Kristin Porter 2015 JLM-5cSarah welcomes back Adrienne Martini as co-host, and the gals kick off the show by talking about why they each love running—as well as knitted knockers (!). They are joined by Kristin Porter of the Iowa Girl Eats blog to talk about a variety of topics, including how Kristin handled going gluten-free after being diagnosed with Celiac disease after the birth of her son. Before the conversation turns to gluten-free eating and cooking, the mother runners marvel at the 64 (!!) treadmill workouts Kristin has on her site, and why she . After Adrienne reveals that her daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease at age four, she and Kristin marvel at dealing with a disease that can be managed through food. Kristin talks about the steep learning curve she dealt with when she first cut gluten out of her diet, and how it prompted her to write an e-book entitled Gluten-Free for Beginners. Kristin recounts her “wogging” (walking + jogging) workouts when she finally had enough energy to resume running. Along the way, learn about two gluten-free eateries in Manhattan (Risotteria and Pala Pizza) and two gluten-free baking blogs.

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