#146: How to Run a Sub-30min 5K or Sub-60min 10K

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Sarah and Dimity realized it was high time they talk about how to bust a move in shorter races. In this podcast, they welcome back Christine Hinton (the genius behind the training plans in Train Like a Mother) to impart wisdom and practical tips about breaking the popular time goals of 30 minutes in the 5K and an hour in the 10K. After explaining why running a timed mile is critical, Coach Christine goes on to share crucial elements of success in reaching these time goals. Two spoilers: believing in yourself, and sticking to a training plan (which builds confidence and fitness). Coach shares sure-fire speed workouts, and she advises racers, “be prepared for the pain.” But the payoff, as the mother runners remind, is well worth it.
Basketball is this podcast’s warm-up, complete with “Coach Davis.”

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8 responses to “#146: How to Run a Sub-30min 5K or Sub-60min 10K

  1. I modified Christine’s mile repeats (6.3-6.4 mph for 1 mile, 6.0 mph 0.25 mile recovery) and got my first sub-60 10K this morning! Yes, it was on the treadmill, but it’s a place for me to build so that I’m ready to nail this in a road race. Thank you!

  2. Interesting and great podcast info and I have a deep respect for Christine’s advice. Wish I had heard it years ago. That said, I don’t think I could have passed that mile test for my first 10k to break an hour. That mile test seems so fast. Although I had been running consistently for 9 months and a long run of 6-8 miles a week, I don’t think I could have done it. Motivation gave me the edge on race day. Try running a race where you see a woman who wasn’t so nice to you in high school, and then run like hell to pass and make sure she can’t catch you. I missed 1:00 by 15 seconds, but I held on and was ready to puke after.

  3. I appreciate this podcast. I’m a slow runner, always has been!, and these are achievable goals for someone like me. I will never win a race, even in my age class, and to be honest, I don’t like running THAT much to train enough to run a sub-40 10K, and I don’t think I ever will (but kudos to all the gals who can). Thanks Sarah and Dimity for focusing on us turtles once in awhile 🙂

  4. Cheryl,
    Those speedy goals are still things many women runners shoot for, but it’s an elite few who can make those goals. We wanted to give advice for more common time goals, to appeal to a wider audience. Thanks for listening!

  5. What ever happened to breaking 40 min for 10k and 20 min for 5k? That’s what used to be time goals for those distances back in the 80s for myself and ladies with whom I was running…
    At 61 I can meet those “goals”-

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