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#218: The Science of Sweat — and How to Lose the Stink!

IMG_2344As the summer heats up, Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini welcome two guests to talk about the science of sweat. First up is Melissa Elfers, a textile scientist (who knew!), who explains the ins-and-outs of polyester, bringing the “Saturday Night Fever” white suit and Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop into the conversation. Elfers explains why washing workout wear the wrong way repeatedly compounds the stink-factor, and she shares laundry tips for keeping gear fresh. Next up is Cathy Horton, creator of SweatX sport detergent. This triathlete and mom of two (including a professional soccer player!) tells how stains and stink drove her so crazy, she developed the stink-banishing detergent. Find out why Cathy calls a sweat droplet “a big rot fest,” and how perspiration makes running clothes smelly. Germ-phobes might want to sanitize their earbuds after listening to this grimy-yet-enlightening episode!

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One response to “#218: The Science of Sweat — and How to Lose the Stink!

  1. I’ve used Sweat X for a month now and am singing its praises everywhere. My dog’s bed doesn’t stink! My workout gear doesn’t stink. MY HUSBAND’S WORKOUT GEAR DOESN’T STINK. I’ve since convinced three more friends (triathlets and cross-fitters) to try it and so far FIVE STARS.

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