new Saucony shoes

Laces of gratitude.

As we round the corner into November and the month where we focus on giving thanks*, we’re pulling out this beauty for revival. Because it’s as all true as it was over two years ago. *We try to give thanks 365 days, but some days are better than others.

1. Fresh shoes and a few miles can lift me up like nothing else.

2. Downhills. Love the real ones when I can just chill and cruise and head down. And I also appreciate the virtual downhill: single runs and  longer spells when running just feels lighter and less onerous than I anticipated. I try to savor every gravity-gifted moment in each situation.

3. Endorphins. God bless every last one of them.

4. The deep, wide cardiovascular foundation that consistent running provides me; I may never be able to do 10 good burpees/push-ups/pull-ups in a row, but I can run 10 miles. And that’s enough for me.

5. Just this picture. Running brings such energy, strength, joy, laughter, life.

BEST one mothers jumping at Park GOOD

Air under both feet: just as any good running pic should show.

6. That running is the only time when I can fart and air snot with abandon. And nobody cares—or at least pretends not to.

7. Although the calendar designates the seasons, my running wardrobe defines them. The first day in a year that legitimately calls for long tights, capris, or shorts, I always feel fresh and new when I head out.

8. Running reflects so many life lessons—goal setting, hard work, dsicipline, patience, persistance, and other annoying phrases that pop up on generic conference rooms—that when speedbumps knock me down in other areas of my life, I take solace in the fact that running is pure and simple. I get out of running exactly what I put in, and nothing—not politics, nepotism, financial incentives, and other annoying practices that show up too often in the news—can ever change that.

9. The way running prioritizes the rest of my life. My mind and spirit demand that I run, so I have to tend the rest of the details—sleep, diet, overall self-care—that allow me to get out there mile after mile. And the repeated miles, put in often before the sun comes up, means that all the truly little things that are camoflagued as really big and important issues can’t rock my world as much. I’m too wiped to deal. Plus, by the time I lace up the next morning, they’re usually history.

good group shot

Running: a bond that rivals Super Glue.

10. And this picture too. How running bonds women in mystifying, intimate ways. The friendships built over miles are some of the most beautiful I’ve had. And the most beautiful thing is, you meet another runner, you’ve met a sure friend.

Why are you thankful for running?