#126: A Chat with Saucony 26Strong Cadets Mid-Training

Kelly Pollock, Dimity's Saucony 26Strong cadet, ready to step up from 13.1 to 26.2.
Kelly Pollock, Dimity's Saucony 26Strong cadet, ready to step up from 13.1 to 26.2.

In this almost hour-long episode, Dimity and Sarah introduce their “cadets” in the Saucony 26Strong program, Kelly Pollock and Alison Pellicci, respectively. Kelly and Alison are both relatively new runners—hitting the pavement (and treadmill!) for two years or less—and now they are midway through training to run their first 26.2, the Philadelphia Marathon, with Dimity and Sarah at their sides. The cadets tell how training is going, including sharing their biggest hurdle and greatest surprise thus far. Kelly talks about the success of doing run-walk pattern, and Alison lets listeners in on what it’s like to marathon train with her husband. Finally, each mother runner debates the all-important topic: race-day attire.

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2 responses to “#126: A Chat with Saucony 26Strong Cadets Mid-Training

  1. Great interviews today! I look forward to the sequel. Hey Kelly, great to hear your story! I’m just up the road here in Durham, NC myself. Congratulations on your first 26.2. I hope it is everything you dream! My first (and only so far) was 2010 Richmond and it was awesome. You are making me want to do it again despite the challenges that training with small children brings! I’m jealous that there was an AMR party in Raleigh and you got to attend!! Cool!! Dimity and Sarah—come back to NC soon! –Amanda

  2. Kelly I also have tummy issues for long runs and Stinger Waffles are like real food (cookies). Perfect before, during or after a run.

    Try them! Carolyn in Pittsboro, NC

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