Ragnar Relay: The #Motherlode of Relay Races

Have you ever thought about running a Ragnar relay race? Jenn Gill, who leads our Train Like a Mother Ragnar Programs, has 10 reasons why you should add one to your 2018 race schedule!

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Reason #1 Challenge Yourself Physically + Mentally

Running a Ragnar Relay, whether road or trail, is one of the greatest challenges a runner can accept. Not only are the total miles you run a challenge (typically a total of 15 for trail and 10-20+ for road Ragnars), but you are running three times in 24 to 36 hours. Sure, a 3- to 5-mile run isn’t super challenging—but when you have to do it again in 6 to 12 hours, then run one more time, you’ll understand what we mean. 

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Reason #2: See New Places

One of the best ways to see a new place is to run a race, and Ragnar Relays are all over the United States, including Hawaii, and Canada.

Ragnar Relay
Jenn spies a rainbow during the Ragnar SoCal race!


Reason #3: Ragnar Village (for Ragnar Trail Events)

The Ragnar Village at the Ragnar Trail events is your headquarters for all things fun. This is where all your runs start and finish, where you can get your meals, your massages, your swag, all while mixing and mingling with all the other teams. There are even group yoga sessions! 

Reason #4: Ragnar Van Exchange (for Ragnar Road Events)

In a Ragnar Road event, these are the places where your team’s two vans meet--and there fun happens, even in the middle of the night. You get to spend time with your other teammates and share in some team shenanigans together that you don’t get to do for the entire relay. There are often food trucks, sponsor tents and  giveaways, Ragnar gear and games, massage tents and so much more. 


Ragnar Relay

Reason #5: Night Running

The hallmark of Ragnar is its night running. Every team member runs at least one of their legs in the dark. And while this may seem intimidating, even a little terrifying, it is by far the most fun part of Ragnar. Feel your heart beat in sync with your flashing lights, as you realize fear is a great motivator to hustle! 

Ragnar Relay

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Reason #6: The Team Spirit

Running is an individual sport, leaving few opportunities to feel part of a team. Enter Ragnar! While your runs are solo, you get team support along the way and at the end. Your teammates are there to high-five you during the highs and pull you through the lows of running three times in 36 hours. And relationships forged go much further than the 200 miles run!

Ragnar Relay

Reason #7: Meet Other Teams

Look around, look around! The Ragnar experience could not be complete without taking note of all of the other teams running along with you. Cleverness and creativity abound, complete with names like, “Dude, where’s my van?” and “Ignorance is Blisters.”

Reason #8: Great Swag

Ragnar swag is like no other! All the medals fit together to create one large medal. Plus there are shirts, car decals, and samples from the sponsors. And usually there's bonus swag given to the runner on the toughest leg. 

Ragnar Relay

Reason #9: Friends for Life!

Your Ragnar teammates are so much more than teammates by the end of your relay. They are your confidantes, your cheerleaders, your sympathizers. Even if you didn’t know your teammates when you began this adventure, you will have a whole group of best friends at the end. 


Ragnar Relay

Reason #10: That Finish Line Feeling

The finish line of a Ragnar is a place like no other! When you lock arms or hold hands as a team and cross the finish line together, you have crossed over into this new world of being a Ragnarian!

This crazy event of running for 36 hours brings people together in a way no other running event can. Plus, individually, you become stronger, tougher, and more badass than ever imagined.

And when you see someone with a Ragnar shirt or decal on their car, you nod and give a knowing smile that you, too, are among the small group of warriors that have endured the highest highs, dips, and curves of the most amazing roller coaster that is Ragnar Relay!


Ragnar Relay

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