Ready to take on your first—or fifteenth—triathlon? Sweet!

We are excited to support you through every stroke (in the pool and of the pedal variety) and step of the way. Our duo of expert coaches have created unique, flexible, and super-effective triathlon training programs that fit beginner to intermediate athletes.

Along your triathlon journey, Coaches Jen and Liz will answer every question, whether it’s about fitting a wetsuit or finishing strong on the bike. Meanwhile, your team of fellow triathletes-in-training will motivate, inspire, and cheer you on—and you’ll do the same for them!



SPRINT Triathlon Program
12 Weeks
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OLYMPIC Triathlon Program
16 Weeks
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HALF IRONMAN Triathlon Program
22 Weeks
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IRONMAN Triathlon Program
36 Weeks
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$50- $150

OFF-SEASON Triathlon Program
5-15 Weeks
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Chicago, IL; Mother of twins (age 19)

Coaching since: 1999

Coaching certifications: USA Triathlon Level 1 + 2; RRCA

After a workout, I: EAT!

Two athletic accomplishments:

  1. USA Triathlon All American for 15+ years.
  2. 3x Ironman Hawaii finisher.

Two maternal accomplishments:

  1. My kids are still alive at 14.
  2. Although they may be typical grumpy teenagers, they are kind and say please and thank you. So I did something right.

Don’t ask me to: Stay up past 10 pm or give up chocolate.

Coaching style in one word: Thorough.

Naperville, IL; Mother of three (7, 3, 1)

Coaching since: 2006.

Coaching certifications: USA Triathlon Youth & Junior + Level 2; US Master’s Swimming Level III; RRCA + Lydiard

After a workout, I: Focus on recovery! I put food and drink into my mouth within 30 minutes.

Two athletic accomplishments:

  1. 4x Ironman World Championship qualifier.
  2. 4x National Long Course Triathlon Champion.

Two maternal accomplishments:

  1. 3 kids under age 6 . That’s so wrong, there’s no way I can be right.
  2. They eat vegetables. (And by that, I mean they eat peas!)

Don’t ask me to: Listen to excuses. Make it happen, find a way!

Coaching style in one word: Educational.


Good question. This Club is a branch of Another Mother Runner, started by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea. Back when our five collective kids were ankle-biters, we ran the Nike Women’s Marathon, wrote about our training for Runner’s World magazine, then turned the whole experience into Run Like a Mother, a chatty, advice-filled book published in 2010. (Here’s an excerpt from Runner’s World.) Train Like a Mother (excerpt) followed in 2012, and Tales from Another Mother Runner (guess what? excerpt) completed the trilogy in 2015.

Along the way, Another Mother Runner has flourished into an amazing community of badass women centered around the idea that the benefits of your miles ricochet through all aspects of your life. When you run, you are a more patient mother, a more loving partner, a more productive worker, and a more positive person altogether. (Note: By run, we mean forward movement. Walking, jogging, and running at any and all speeds count.)

A dynamic duo out of the Chicago area: Jennifer Harrison and Elizabeth Waterstraat, both of whom are excellent #mothertriathletes as well as coaches. They have over 30+ combined years of experience coaching all levels of triathletes, and know intimately the time-balance dance it takes to practice three sports, raise a family, and still have a life.

Right now, we currently have a plans for Sprint Distance (12 weeks) and Olympic Distance (16 weeks). We also have Half-Ironman (22 weeks) and Ironman (36 weeks) programs, as well as an off-season training plan (5-15 weeks).

The plans are organized so that you have at least 2 swims, 3 runs and 3 bikes weekly. If you’re a more experienced triathlete, there are optional, shorter workouts (think: 15-minute run off the bike) you can add to your workouts. Each week has two strength training sessions (about 20 minutes) and one complete rest day.

Most of the weekday workouts hover in the one hour range, with the weekend sessions lasting anywhere from 60 minutes to 4+ hours, depending on your race distance.

No. The fee is for 12-36 solid, supported, expertly-guided weeks of training; at the end of the training, you do the triathlon of your choice.

Yep—and we’ve heard again and again from past participants, it’s worth it. Staying committed and motivated during the days, weeks, and, yes, of training can be ridiculously hard, especially when you’re trying to fit in three sports in your already busy life. If you can do that—and these programs are all about accountability and inspiration—race day becomes a celebratory victory lap, not a slog full of self-doubt.

With a smart training plan, do-able strength training, and advice on foam rolling and other self-care, we do our best to keep you injury-free. That said, if you have an injury or illness that totally slays your training, let us know. We’ll work with you to get you a partial credit for an upcoming program.