#181: Conversation with Serial Marathoner (and Breast Cancer Butt-kicker) Kimberly Markey

Kimberly after an NYC Marathon finish
Kimberly after an NYC Marathon finish

To call attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Sarah and Dimity chat with Kimberly Markey, a badas$ mother runner of two who showed breast cancer who was boss by continuing to race (including marathons!) while undergoing chemotherapy. This self-proclaimed “crazy person” talks about scheduling her bilateral mastectomy to jibe with her race calendar, then running the Dumbo Double Dare roughly a month post-surgery. If that isn’t enough to knock your running socks off, listen as Kimberly recounts “gliding through” the 2013 New York City Marathon a mere two days after a chemotherapy session. Learn which two states this serial racer hasn’t stepped foot into, and how Frank Lloyd Wright enters into Kimberly’s amazing journey.

Kimberly with the AMR crew at Tink 2013.
Kimberly with the AMR crew at Tink 2013.

3 responses to “#181: Conversation with Serial Marathoner (and Breast Cancer Butt-kicker) Kimberly Markey

  1. Amazing, Kimberly! I am so inspired by your positive attitude and determination! I am also grateful to you for encouraging people like me — with a family history of breast and ovarian cancer — to get the genetic tests. I have been putting off getting tested, but no more. Thank you! You are a completely inspiring BAMR!

  2. Wow — I was struggling with my own life but this really shook me up this morning & brought on tears. My son hurt his finger at hockey last night. The look on his face this morning was sheer tear as he broke it in July. He knows that if it’s broken, no hockey for one month. However, listening to this podcast made me really think — broken finger is just a bump in the road. Kimberly is simply amazing!!! I struggled through 2 marathons — no chemo! She is a beast and a total badas$!!!!! Stay strong. Thank you again AMR. you guys are simply awesome.

  3. Wow. I listened to Kimberley’s story followed by Suzy Hamilton favor (an idol of mine in college) during the first 10 miles of my 20 miler this morning and was in tears (but happy empathetic blown away tears). Kimberly you are a total BAMR and a huge inspiration. What an amazing story you have to tell. It will stay with me a very long time. Keep running and God bless.

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