#107: Time Management Tips from Jill Farmer

Where the deer, antelope, bison--and Dimity's kids--roam.
Where the deer, antelope, bison--and Dimity's kids--roam.

Dimity and Sarah suspect you’re in the same proverbial boat they often are: drowning in seeming “must-do’s” and “gotta-get-done’s.” So they brought on Jill Farmer, a time- and life-management coach in St. Louis, to help unravel the busy cluster of mother runners’ lives. Jill shares some insightful, yet delicious simple, solutions on how to shed some stress and get more done in a day. (Including making sure you have enough time for your all-important runs!) We love that she even uses running terms, like “bigger strides, longer goals” as analogies for accomplishing more in life. But before the mother runners dive into the de-stressing discussion, find out where Dimity and her family went for spring break—and why it didn’t feel very spring-y.

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2 responses to “#107: Time Management Tips from Jill Farmer

  1. I just listened to the beginning of this podcast as I finished up my run, and I had to comment on Dimity’s snake experience. I was in charge of the Outdoor School program at a camp, and that included caring for our snake (a ball python). This meant that when student groups came, I would feed the snake as part of a class and talk about the process. We always fed our snake live mice, not dead. My personal best moment was when my then 6-month-old son got hungry, so I nursed him in a carrier while feeding the snake. After about 20 minutes, snake and baby were both happy campers :).

    1. Katie: good story, I think…you are a much braver woman than I am. That said, I’d pick a python over a viper anyday…but I’d definitely pick no snake first. 🙂

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