#149: Bethany Takes on Her First Marathon


Sarah and Dimity are joined by Bethany Meyer, a mother runner of four boys who’s stepping up to her first marathon this spring. You might have heard of it: It’s in Boston…. Bethany is chronicling her training triumphs and tribulations for AMR as part of Team Stonyfield. Like many AMR podcast guests of late, Bethany was a reluctant runner when she first started—as a way to process the pain of her father’s ordeal with prostate cancer—but 11 years later, she’s fully embracing this “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” You’re sure to laugh when she talks about how her testosterone-saturated house smells and how it’s littered everywhere with Dorito crumbs. Learn what screw shoes are from Bethany, and hear Dimity talk about her latest innovative cross-training workout.

At the midway point in the show, you’ll hear a mother runner talk about the AMR Run + Refresh Retreat. Here’s where you can find more details about this April 16-19 not-to-be-missed escape! And here’s a link to the 5K Challenge Sarah talks up at the start of the show.

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4 responses to “#149: Bethany Takes on Her First Marathon

  1. I am enjoying following Bethany’s journey.
    It does make me chuckle when she refers to herself as being small several times. From my 5’2″ perspective, 5’5″ is not small 😉

  2. I just have to say that I was running while listening to this and I couldn’t wait to be done so I could google some marathons near me. I’ve only run 2 half marathons and still in my head far from being a real runner. However, I was inspired by Bethany and started to wonder if I could actually train for (and pull off) a full. Who knows if and when I’ll do it, but I’m really curious about how Bethany manages. Then again, if you have 4 boys, I think you can probably do just about anything. Thanks for the entertaining listen. Oh, and I live in Boston so I’ll be cheering you on. You joked about hoping there’s no snow in April, but I actually think that’s closer to a reality than you think. The snow is higher than both my girls on top of each other!

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