Sarah and Maggie Palmer do a deep dive into all sorts of running gear—sports bras, hydration vests, shorts with pockets, anti-chafe products, and phone carriers—with Christine Pedder, a new, first-time mom who works at Gazelle Sports. A veteran of 16 half-marathons, Christine shares her wisdom about crucial gear items to make training for—and racing—13.1 miles more comfortable; she also lends insight into must-haves for newbie runners. Christine tosses out a catchy, smart phrase that’s new to even longtime gear writer SBS. (Other new-to-Sarah phrases in the show: “coffee run” and “bag man.”) The trio talks about layering in a savvy way that switches on a lightbulb for Sarah, as well as why gear trial-and-error is valuable to runners. Christine shares insight on how to “become one with” a hydration pack. Find out what now-discontinued piece of apparel both Sarah and Christine were in committed, long-term relationships with. (It might prompt you to start bidding on eBay auctions!)

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