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#185: Returning to Running Postpartum

Six-week postpartum Stephanie Bruce getting ready to "fly on air" on her ElliptiGO.
Six-week postpartum Stephanie Bruce getting ready to "fly on air" on her ElliptiGO.

On this week's running podcast, Sarah and Dimity welcome two guests to talk about the issues and concerns facing new moms when they contemplate their first runs after having a baby. First up: Kate Mihevc Edwards, an Atlanta-based physical therapist and mother runner, who waited eight weeks after giving birth to resume running—and who recommends all new moms stay on a running-hiatus at least that long. Kate clues the gals in on why holding a plank—or doing crunches—is a bad idea for some new moms, and why it’s so critical to find a pelvic health physical therapist to “have a look in there.” Kate also talks about the link between a higher risk of stress fractures while breastfeeding.

Then professional runner Stephanie Bruce joins the conversation. A 2:29:35 (!!) marathoner, Stephanie shares candid details about how her well-honed body is handling being pregnant and giving birth twice in less than two years, including that her “abs are divorced” from each other. Find out what were the “ugliest, most glorious three minutes” of Stephanie’s life (her answer might surprise you!) A self-described, “big dreamer,” Stephanie talks about whether her running path might still lead to the Olympic Marathon Trials next February, as she originally planned, or not.

If Dimity’s promo for the Stride through the Holidays Challenge piqued your interest, here’s how to jump in.

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  1. I had a c-section and my kid was in ICU so rode my bike to see her daily a week out. Walked a lot and started running probably sooner than I should but I went into my pregnancy strong and healthy so had no problems.

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