It’s here: our WEEK-LONG event where every training program we have is on sale.

Our programs range from 5K to ultra—and everything in between. You’ll get a comprehensive training program, expert coaching, inspiring newsletters, a stocked swag bag, and community + support from #MotherRunners all over the country. Translation: You certainly won’t feel like you are doing it alone.

For one week only, kicking off Monday, April 22, ALL of our training programs are on sale!

Each day is a different distance and each sale lasts only 24 hours.

Our recommendation? Giddyup!
We’re here, ready to support you from your first step to the finish line.

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When you’re taking on the motherlode of all races—the glorious marathon!—it’s imperative to have a marathon training program that fits with your race goal, current running level, and busy schedule, or you’ll be hating life around Mile 16 on race day.

Whether you’re a first-time marathoner or ready to set a massive PR, we’ve got eight marathon programs that will help you meet your goal—and still have a life.

Prices: $100-$140

Code for 20% Discount: MONMARATHON24 


Looking to ❤️ running again? The most efficient way to build your own, never-gonna-break-down pyramid is to train in your own heart rate zones.

In all the Heart + Sole programs, you will find your own individual zones and use those zones to guide your training. Our heart rate programs offer the same amazing support with the added bonus of learning how to train by heart rate!

Prices: $80-$140

Code for 20% Discount: HS2024

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train like a mother programs


The half marathon is a sweet spot for many runners: The commitment to train is non-negotiable, and you get to mutter “marathon” anytime somebody asks you what race you’re training for.

Our six comprehensive half-marathon programs help you thrive during training and on race day: all include a variety of running workouts, cross-training sessions, short strength circuits, and extras like foam rolling and prehab routines (see ya, injuries!).

Prices: $90 – $140

Code for 20% Discount: HMHD2024


Whether you want to dip your toe into the sport of triathlon, go the distance in an Ironman, or try a multi-distance cycling event, we take the intimidation out of the equation and set you up to finish strong. We are excited to support you through every stroke (in the pool and of the pedal variety) and step of the way. Our duo of expert coaches have created unique, flexible, and super-effective triathlon training programs that fit beginner to intermediate athletes. Meanwhile, your team of fellow trainees will motivate, inspire, and cheer you on—and you’ll do the same for them!

Prices: $135 – $610

Code for 20% Discount: THURSDAYTRI24

train like a mother programs
train like a mother programs

APRIL 26: FRIYAY 5K or 10K

Our beginning running programs provide the support and resources you need to create lasting, fulfilling habits.

In our 5K + 10K programs, you’ll be guided by expert, compassionate coaches who have helped thousands of athletes go from stuttering to streamlined; you’ll be surrounded by like-minded teammates who are on the same journey as you (read: accountability galore!); and you’ll learn, in doable, bite-size chunks, how to thrive in a sport you might have thought was not for you.

Price: $55-$65

Code for 20% Discount: FRIYAY2024


When you’re ready to leave the pavement, we’ve got you covered with our trail-based training programs. If you’re ready to race on the trails, we’ve got two new programs—15K and 30K trail running programs—as well as a 50K and 50 miler. If hiking is more of your jam, we’ve got a specialized Grand Canyon Rim to Rim program, as well as an Epic Hike program that can take you to the top of a Colorado fourteener, Yosemite’s Half Dome, or anywhere else you’re like to explore.

Price: $70-$150

Code for 20% Discount: TRAIL2024

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