Sarah Bowen Shea and Maggie Palmer have a ball gabbing with Ali Feller, host of the “Ali on the Run” podcast and a new first-time mom. The laughs start when Ali talks about how pizza factored into her transformation from a life-long dancer to a runner. From there, the blogger shares secrets of a great action-shot selfie. Ali, whose darling daughter is almost five months old, tells the tale of running a 10K race at 38 weeks pregnant, including why the Central Park jaunt stands as one of her favorite races ever. Bonding with Maggie over working out at OrangeTheory Fitness, Ali details why it was ideal while she was pregnant. The new mom offers return-to-exercise post-partum tips, and she shares how her marathon training for the New York City Marathon will be different now that she’s a mother runner.

Learn the biggest thing that’s helped the guest deal with mommy-guilt—and find out how it involves Beyoncé’s alter ego, Sasha Fierce. After the laughter subsides, Ali talks candidly about how pregnancy helped her stop hating her body. This conversation runs the gamut, and you’ll find yourself laughing—and nodding—along no matter what stage of life you’re in.

The laughs start (and SBS can barely stop laughing!) in the intro, in which Sarah and Maggie bond over being #DanceMoms. Ali joins the lively conversation at 21:22.

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