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#213: Muslim Women Runners

Muslimahs three photo collageJust as Ramadan is about to commence, Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini welcome two guests who are both newer runners—and Muslims—to talk about being a female Muslim (a.k.a. a “Muslimah”) and running. First up is Monica Wallace, one of the co-founders of the group Muslimahs on the Run (MOTR). Monica tells how the seeds for MOTR were photos she shared on social media of herself and friends running in hijab and other modest running attire in keeping with their Islamic faith. This mother runner of three talks about how Muslim women can look 10 different ways when they hit the pavement, and why (and where) she felt “free and fancy” in the United Arab Emirates while exercising. Monica explains how she surprised herself at being able to run during the month-long Ramadan, despite fasting during daylight hours. Finally, Monica shares two stories about how running and Muslimahs on the Run changed the lives of two women, including her own mother.

Then Muslimah and mother-of-two Doaa Elhaggan joins Sarah in the studio to share more about running in loose-fitting garments that cover all but her face and hands, as well as how her workouts change during Ramadan in the sunny-for-17.5-hours-a-day-PacificNW. Doaa also tells the tale of her recent debut half-marathon. First up, though: Sarah and Adrienne laugh about the seasonal ebb and flow of crafting. (As promised, here’s the link to the skirt (yes, skirt!) Ms. Martini is knitting.)

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2 responses to “#213: Muslim Women Runners

  1. Thank you for this show. I have wanted to hear more from Muslim women on exercising. Years ago I was very impressed by the lady I met wearing hijab as we were walking on neighboring treadmills in our housing communities gym. I admire these women and their commitment to running, healthy bodies, and modesty.

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