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#220: Mother 5K Runners

3.1 and done: (l-to-r) Erin, Melanie, Crystle, and Monica + baby
3.1 and done: (l-to-r) Erin, Melanie, Crystle, and Monica + baby

Sarah and co-host Coach Christine Hinton dive into the joy (and the challenge!) of 5K races, welcoming three mother runners to talk about how they got into running and why 3.1-mile races captivate them. (Along the way, they mix in Voice Memos from other 5Kers.) After laughter-filled chitchat, Couch Christine shares sage advice for this popular-with-all-stripes-of-runners races. The first guest is Erin Troia, who recently ran her 100th race which was her 40th 5K. A self-proclaimed “running slut,” Erin showcases an infectious love of races as she tells how she adores “defying expectations about gals who wear sparkly skirts.” Next is Melanie Martin, a mother of four young daughters who ran her first 5K while six (6!) months pregnant and recently set her 5K PR when her youngest daughter was a mere three (3!!) months old. Melanie shares some last-mile tricks to keep pushing toward the finish line. The final guest, Crystle Ardoin, hails from Alaska. This military spouse gushes how her first 5K made her, “feel like such a champ,” and why she is such a fan of 3.1-mile races. These conversations will get your fired up for a 5K!

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