#264: Coach Amanda on Fitting in and Juggling Workouts on a Training Plan

Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin discuss how to fit in and juggle workouts on a training plan when faced with a disrupted summer schedule or, heck, simply life itself. Coach Amanda answers a slew of questions culled from the AMR Facebook page. In short order, a few themes emerge, including the importance of overall consistency. Coach Amanda reveals whether it’s okay to occasionally split up a long run and whether stroller-miles equate to solo-miles. The duo discuss juggling strength training with a regular running regimen. The coach explains the best way to add in shorter races during a goal-race training cycle. The conversation turns to how sacrifice plays into things, with Coach Amanda offering the sage reminder of, “You can’t get through a marathon on a wish and a prayer.” (Amen!)

Before getting to the questions, find out why Sarah and Amanda might be going in circles—as well as a tale with a “Circle of Life” theme. The Q&A starts at 18:55. 

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One response to “#264: Coach Amanda on Fitting in and Juggling Workouts on a Training Plan

  1. Lots of valuable information, especially regarding consistency. I disagree with the comment about only running 3 days a week. As an older runner, who works full time, I trained for a marathon last year using Hal Higdon’s 3 day a week plan. I plotted the runs out along w/ the TLAM plan, and the weekly distances were about the same. It worked well for me, and allowed me to fit in strength and yoga.

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