#125: Heading into Fall Racing Season

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Somewhat of a rarity: This podcast is just Dimity and Sarah gabbing. Their main topic of conversation is their two different approaches to the fall racing season: They are both doing the Philadelphia Marathon as part of the Saucony 26Strong (more on that program in next week’s show), but they are taking two different training routes to get to the City of Brotherly Love. Dimity talks about her varied cross-training plans—including a jump-rope circuit she schemed up—and Sarah shares a few tales about recent challenging runs. (Enthusiasm alert: SBS is buzzing off a serious runner’s high from a 19-mile doozy she ran a few hours before recording this podcast!)

Also, there’s another broken bone in Dimity’s life—but this time the injury belongs to her 11-year-old daughter, not Dim. The mother runner tells how it happened. Finally, find out what high school TV shows the gals are watching.

Reminder: The first selection for the new Another Mother Runner Reading/Running book club is On the Road to Find Out. This young adult novel focuses on a high school senior taking up running while navigating the gauntlet of college admissions process. Author Rachel Toor will be on the September 13 podcast; readers can submit questions for her or comments about the book on the Run Like a Mother: The Book Facebook page on Tuesday, September 9. Join in the discussion!

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