Sarah and co-host Maggie Palmer have a conversation aimed at putting a pep in your step: They talk with two mother runners who work to help others find joy and acceptance in fitness activities. The first in-studio (ooh!) guest is Gwen Sullivan, one of the founders of Joyn, a platform promoting “group classes for movement and joy.” This mother of two explains how runs with her then-6-year-old son planted the seed for Joyn. Gwen explains how the platform is an invitation to take part in fitness—and why they aim for classes with “head-tilt” names. Next up in studio is Sarah Foote, a Portland-based coach who leads free classes that are part of Joyn. Hear how a post-50K race high set up this mom of two to injury, then the founding of the super-cool Wy’east SisterHood. She shares how she added joy back to her runs when they were becoming a grind. Speaking of: Find out why she had a pity-party in the middle of her first 50-mile race—and what pulled her out of it. You’ll nod and laugh along with SBS over much of what these two guests say, such as when Sarah admits: “I want to do things my kids think is kinda crazy.” In the intro, Maggie and SBS talk about their temporary solo-parenting stints, and Sarah gives a plantar fasciitis update.
The first guest enters the conversation (and the studio) at 19:40.
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