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#212: #FoundChange: Finding Money While Running

Eureka! The #foundchange of excited mother runners (l-to-ri) Krista, Samantha, and Jennifer.
Eureka! The #foundchange of excited mother runners (l-to-ri) Krista, Samantha, and Jennifer.

Sarah and co-host Molly Williams explore the topic of finding money while running with three mother runners, including two who donate their #foundchange (and often paper money!) to charities. Interestingly, all three guests were what one of them describes as “late-onset runners.” First up is Krista Rider, a mom of one who donates her moola to Every Mother Counts, tells the tale of recently finding $15 in one fell swoop. Then Samantha Hopkins, a mom of two and Sarah and Molly’s money-finding idol, shares her theories about why it seems the streets she runs in San Antonio seem strewn with dropped money (and the occasional “pimp ring”—find out how much that find netted her). Like Krista, Samantha donates her annual hauls to a worthy cause. Samantha shares money-finding tips, which she says explain why her route-maps on Strava often look so unusual. Last but not least, Molly and Sarah share laughs and anecdotes with Jennifer “JMart” Martin, an ultrarunning momma of two. Despite logging many miles, JMart isn’t as adept at spotting coinage, yet it doesn’t diminish her love of this “great obsession.” A silly show, to be sure, so prepare for a lot of laughs. (To join the conversation online, use hashtag #foundchange) But first, hear Molly’s recap of her recent marathon.

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5 responses to “#212: #FoundChange: Finding Money While Running

  1. This was the first podcast of yours that I listened to… found 6 cents while running today. Probably need to look out for cars and not look down so much though.

  2. I’ve never found money on a run before this weekend. I found 2 cents by one car and then 2 cents by another car. Not much but it was enough to make me smile for the rest of the run-and look down a LOT more!

  3. I found $60.00 in the parking lot of a restaurant/bar on a Sunday morning run. Score! The take-out dinner my step daughter paid for the night before was $59 and change, so I was very happy to give it to her.

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