#306: The Effect of Social Media on Running

Sarah and co-host Maggie talk with two guests about pros and cons social media can have on running. First up: Kelly Roberts, who burst onto the scene when she shared hilarious selfies she surreptitiously snapped of herself + hot guys during a half-marathon. Now an influencer and proponent of body positivity, Kelly provides insight and inspiration on She Can and She Did. Kelly shares how she used to hide her life story because it was tied to shame, but no more! The trio discusses the importance of being proud of where you’re at now—and of showing up and giving your all. Lots of laughs and TMI talk, including a story of epic chafing from a sports bra on a recent 16-mile run in Kelly’s quest to BQ or Bust. Then Molly Ritterbeck, Training, Fitness, & Health Director for Runner's World and Bicycling. (Phew: a mouthful!) Molly, Maggie, and SBS discuss the double-edged sword that is social media. Molly steers the conversation toward an examination of extrinsic versus intrinsic motivation, and how those are affected by online opportunities. The three examine the critical importance of honesty. The theme of “Facebook fiction” runs throughout this thought-provoking episode.
In the intro, Maggie shares life updates (hint: her family will soon, once again, be on the move), and she and SBS envision a sketch cartoon entitled “If This Minivan Could Talk.” Kelly arrives on the scene at 16:36.
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4 responses to “#306: The Effect of Social Media on Running

  1. Social media about “running” in anything and everything BUT about actual running. It’s all about the before and after- hardly ever during.Those who embrace the sport and are good at it, see it as a sacred and personal thing and don’t blab about it on SM. That’s how I see it anyway.

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