Ready to run a long, long way? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’ve got your first 50K or your fourth 50 Mile teed up, we’re here for your every step, every climb, every descent, and every mile during these comprehensive and dare we say awesome?—yes, we dare!—ultra training programs.

Along your ultra journey, expert coach Christy Scott will answer every question, whether it’s about the right trail shoes or how to run a stretch of rocky terrain. Meanwhile, your running teammates will motivate, inspire, and cheer you on as you cross your ultra finish line!



ultra training program


20 Weeks
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ultra training program


22 Weeks
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ultra training program


Nutrition for Ultras: On + Off the Trails
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ultra training program
Huntsville, AL

Coaching since:1999

Coaching certifications:RRCA, ACE Personal Trainer, B.A, Exercise Science, Spartan SGX, TRX, Yoga.

After a workout, I: stretch, log everything in my journals (yes, I’m one of those people), and take a moment to be thankful for my health.

Two athletic accomplishments:

  1. Completing eight races of 100+ miles.

Two maternal accomplishments:

  1. Raising two amazing humans, along with my husband. They are both kind, compassionate, independent and very driven.
  2. Showing them that they can accomplish anything that they set their minds to through both my business and my athletic endeavors. They have crewed and paced me at many of my races.

Don’t ask me to: Give up my Diet Coke. You might get hurt.

Coaching style in one word:Accountability. I will be there for you at every turn, but I expect you to put the work in.


Good question. This Club is a branch of Another Mother Runner, started by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea. Back when our five collective kids were ankle-biters, we ran the Nike Women’s Marathon, wrote about our training for Runner’s World magazine, then turned the whole experience into Run Like a Mother, a chatty, advice-filled book published in 2010. (Here’s an excerpt from Runner’s World.) Train Like a Mother (excerpt) followed in 2012, and Tales from Another Mother Runner (guess what? excerpt) completed the trilogy in 2015.

Along the way, Another Mother Runner has flourished into an amazing community of badass women centered around the idea that the benefits of your miles ricochet through all aspects of your life. When you run, you are a more patient mother, a more loving partner, a more productive worker, and a more positive person altogether. (Note: By run, we mean forward movement. Walking, jogging, and running at any and all speeds count.)

Totally. Each distance from the 10K to the marathon has different levels of plans so you can pick the one that’s right for you. In the preview of the various plans, we lay out the biggest week of training, mileage-wise, and the longest runs, distance-wise, as well as the variety of workouts in the plan.

Depending on the program, your plan will have between three and six runs a week; a cross-training session; and three super short (but very effective) strength circuits. You don’t need any extra equipment for the strength circuits; they are all done solely with body weight. Every program has one mandatory rest day weekly to let your training sink in–and allow for an extra-long grocery store run.

No. The fee covers two training plans ( Race Plan + a Holding Plan, which you can do while you wait for your wave to start ) and all the support you need the duration of your training. That support includes an active Facebook page and Strava club, at least five exclusive podcasts, a Training Peaks Account, a stocked swag package (over $25!), and regular office hours where we can help you over speed bumps.

All these tools will help you have an phenomenal training cycle and race, both physically and mentally. You will have camaraderie, commiseration, and community on a daily basis ( and sometimes hourly, if that’s your thing. )

At the end, you will participate in the organized race of your choice; you can also choose to run a race on your own, if that works better for you.

Yep—and we’ve heard again and again from past participants, it’s worth it. Staying committed and motivated during the days, weeks, and, yes, of training can be ridiculously hard, especially when you’re adapting to a new system like heart rate-based training. If you can do that—and these programs are all about accountability and inspiration—race day becomes a celebratory victory lap, not a slog full of self-doubt.

With a smart training plan, do-able strength training, and advice on foam rolling and other self-care, we do our best to keep you injury-free. That said, if you have an injury or illness that totally slays your training, let us know within two weeks of your situation happening. We’ll work with you to get you a partial credit for an upcoming program.