jennifer Halliez: Bernardsville, NJ

3 Kids (12, 11, 7)

“I always considered myself ‘not a real runner,’ and I would only run in the dark when I was sure everyone in town was asleep (LOL). After listening to hours upon hours of AMR podcasts during my runs, I realized I AM A RUNNER."

Jennifer Muroff

Jennifer Muroff; New York, NY

2 Kids (12 yo twins)

"The comments and posts on the AMR Facebook page have helped me in being a stronger runner and more confident."

Jennifer Steele

Jennifer Steele; Concord, CA

2 Kids (2 + 5 months)

"AMR has helped me remember that it's ok that training looks different now that I'm a mom. Sometimes runs get cut short or you give your kids extra snacks or toys to be able to keep the run going."

Jessica Scott

Jessica Scott: York, PA

1 Kid (14)

“I love that the AMR tribe is a group of ‘mere mortals’ - women with real life stuff who aren't all elites with shoe sponsorships. I don't think there are as many #stepmotherrunner representatives in the AMR community, and I think I could speak to that part of the mother runner tribe.”

Jill Maxey

Jill Maxey: Harrison Township, MI

3 Kids (20, 16, 13)

I joined the AMR social media following and found that the rest of the tribe was just like me. It feels great to be a part of something that is multi-cultural, accepting of all ages, all levels, and inclusive to women simply trying to be the best ‘them’ that they can be.”

Jodi Snowdon

Jodi Snowdon: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

2 kids (14 + 12)

"2012: I was a soccer mom who just wanted some peace and some space for herself. I knew nothing about running when I started moving my slow butt around the block, except that I I wanted to run Princess Half-Marathon. I had no community, I had no coach, I had no help. And then I Googled "running books for moms" and, hallelujah, I found you!"

Jody Giebl

Jody Giebl: Waukesha, WI

1 kid (age 15)

"As an avid listener and follower to AMR, I have learned so much about myself and running. Running has given me lifelong friends and a goal to run a marathon in each of the 50 states."

Julia Conkel-Ziebell

Julia Conkel-Ziebell: West Lakeland Twp, MN

2 Kids (5, 3)

“I found AMR at a time when my running was lagging and I was having a hard time coming back as a working mom with different paces than pre-baby. I feel like I can be there for others when they are having a down moment and can help inspire them to get through a tough day.”

Julia Miller

Julia Miller: Fitchburg, WI

3 kids (13,11 + 9)

"Being a part of the AMR Tribe means community, acceptance, support, love, and humor. I can't believe I found other people who also talk about poop!"

Julie Patno

Julie Patno: Salt Lake City, UT

4 kids (14-year-old twins + 2 stepkids, 19 + 12)

"I finished my first 50K (!) last weekend. When I came into work today, a co-worker said I am not the same person I was 4.5 years ago, when I started running. She said I am just 'f*cking amazing.' I have to say I agree. AMR/TLAM was a HUGE part of that transformation."

Kary Whearty

Kary Whearty: Sylvania, OH

3 kids (22, 15 + 11)

"I recently ran the Detroit Marathon with a friend, her first. There is no greater feeling than sharing finish line hugs and tears!"

Kat Schjei

Kat Schjei: Laguna Hills, CA

3 kids (9, 7 + 3);

"I seek to inspire other BAMRs to get outside of their comfort zone to reach potential they never knew existed. Becoming a mother does not close the fitness door. In fact, it only makes us stronger."

Kate Walton

Kate Walton: Indianola, IA

4 kids (15, 11 + 2 adult stepchildren)

"The connections I've made through AMR have echoed through my life in the most positive ways. I've met people in real life and online who have enriched and supported me in ways I would have never imagined."

Katie Hearn

Katie Hearn: Overland Park, KS

2 Kids (4, 1)

“The AMR community inspires me to continue running, coaches me through both life and fitness obstacles, and gives me the courage to claim my title as a runner. What I love the most about AMR is how all runners are valued.”

Katie Ormson

Katie Ormson: Libertyville, IL

3 kids (27, 23 + 19)

"I have been a runner for 35+ years and a mother for 26+ years. My best friends in my community are pretty much all runners, and having met many BAMRs in person, I consider many of these women very good friends as well."

Kelly Keating-Caraway

Kelly Keating-Caraway; Cedar Grove, NJ

"AMR has brought some amazing people into my life, training partners I now call friends. Because of AMR, I have added "marathoner" to my resume of life."

Kelyn Celeskey

Kelyn Celeskey; Northern Shores, MI

2 Kids (8 + 6)

"A little encouragement, a little advice, a little virtual (or in person) hug, a little camaraderie, a little challenge, a lot of's all the little pieces of this community that come together to make something hugely wonderful, and I am over-the-top geeked to be a part of it!"

Kelsey Holmberg

Kelsey Holmberg: Marquette, MI

1 Kid (1)

“Since the #MotherlodeOfMiles weekend, I have helped start a moms’ running group that is now planning to meet monthly to run and get coffee together.”

Kerry Cosneau

Kerry Cosneau: Beaufort, SC

1 Kid (8)

“Running and motherhood are two key aspects of my life, and they drive me in so much of what I do. I think it is very important that we BAMRs have a means of sharing information, support, and encouragement through AMR.”

Kim Johnson-Riggers

Kim Johnson-Riggers: Spokane, WA

2 Kids (15, 13)

“The tags on the AMR merchandise say it all: ‘You're not just buying a shirt, you're buying into a community.’ For me, it was the first book, and the return has been tenfold.”

Kristen Genet

Kristen Genet: Blaine, MN

3 kids (17, 13 + 9)

"This is a Tribe that brings out the best in women: accepting each individual where she is at, providing support and community to lift her up, and sharing in the successes and difficulties of training, mothering, and womaning in general."

Kristen Grimes

Kristen Grimes: Hemet, CA

4 (adult) kids (30, 29, 24 + 24)

"AMR lets women know that we are good enough as we are, where we are. It's important for me to be part of communities where that is the message, and nobody says it better than Another Mother Runner!"

Laurel Short

Laurel Short; Leawood, KS

2 Kids (6 + 3)

"AMR was truly a rock for me as a tackled a doctorate of nursing degree over the past three years. The community helped me understand that running offers us different meanings and gifts in each life phase."

Leah Wiesner

Leah Wiesner: Combined Locks, WI

1 Kid (7)

“I've gained so much knowledge through the podcast and blog posts that have immensely helped my training. And the training plans from both TLAM and the Train Like a Mother Club have helped me attain PRs in every distance from the 5K through the marathon.”

Linda Ann Brennan

Linda Ann Brennan: Queens, NY

3 Kids (11, 8, 3)

“I found running later in life, after I had my last child. I felt restless and wanted to reconnect with myself amidst the chaos of three children and a full-time job. Running has given me emotional and physical strength I never dreamed possible.”

Lindsey Ferraco

Lindsey Ferraco: Danville, VA

2 Kids (8, 6)

“I became a diehard AMR fan since I started running in 2013. Because of AMR, and its amazing tribe of BAMRs, I have spent the last five years becoming a runner, a ‘momathoner,’ a triathlete, an ‘Ironmom,’ and, now, the very proud mother of kiddos who assume that running and being active are things that all moms do.”

Lynne Garcia

Lynne Garcia: Los Angeles, CA

1 kid (7)

"What running has given me is nothing short of amazing. Confidence, health, mental balance—and most surprising—identity. I am a runner. I feel like an athlete. Me, the chubby girl with frizzy hair marching along with a saxophone strapped to her. I'm not belittling my former band-geek self, mind you. I'm just simply amazed at what she's morphed into."

Marissa O'Connell

Marissa O'Connell; Philadelphia, PA

2 Kids (17 + 11)

"I am interested in becoming a BAMRbassador because I love the community, the women, and the positive energy of this group. AMR is a testimony to what moms can achieve when they support one another in running and in life."

Mary Lenczewski

Mary Lenczewski: St. Clarisville, OH

1 dog

“AMR has made me more confident in all areas of my life, and has improved my running in ways I didn’t think possible. Buoyed by the confidence and encouraging words of the fellow BAMRs, I've stood up for myself with doctors and advocated for my health better. Knowing that there are others out there like me makes everything in life easier.”

Mary Neubauer

Mary Neubauer: Sammamish, WA

2 Kids (9, 7)

“In the last year, being more involved with the AMR community has helped me accept my body and performance while motivating me to continue to better myself, at my own speed.”

Meaghan Clark

Meaghan Clark: Lincoln, RI

2 kids (7 + 4)

"While training for my first marathon last year, I was in your traditional training plan with a group of 24 ladies who have become some of my best friends.Together, we have been together through all things; not just running, but depression, injuries, spouses, babies/teenagers, races, politics. YOU brought us together. These are 'my BAMRs', thanks to you."

Melissa Theberge

Melissa Theberge: Plaistow, NH

3 kids (20, 17 + 15)

"I came to AMR able to run 3.1 miles and now I've run 26.2 all in a row! 😉 My personal running growth is a credit to AMR, but honestly what I've learned about myself and the new friendships are even more precious and valuable to me. I think this is where the heart of AMR lies."

Meredith Gagnon-Dube

Meredith Gagnon-Dube: New Hampton, NH

1 Kid (6 months)

“I am a new mother. As I'm learning how to balance life with a newborn, get back into running, and figure life out, I enjoy sharing my experiences with all the other mothers out there. Motherhood is a wild ride, and I always want every mother out there to know they're not alone: There's a tribe of us to support their every lifestyle.”

Molly Buchanan

Molly Buchanan: Olathe, KS

1 Kid (1)

“I try not to let fear get in my way of trying things. I am a 10-year cancer survivor, which reminds me every day that life is too short to let fear stand in your way.”

Monica Bays

Monica Bays: Rochester, NY

1 Kid (2)

“I LOVE to connect with other runners! I hosted a #MotherlodeofMiles run in my area and enjoyed meeting other local women. It is important to me to have a support network of friends helping each other to reach our goals, share our struggles, and celebrate our successes!”

Nadia Lamothe

Nadia Lamothe: Aurora, OH

2 Kids (14, 12)

“The AMR community has given me the confidence to proclaim myself a runner and, more recently, a triathlete. I'm not ‘just a slow runner’ anymore. I feel pride in what I do!”

Nancy Milbrandt

Nancy Milbrandt; Mesa, AZ

2 Kids (29 + 27)

"I became a certified personal trainer and certified women's fitness specialist so I can continue to educate and inspire more women to be fit. I also want to continue my own personal growth and part of that is surrounding myself with other BAMRs I can learn from--women of all ages and with diverse experiences."

Nicole Hart

Nicole Hart: Boiling Springs, PA

3 kids (17, 16 + 10)

"Honestly, I already feel like I am an ambassador for AMR. I'm ready to make it official!"

Pamela Frost

Pamela Fost: Northford, CT

2 Kids (11, 10)

“I first started running five years ago and during that time I learned that even though running is a solo sport, there is an entire community that surrounds it. I met so many people through runDisney, Facebook groups, and AMR! I love the social element of being part of a running community.”

Pamela Harris

Pamela Harris: Decatur, GA

2 kids (4 + 2)

"The BAMR community is fiercely inclusionary, and it would make my heart swell to beckon others in. And I'm not going to lie: I am dying to meet more members of the community in real life!"

Pamella Maggiore

Pamella Maggiore: Pembroke, MA

3 Kids (18, 16, 11)

“I run alone 99% of the time, but listening to your podcast and reading your newsletters makes me feel like I have a group of girlfriends that I'm running with. I hope I can reach women like me who can feel a sense of community through this group.”

Pat Brockman

Pat Brockman: San Antonio, TX

3 kids + 4 grandchildren

"I ran my first half at the age of 60 and am heading strong into a second decade of running with the help of this amazing community! I love being a grandmother runner and am so grateful for the energy,  encouragement, renewal, confidence and joy I consistently receive from AMR!"

Penny Noll

Penny Noll; Cazenovia, NY

2 Kids (33 + 31)

"I am an older runner (67) who started running at age 50, and I can add that perspective. I appreciate the power and positivity of running in my life and I am happy to share that."

Rachael Pettigrew

Racheal Pettigrew: Tempe, AZ

3 kids (13, 9 + 6)

"I can't wait to help women understand the importance of putting themselves and their mental + physical health first; it's as important as keeping their houses clean. (And I have to remember that myself as well!)"

Sara Martinez

Sara Martinez: Concord, CA

3 Kids (16, 14, 12)

“I love the real-ness of the community: AMR is a place for all of us to gather in person or virtually to receive love and support and know that no question or answer is TMI [too much information] if it helps our community and furthers our love of running.”

Sara Seeburg

Sara Seeburg: Scottsdale, AZ

3 Kids (9, 6, 3)

“This tribe has meant so much to me over the last few years; I am honored to be a part of this community. The BAMRs, the coaches, all have made me not just a stronger, more consistent runner, but a better mom, friend, wife, and all-around person.”

Shannon Pipes

Shannon Pipes: Laramie, WY

1 Kid (1)

“I hope to spread a message to other mother's that you can balance life and running, that you need to give yourself grace every day, and that it is important to do something for yourself (e.g. running) every day because it makes you a better mom, partner, employee, and person.”

Shawnee Parens

Shawnee Parens: Madison, WI

2 Kids (17, 15)

“My (first) marathon TLAM Club training group became a group of close-knit friends. I came to that group grieving a tragic loss in my family, doubting everything, and found respite, joy, and authenticity among those BAMRs. It's priceless.”

Stacy Ingstad

Stacy Ingstad; Valley City, ND

4 Kids (21, 19, 17, 15)

"I live in a small town in a rural area: The friendships I've made both virtually and in person at retreats have been life changing."

Steffanie Seiler

Steffanie Seiler: Portland, OR

2 Kids (20, 15)

“I feel like I completely identify with the AMR tribe. There is such diversity among the group and I feel this sense of welcoming for everyone---no matter your age, your background, how many kids you have, how old they are, or what kind of a runner you are."

Stephanie Wachsmuth

Stephanie Wachsmuth; Tigard, OR

2 Kids (17 + 15)

"I love running with other moms as we quickly become friends, sharing the ups and downs of life and raising kids, but also taking care of ourselves and staying sane through running. Women are amazing and I love seeing women of all ages and stages conquering the miles."

Stephanie Garrett

Stephanie Garrett: Westminster, CO

3 four-legged kids

"In six years, I went from weighing almost 300 pounds to today, when I have completed numerous 5Ks + 10Ks, 14 half-marathons, and 4 full marathons. I am slower runner, but all runners need encouragement, positivity, and support in all areas of life."

Suzanne Adams

Suzanne Adams: North Reading, MA

2 Kids (6, 2)

“I believe being a mom is the most amazing thing in the world and also the hardest. I believe women (especially moms) need each other, and this community allows for that both in person and virtually. This community allows moms to be a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with, someone to pound the pavement with, and someone to listen.”


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