#153: Find Out How to Get Older Faster Stronger

Margaret competing in 1500 on the track
Margaret competing in 1500 on the track

Dimity and Sarah welcome author Margaret Webb on the show to talk about her book Older Faster Stronger.  Margaret tells how, at age 50, she morphed from an overweight, middle-of-the-pack runner who occasionally smoked to being as fit as she was as a 20-year-old varsity collegiate athlete. She shares her three secrets of speed, and talks about the importance of becoming her own champion. Find out how a fox and dolphin pop up in the World Masters half-marathon race Margaret ran in Italy.

At the start, Sarah talks about her recent visit with her aging parents, and how she and her siblings moved the conversation forward about a more senior-friendly living situation.

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5 responses to “#153: Find Out How to Get Older Faster Stronger

  1. Continue to love, love, love your podcasts. And SBS, thank you so much for sharing about your parents. The first time you mentioned them and their “death trap” home, it really rang true for me, with my grandparents aging and worrying for them. Keep up the wonderful work ladies!!

  2. This came up in my e-mail feed as “How to Get Older Faster…”- and my mind at 4:30 in the a.m. on a Sat. went…”Why on earth at 61 would I want to speed the aging process?”…hahaha -will listen after my run.

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