Sarah and co-host Molly pick the brains of three experienced runners who have not only raced 1,000s of miles, but have traveled across the U.S. and around the globe to do it! First up is Katie Ho, co-founder of RaceRaves, an online community/app that she dubs “TripAdvisor but for races.” Katie gives loads of advice, including packing tips and how to choose the best “away” race for you. Katie, Molly, and SBS chew on the topic of food while away from home, especially pre-race eats. Next is Sandi Borgman, a repeat AMR Podcast guest who’s run half- and full marathons in places as far flung as Iceland, Berlin, and Paris. Sandi quickly tosses out one of the best quips ever, involving being on vacation with a person who’s tapering. She quickly outdoes that gem with a cautionary tale about lubing up mid-race with what she thought was Vaseline. (Ouch!!) Despite having run all the World Marathon Majors(minus Tokyo), Sandi sings the praises of opting for away 13.1-mile races rather than 26.2-mile ones. A veteran of 20 marathons (!!) in her 10 years of running, Sandi shares brilliant on-course advice. The final guest is Lorelei Suehrstedt. (Caution: Don’t trip when you hear how many races (half-marathons, marathons, and ultras) in the five years she’s been running!) Lorelei lets rip a fabulous one-liner about mouth breaking, when she suggests thinking about various race conditions when choosing a destination race. This road warrior gives loads of great advice about both driving and flying to races. The trio talk about the importance of looking at the cost of the entire race trip, and Lorelei offers sage tips about booking accommodations. And laugh at talk of supportive spouses, including finding out who “Saint Craig” is.

In the intro, Molly teaches Sarah a new (for SBS) mash-up: “proma.” The first guest joins the convo at 17:18.

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