#277: How to Get Back in the Running Groove

Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin converse candidly with four women who fell out of their running groove to learn how they are finding their way back—or discovering a new way. The first guest, Maggie Palmer, was just starting to get in a post-move groove when disaster struck—literally: She and her family endured Hurricane Irma on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. Maggie shares how she and her family are getting back on their feet after being evacuated and landing in Chicago, including how Maggie is enviously eyeing women runners staying at same hotel. Then Jen Rucker tells how back surgery sidelined her. She and Sarah dive into a discussion about the lies we sometimes tell ourselves to get through a challenging situation. Now on the road to recovery (she’s up to running two miles!), Jen stresses the importance of being kind—and patient—to yourself. Next up is Ariel Garl, who shares how she’s been battling severe asthma and collateral health issues for the past two years. Ariel explains how, despite numerous stays in the intensive care unit, she is still striving for a Boston-qualifying marathon time. This mother runner who “falls hard but bounces well” reveals why she sets a 15-minute timer to vent her emotions, and how every day, she chooses to move forward. Finally, Tarleen Weston, a new mom who talks about getting repeatedly “knocked on her bottom” during pregnancy and post-partum. Hear how triathlon training pulled her up and out—and laugh along with the trio when Tarleen tosses out mermaid and Snow White references!

The inspiring interviews in this extra-long podcast start at 11:05.

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4 responses to “#277: How to Get Back in the Running Groove

  1. Tears were shed – I think people thought I was losing my mind because I was crying on the treadmill listening to Maggie’s story. Full disclosure – I am six months postpartum, and I lost my cat to cancer last November. Otherwise, it was encouraging since I am trying to get back into running myself.

  2. I loved this episode and can relate so well Tarleen! I too just had my second baby in two years and am struggling with getting back to running and a pace that somewhat resembles what I used to do. I had a c-section and started running around 8 weeks, at 11 weeks I had a hemorrhage and blood transfusion. This set me back big time, I had no energy due to the blood loss and with a toddler and newborn – sleep wasn’t happening. I’m running the TC 10 mile next weekend and struggling with my feelings of not being in “race shape” but still wanting to run because I love running and I love the TC 10 mile. This episode made me feel great and not alone – thanks to all the women who shared their stories!

  3. To add to the previous comment. Is there anyone gathering running clothes shoes for disaster victims? (too many to name fires, earthquakes, hurricanes). If so, let me know, I would like to contribute.

  4. Hi, I would love to send Maggie some gently used running clothes and shoes. If you think that would be helpful to her please reach out to me. Sarah you have my work email address. Thank you.

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