#202: Achilles International Guide + Runner

Achilles International guide Kat Bateman with her adorable baby, Esmé
Achilles International guide Kat Bateman with her adorable baby, Esmé

Sarah and Adrienne Martini welcome two guests to share different perspectives about Achilles International, a non-profit organization with the mission to enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream athletics, like 10Ks, marathons, and triathlons. First up is Kathleen “Kat” Bateman, a mother runner who is the director of the New York chapter of Achilles. Having guided individuals in more than 100 (!!) races, Kat shares what it’s like to enter another athlete’s world for the duration of an event. She describes why it’s so much more exhausting—and rewarding—than completing an event solo. Being the AMR podcast, the conversation naturally delves into port-a-potty stops and pre-race “pee anxiety.” Next the gals are joined by a Charles-Edouard Catherine (yes, a man!), who is legally blind and relies on Achilles’ guides in races and for his training runs as he preps for the Boston Marathon. Charles talks about his experience running his first 26.2, the New York City Marathon, with three Achilles guides. Find out why his guides wear two watches, and what three goals Charles takes into a race.

In the intro, Sarah and Adrienne rope podcast producer Alex into a laughable debate about what dessert penguins in Antarctica might enjoy. If you have a suggestion, tweet it to @TheMotherRunner using the hashtag #PenguinDessert.

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4 responses to “#202: Achilles International Guide + Runner

  1. Christi—I 100% agree about the interrupting ad! The first time it happened, I thought there was an error and that the podcast had restarted. It’s not pleasant.

  2. I do love the AMR podcast.
    But I don’t love the new “interrupting ad” that has shown up since episode #200. The loud burst of music scares the bejeezus out of me because it happens in the middle of a guest speaking. I don’t mind the sponsor ads. I get that they pay the bills. But can they go back to airing between segments instead of between words?

  3. I listened to the podcast this morning on the way to work – LOVED it! I’ve been thinking for a while now about being a guide runner, particularly to help a wheelchair bound athletes, so it was great to hear about this organization

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